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Chapter 5 – Weird, Weirder and Weirdest (Part 1)

So it's Tuesday morning and Prim and I are walking to the Hawthornes now. I really don't want to face Gale but I know I have to.

"Wasn't this morning so great Katniss?" Prim says bouncing around in front of me on the pathway.

"Yea little duck, it actually was but be careful, you're next to a road remember!"

This morning was kind of amazing. We woke up earlier than normal because we could hear the shower running. It was mum. She got out of her pyjamas and was having a shower. Prim and I were so shocked, we just went straight down stairs and had breakfast. Out of wishful thinking Prim set a place for mum to sit and to both of our surprise, she came, sat and ate with us.

She didn't say anything all morning but when we finished breakfast she just started cleaning. Cleaning up breakfast, than the whole kitchen and I would bet my left foot that when I get home tonight I'll either find mum in bed looking worse than ever, or mum still busy cleaning the entire house.

She's had a turn like this once before but quickly reverted.

"Katniss do you think it will stick this time? With Mum I mean?" Prim asks me hopefully, just before we get with in earshot of the Hawthorne children waiting for us at the front of their house.

"I hope so Prim, I really do, you deserve to have your mother back, a proper one." I smile down at her putting my arm around her.

"So do you Kat, so do you." Prim squeezed me tighter before running up to Rory. It's moments like these that I'm so grateful I got that job when I did. That I still have Prim in my life. Thanks to the boy with the bread that is.

I see Delly waiting with the kids too, no doubt planning to walk to school with us. She waves at Gale before starting to walk with everybody and Gale comes towards me.

"Look Katniss, about last night-"

"Save it Gale," I interrupt. "I don't want to hear any excuses. You were jealous, you said what you said. Let's just forget about it and move on." The shock is very evident in his features.

"Oh. Ok that's great then, I'll see you tonight at work." Gale says, hops in his car and drives off as if nothing ever happened.

I followed a few metres behind the others the whole way to school trying to avoid Delly. It had to end at one point though when the others went off to the primary school.

"So Good Morning Katniss." Delly greets me much too brightly.

"Hi Delly." I grumble. Does she realise that even though she's staying with Gale, nothing changes between us?

"So, did you talk to Peeta? Does he hate me?" oh that's right, I talked to Peeta for her.

"Yea I did. He doesn't hate you Delly, either does Rye." I say trying to sound dismissive.

"Oh really?! Wow, that's awesome. Hey there is Peeta over there, thanks Katniss! Peeta!" Delly calls out his name. Unfortunately calling him over here, rather than them both leaving me alone. God damn it it's too early for this.

"Morning Delly, morning Katniss." Peeta smiles at us. Okay maybe his version of bright and cheery I can deal with in the morning, but not hers. Now here comes Madge. Look at us, we're a regular little gang now.

"Madge you know Peeta and Delly right? I can't seem to get rid of them." They all laugh thinking I've made a joke.

It wasn't a joke.

"Yea I know them Kat. Hey guys." Madge smiles at them. Her and Delly immediately get to talking and being all girly and what not. Peeta just looks at me with that stupid too bright, handsome grin on his face.

"Watch it Peeta or a bug might confuse your smile for a lamp" I say, again he laughs and again I wasn't making a joke. I guess I'm just too god darn hilarious for my own good.

"I'll keep that in mind. You mentioned Prim's birthday the other day, when is it exactly? I may be able to make a cake for her. Or at least a patty cake-"

"No. We don't accept charity Peeta." immediately his face falls.

"But it could be like my gift to her from all of us?" Peeta says hopeful.

"I don't think so Peeta. It doesn't matter anyway, it's not like we could ever afford something like that." I say, again hoping to dismiss the topic entirely.

"That's the point of a gift Katniss." He laughs warmly. "You don't have to pay for it. I have ways of getting things from the bakery when the time calls for it." Instantly I'm brought back to that rainy day he took a beating for some burnt bread and in return saved Prims life. He meant it to sound light hearted but he realised the weight in what he said too.

Peeta looks over at Delly and Madge to see them away in their own world talking about Madge's birthday. He looks at me again and gives me a soft smile, warm, tender smile. I didn't even know I could read so much into so many different smiles.

Today is the day.

"Peeta. About that day. I just wanted to say thank you. I should have a long time ago but I was afraid. So. Thank you."

"Katniss you don't need to thank me for that. I would have given my leg if I knew it would have saved you two. A simple beating was no price to pay considering what I was paying for." Peeta says. How could somebody be so sweet and just plain nice to somebody he doesn't even know.

What happens next surprises us both.

"Thank you Peeta, I mean it" I insist before giving him a hug. For only a fraction of a second does he hesitate before wrapping his arms around me too.

The girls don't say anything but when the bell rings ten minutes later the four of us walk off to class, with Peetas arm still around my shoulders.

