Grand Chase and DGray-man isn't mine

Grand Chase is belong to KoG and DGray-man is belong to Hoshino Katsura

I only have this script


Kanda : Huh? What're we doing here?

Allen: Dunno, Author-san told me to bring you along.

Kanda: Che.. That stupid author and her stupid kakigori OC didn't stop messing around.

Allen: That's rude!

Kanda: The hell I care!

Allen: I wonder what was she calling us for.




Lass: What is this place?

Ronan: I think it's Backstage. Miss author asked me to come with you.

Lass: What for?
Ronan: I don't know. I'll ask her later.

Lass: Fine then.


Back to Allen and Kanda~


Allen: Am I hallucinating or what? I think I saw myself standing over there in light blue robe.

Kanda: I see the same here. Another me in dark blue cloak.

Allen: What's going on?

Kanda: Don't ask me. Ask this stupid author!


The opposite of the screen~


Ronan: Hey look, our reflection looks good that way. *point to Allen and Kanda* They have such good mirrors here.

Lass: I guess not. Mirrors will never change our appearance.

Ronan: Then you mean those are peoples? Wow, They look similar to us.

Lass: *shrugged*


Author: *popped out of nowhere* Hi guys.. Glad to see you here.

All: Author/Miss Author/Author-san/Stupid Author, What's going on here?

Author: I've invited all of you because I have a quest.

Ronan: What is it?

Author: All of you should EXCHANGE YOUR ROLE!

All: WHAT?

Author: *snapped her finger and automatically switched Allen-Lass and Kanda-Ronan outfit*

Lass: It's hot. How'd you stay still with this outfit? *glare at Allen's very closed clothes that he wears now*

Allen: Well.. I need to cover my deformed left arm. *rubbing his backhead*

Kanda: What a troublesome clothes. *annoyed*

Ronan: Hey, be proud of it! It's the highest rank of Royal Guard Master's. *pouting*

Kanda: The.. what? *didn't really pay attention*

Ronan: Never mind.

Author: *clap hands* So! Then first oneshot will be Lass' and Ronan's role as an exorcists.

Lass: Do you want us to exorcise a ghost or something?

Author: Nope. You don't have to exorcise the akuma. Just any ordinary day at HQ. *push them through portal*

Allen: Will they be okay?

Author: Sure they will.

Kanda: better that kid didn't mess around with my stuff or.. I'm gonna sliced them into pieces. *deathly aura*

Author: Since this is my first English fanfiction and English isn't my second language so.. I'll do my best to make this story clear.

Allen: Don't worry. I'll help you to improve your English. I'm British though. *proud*

Author: Gezz, thanks big bro~

Allen: Anytime lil' sis~

Author: Any idea to to keep them busy in DGm world? Tell me 'kay. Annonymous accepted~ See you on the first oneshot everyone. *wave*