Heres my first attempt at a Smahs fanfic, i lvoe the show and i don't own anyone from the programme. This is my take on what was going Through Karen and Dereks heads during and after BOMBSHELL previews in boston

It was exhilarating, the lights, the audience, the ensemble. I knew this is where I belonged, screw Dev and his cheating ways, screw my job at the coffee shop, I belonged on stage, whether it be Broadway or just a stage, I yearned for it, the rehearsal, the opening nights, the thrill and terror all mixed into one before you went onto the stage.

From an early age I knew I wanted to go on stage, I wanted out of my little Midwestern town, and to reach big, to reach for the stars. To be one of the few lucky people that reached the big time. It was something I was training for all my life, the singing lessons, the dance lessons, and the acting lessons. Her parents worked two jobs each, all for her, even though they resented her dream, but never stopped her from chasing it. Like all parents they supported her on her choice but also wished for a better career for their first and only daughter, like any parents would.

Then it happened, audition after audition, I got a call back, it was for Marilyn Monroe, you just don't say no to something like that, and it was me that they wanted to play Marilyn. So I dressed up like Marilyn like asked and sung my heart out. I didn't get it, but it was a chance, an experience not many people got. I decided to become part of the ensemble.

It was difficult at first Ivy Lynn was loved and respected by everyone, I was just the new girl from nowhere, but I never let them see it get me. Eventually I became friends with Jessica and bobby.

After showing the workshop to investors, tweaks were done, I was asked by Derek Wills to be part of the new and improved idea for Marilyn, it didn't work, then we were all informed that a star would be replacing Ivy Lynn in the form of Rebecca Duvall. I was excited, yes she wasn't equipped for stage or theatre, but I wasn't going to let it get me down. Derek would make it work, he always did. He also put me as Marilyn's understudy.

I was excited I kept up with the blocking the songs and every little change, still keeping in mind that Rebecca was Marilyn, I also made a friend in Rebecca, it was fun, the nights out, the publicity and just the attention, it was intense.

And now were are here in Boston, me as Marilyn, after Rebecca fell ill and left. Derek believed I could be Marilyn, and I wasn't going to let him down. Dev wasn't going to get me down, nor were the ensembles whispers about my talent and how I got the part. Nor Eileen's obvious dismay, she would rather go with Marilyn, I am sure everyone would. But I WILL NOT BACK DOWN.

I was going to show to everyone I could do this. It was my turn to shine!

I know it is short but i wanted people to get a taster of where it could go and see how people delt with it.

Well hope you enjoyed it and reviews would be appreciated