Chapter 5 - Weird, Weirder, Weirdest (Part 2)

School is finally over for the week, it's Friday afternoon and Prim, Peeta and I walk to the bakery together. Peeta says he has a surprise for Prim, an early birthday present. I don't know what it is either which makes me a little nervous.

Since Peeta and I hugged that fateful morning earlier in the week, it's like a barrier between us has dissipated. Normally when I would feel weird about somebody putting their arm around me, hugging me or even just talking to me in general. I don't. I've even talked to Peeta about things that only Gale and Prim knew too. Now that it's getting harder and harder to see Gale, Peeta is becoming more of a friend, a best friend even then I ever predicted he could be.

I know part of it is because I think he's gay. I don't feel this automatic resistance towards being near him that I do (now) with Gale or other merchant boys. At the same time though, I find myself craving his closeness because I'm not afraid he will take advantage of me because I'm from the seam.

"So Prim, seeing as though it is your birthday on Sunday I thought I'd make you a special something." Peeta finishes whispering conspiratorially and grinning mischievously at Prim before glancing at me to wink.

"Peeta we talked about this" I warn.

"It's not what you think Katniss, don't worry" He winks again. He thinks he is just so god damn charming. Just because he is doesn't it has to affect me like everybody else.

Peeta vanishes into the back of the bakery and Prim turns to me

"Isn't he just so amazing Katniss, I think he likes you" she grins cheekily at me.

"That's funny Prim." I shove my hand through her hair messing it up.

"Hey Kat!- I'm being serious."

"well I think somebody likes you little duck." I tease. The look on her face is a mixture of shock, excitement and embarrassment. Her pale, porcelain like cheeks instantly turning a rosy shade of pink.

"Really?! Who!?" Prim demands.

"I'm not telling" I poke my tongue out at her right when Peeta walks out laughing at us with his hands behind his back.

"So Prim. Happy birthday for Sunday and I hope you like it." In one swift movement he pulls out a little plastic mug from behind his back and inside is the most beautiful, edible flower I've ever seen.

"Oh. My. Gosh. Peeta did you make this?! Is it edible?! Oh wow thank you!" Prim squeals before lunging at Peeta for a hug.

"Yup it's all edible so I expect you to eat it!" Peeta teases softly before tickling her a little.

"Oh wow, gosh. Katniss can I go show Posy? She won't believe me otherwise?!" Prim squeals again.

"Sure Prim, I'll see you after work." Both Peeta and I laugh as we watch her skip away.

"It's honestly stunning Peeta."

"Yea-" I turn to face him to see he is just smiling at me goofily. "-um yea it took a while to make haha to get all the different shades of yellow I had to make it from the bottom up with each colour, like doing half petals and things like that, before using a soft brush to blend them in."

"You truly are an artist Peeta, it is probably the best gift Prim has ever gotten in her entire life. Thank you." I smile before hugging Peeta. We've been doing a lot of that lately. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to have a friend like this again.

The flower though is honestly one of the most beautiful things I've seen. It is a simple, sugar primrose. Only when you look closer there are at least 6 different shades of yellow and every single petal is an individual piece of the sugar flower. It's just. Words can't describe it.

"I'm still driving you to work right?" Peeta says jokingly swinging his keys around on his finger. I simply laugh.

"Yes please, if it's not any trouble." Peeta just puts his arm around my shoulders and leads me to his car.

"no, trouble, at all." He smiles and squeezes my shoulders gently. "There is something I want to show you tonight, can I pick you up from work?" Peeta asks me nervously.

"Umm yea sure, Mum seems to be aware of things now so I'm not worried about Prim being there by herself. Sounds good. I finish at 8 as-"

"per usual I know" Peeta interrupts me and grins. I jokingly hit his shoulder as we pull up to Freshbuys-bestbuys.

"See you then." I smile and wave. As I turn to go through the back door of the store I, literally, run into Gale.

"oh, Katniss. Your boyfriend dropping you off again?" Gale says, his voice dripping with malice.

"Lay off it Gale, he's not my boyfriend and what does it matter to you? I thought we talked about this." I angrily spit back.

All week Gale has been very hot and cold. One minute he's like my best friend again, the next he wants to kiss me, then its times like this where I think he wants to beat up who ever I talk to. He's throwing me through a loop but the more times I go around, the less I want to stay on board at all.

"Yea what ever, I know 'you guys aren't a couple'. It's hard to believe that when you walk around school with his arm around you." Gale scoffs.

"He also does that with Delly and with Madge! I happen to like having a friend that, for the first time in a long time, actually wants to hang out with me, not just get into my pants or fill the time! I have to get ready for work. Bye!" I shove him out of my way and march straight into the workers lounge.

So after another awkward shift of Gale acting moodier than a pregnant woman, it's finally 8 and I'm finally packing up my things in the workers lounge. I get a txt from Peeta telling me he's out back so I reply saying I'm ready when I hear the door to the main part of the store shut and lock behind me.

