With a heavy heart i am telling you lovely people that this story will be on hold. My nan lost her fight with cancer on the 3/10/12. I am finding it extremely difficult to get out of bed every morning and get on with my life as normal, which is just truely difficult.

It happened two weeks after my wedding, she made it to my wedding, for which i am truly grateful to the universe for it, but after my wedding she went downhill very quickly, she was rushed back into hospital the sunday (28/09/12) before she passed, and my mum was with her and my grandad then i got a phone call the Tuesday morning around 2:30am and i rushed to the hospital and spent all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday with. On Tuesday around 1pm that's when she went to sleep. But i stayed with her, and my family until she passed away on the 3/10/12 at 9pm at night, she fought so long to stay with us just so my uncle David could come and see her and just before she passed she opened her eyes smiled and then she went.

It has been a very difficult time this past month, and my husband and my family have been amazing but right know i need to sort myself out. I am an extremely angry person at the minute, and i feel this story will be effected by it. i do have a chapter that i was going to post before everything got so hectic, so i will post that once my proof reader has finished with it.

I just once again what to thank the Macmillan nurses and my nans carers as they got her to my wedding and she had an amazing time, and without these women i don't think my nan would of gotten there.

If you do get the chance and only if you can it would be of great honor if anymore could donate to Cancer research or even just Macmillan no matter how small or how big.

I promise you i will get back to this story as soon as i can but at the minute i need to be selfish and sort myself out i am not the person i was 2 months ago and i need to get back there.

My nan was a truly amazing woman and a lot of my strength came from her. She was the one that pursued me to do my writing, she said it didn't matter if it was fan-fiction or a best seller she would be proud either way.

Once again i am so sorry to disappoint and i beg of you please don't give up on me i will get it done just going to take longer than originally planned. I hope i haven't disappointed anyone and if i am i am truly sorry

Please be safe and take care and get regular checks from the doctors because the more healthy we are maybe we can defeat cancer or catch it early enough so you can have a better chance of surviving.

My sincerest apologies

Love Bubblesdabubbles