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I am not sure how long I had spent stood outside of this door, just staring, but I knew I had to build up the courage to go in there. I looked down at the flowers in my hand, just a cheap bouquet from the little shop round the corner; they seemed insignificant, and dull. I took a deep breath and opened the door, to find to eyes staring back at me.

This was going to be a long afternoon.

"How are you?" I asked, stupid question I know but I had to break the silence somehow

"I am OK, thanks; my mum is taking me back to hers when I am discharged so I can recuperate"

"That's good, being around family will help" I placed the flowers on the table near Ivy's bed and sat down on one of the 2 chairs in the room. "I, just, why?" I was lost for words I didn't know how to start this question or even this conversation, it felt strained and forced. Not what I had planned, but then again since when did everything I plan go as planned?

"I don't know really, I was OK and then I lost my voice and was worried, that you would take the part right from under my nose, and then I got panicky, and I dunno it was just a release I suppose, just one thing I could control in my life." Ivy looked down at her bed in shame

"Ivy you should of asked for help, I could have helped you or maybe Derek…"

"Yea because that would of worked out so well, me running to you or Derek for help. The baneful stare from Derek, your pitiful eyes staring at back at me, because you care too much Karen. I tried to hate you I really did, I even tried to get you fired on our first day but you were just so nice, and then everyone started to like you, then I started to like you and you were, sorry, are good, and how would that of looked me trying to get you fired after everyone started to like you and see you for your talent not just some hick from Iowa"

"But still, I would of helped, I wouldn't have been condescending or blame you or anything, I could have been your friend"

"We both now that we weren't going to be friends from the start, we just clash because we both want the same, and we are both so very talented" ivy looked around the room, anywhere but at me, she nodded to the bouquet that I got her

"I like the flowers, they are simple yet elegant"

"I thought they were dull to be honest, I was contemplating of just throwing them in the bin"

"What in the 20 minutes you were stood outside my room?" Ivy smiled, and actual genuine smile

"You knew I was there?"

I figured you would come in on your own time, plus for the first 10 minutes you were pacing"

"I was so lost in thought I hadn't even realised I was pacing. I must have given everyone that walked passed me a good show" I smiled again, this was nice actually it gave me hope that maybe one day me and Ivy could be friends, once she got herself back on track

"You are my first visitor I guess I embarrassed everyone else"

"I am sure that's not it, they just probably don't think you would want to see them"

"Still you came, after all our history you came and saw me to at least see if I was ok"

"Also to get answers, I wasn't going to drill you I just figured I you told me that was because you wanted to or you felt like you needed to justify yourself and you don't need to justify yourself Ivy, I am her purely as a potential friend if you would have me as a friend?"

"Small steps, maybe. How can you be so nice after everything I have done to you not only with Bombshell but also with Dev as well?"

"Look with bombshell I could understand, you were gunning for this part and you have every right to, but Dev me and Dev were having problems anyway, before we even came to Boston. Also he had kissed, slept I dunno with one of his co-workers, that's why he came to Boston. I said he felt so guilty and wanted to make it up to me, and then I found out about you and Dev, and I realized I don't care."

"But still…"

"I won't say I wasn't hurt because I was but then I got a chance to think about it this morning and realized I really don't care, me and Dev had been getting distant for quite a while, and I guess the whole thing with you and RJ, just was he icing on the cake. I suppose that's the only way I can really explain it. So no I don't blame you, I blame Dev, and I am going to stop thinking if there is anything I could of done differently"

"Good, because everyone thought you were too good for him. Even Derek"

"Yea about Derek, now I am coming to you first, to let you know that no we are not together, but I think I maybe developing something towards Derek. I am telling you this because I have high respect for you, and not to hurt your feelings"

"It's OK, really it is. I realized me and Derek were over for quite a while as well, I guess I tried to hold on to him or dear life. I can see he likes you, the way he talks to you when he's not screaming at you, also the way he looks after you. The way he believed in you as well when nobody else did."

"I just I don't want to be another notch in his bedpost, no offense"

"I knew what I was getting into with Derek I knew it was just sex. But with you its real, he feels something for you, it will take him a while to tell you but when he does I think you should say yes"

For the rest of the afternoon we talked as if we were the best of friends.

I left thinking maybe I had the start of a new friendship and that I had finally gotten through to Ivy.

i did this chapter because yes i like the friction between Ivy and karen but also i would like them to become good friends i really do. I feel they would be great friends that can learn to lean on each other when things get bad.

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