Author's note: I wrote this in response to the ending of one of my favorite fanfics, written by Namikaze Artemis (both author and story are in my favorites). If you haven't read it, I recommend you do so now. I wrote this because, towards the end of the story, the author lost inspiration, and the story began to spiral downward. The end of the story lacked a sense of completion, so I wrote this to give it one. Enjoy!
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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, the manga and anime series written by Masashi Kishimoto and published by Shueisha and Viz Media.

Epilogue: Ghost again?

(a.k.a. A good title at last!)

Obito woke up with a jolt and looked around. He appeared to be in front of a campfire of some sort.

"Was it all a dream?" muttered Obito to himself.

"No. You are most definitely dead again." a voice said.

Obito looked up at what seemed like a young brown-haired girl who was glowing – god, or rather a lesser part of God's consciousness.

"So, I'm back here... Does this mean I get another chance?"

"Unfortunately, no matter how exciting your revival may be, I can't send you back again," the young aspect of God replied.

"Ah, well it seems I'll be moving on now, but I can't complain, I already had an extra six years," Obito said, a sad smile on his face.

The girl smiled.

"Well, then, of you're ready to go," she said, reaching towards Obito.

"Wait! I have one more question!" Obito exclaimed.

"What is it?"

"I remember you saying something the first time I was here, something about Minato-sensei and a Shinigami."

"Oh, you want to know if the Shinigami let Minato go."

The young girl smiled again, "Well, he did. After all, you put on quite the show down there, though you could have gone out a little more dramatically."

"How so?" Obito asked awkwardly, wondering if his whole rebirth had been nothing more than entertainment for this girl.

"Well, you could have died with a smile on your face, for one."

"Hey, I tried," Obito said defensively, "it's a lot harder than it looks, you know."

"Actually, I don't, having never died myself," the girl stated, "but most heroes make it look so easy."

At that, Obito cracked a smile.

"And there's the smile I've been waiting for!"

Obito's smile extended into a fully happy grin as he spoke again.

"I'd say that it's well past time I go to join Rin."

"Farewell Uchiha Obito, and thank you."

Obito's grin widened even more.

"Thank me? Shouldn't I be thanking you?"

The young girl laughed and reached out to touch Obito's forehead.

"See you around, 'God'," Obito said, as he disappeared.

Watching the last bits of Obito's "body" fade, the girl replied, "Maybe you will someday, maybe you will..."