Confused I turn around to see Gale walking towards me, with a look in his eyes I've never seen before. No, that's a lie I've seen it before once.

"Gale what are you doing, we aren't meant to look the main door unless we finish night-fill." I stammer nervously, trying to pack my things faster.

"The door is locked? Whoops. It's not the only exit out of here." he says, his voice lathered in a particular tone I can't identify, before walking and standing in front of the only exit now. The back exit.

"Gale, you're acting really strange."

"I'm acting strange? Oh no Katniss, you're acting strange being all buddy buddy with Peeta now and who knows who else you've been 'close' to now since we split up huh? I'm just taking my turn, given that you were mine first." Gale leers, slowly stepping towards me.

"Gale what are you talking about? I've never been with anybody since you, you know I'm not like one of those, those whores."

"really Katniss? You're not?" He says still getting closer and closer to me. By now my back is almost up against that god damn un-plastered brick wall and he's almost directly in front of me.

"I mean Katniss, it's just me. We used to do this back here all the time when we were a couple, how is it any different now?" Gale whispers in my ear, one hand pressed against the wall fencing me in, the other slowly opening the front of my buttoned top.

"G-Gale, please don't, you know things are d-different now." I stutter nervously. I'm not the kind to just let something like this happen to me. I can't fight back though, it's Gale. Gale, my first love. Gale who used to be my best friend. I don't think I'd be able to hurt him purposely let alone win a fight against him, he is 2 feet taller than me and made of muscle.

He slams his other hand on the wall beside me completely fencing me in and ripping my shirt open simultaneously. (AN: Caution, what you are about to read my be upsetting. You can skip to part three down the page if you want, the story will still make sense.)

"Is it different now because of Mellark?! Has the pretty Merchant boy given the whore from the seam some values and morals?" Gale spits at me, his words laced in venom. His hand starts to roam again, going over my chest, down my stomach, roughly grabbing my ass. "I'm just taking back what was mine." He whispers again grabbing my ass with both of his hands, lifting me up, pinning me to the wall and kissing me so hard my head hits the bricks behind me.

I try to struggle against him but he's got a vice-like grip on me. Every time I try to move my head or back he just bangs me back into the brick, so hard I can feel bruises and cuts already forming and bleeding.

He's holding me up with one arm now, his other hand viciously grabbing at anything in sight. In one swift move he rips my bra off and drops me to the ground.

I land on my back with a thud, so hard that I'm winded, giving him a head start with unbuttoning my pants. I try to scream for help but nothing is coming out.

By this point tears are streaming down my face and Gale already has my pants down by my knees. I try to twist more and I finally kick him in the jewels. Turning I try to crawl away but I still don't have my breath back. He grabs my ankle as I'm standing up and pulls me back to the ground hard.

I try to scream but Gale kisses me roughly, pinning my head to the ground, he starts to violently kiss down my neck before sucking and biting on my nipples so hard I think they're going to bleed. I try to scream again but he hits me this time and my head flies to the side. I'm barely aware of what's happening when I kick him again, this time in the face just as he pulls down the hem of my underwear. I scream so loud my head spins.

Peeta is just outside, he must have heard me. Gale starts crawling towards me again and this time he forces my legs apart. I try to struggle and crawl away but he won't let go. Screaming and thrashing he hits me across the jaw again and I lay limp.

My head is swimming so much I can hardly see straight. I can feel him doing things to my body but nothing seems real.

All of a sudden I feel his weight lifted off me and I can vaguely see somebody punching Gale. I slowly roll over and start to crawl away. Behind me, my hearing is starting to clear again and I can hear Gale apologising and somebody being hit, or kicked. I'm not too sure.

After what feels like an eternity I finally crawl to my pants, which were thrown across the room. I slowly pull them on, afraid if I go any faster I'll pass out. When I suddenly feel a hand on my shoulder I scream and fall to the ground but somebody catches me.

"You're safe now Katniss, everything is going to be okay." Peeta says as he picks me up and carries me to his car.

Chapter 5 - Weird, Weirder, Weirdest (Part 3)

So it's been a few weeks since the incident. Gale still won't even look at me. It doesn't help that I refuse to go anywhere near him. What's funny though, I may have lost Gale but I seemed to have gained something even better.

Since what happened with Gale, every morning it's just been Prim, Delly and I taking the younger Hawthornes to school. At school itself, the weird thing is, I've had more 'real' friends than ever before. At lunch time I sit with Delly, Madge and Peeta and in all my classes I have either Delly or Madge to be with. I'm never alone any more.

Which is weird. I feel weird. They're all weird. Which is kind of good.

After that night, Peeta promised me he wouldn't tell a single soul about what happened. Peeta told me that when he heard my scream he knew something was wrong. Inside he found Gale on top of a half naked me and before he knew it, he was punching the living daylights out of Gale. It seemed to "wake him up" so to speak. Apparently after the first few punches Gale started apologising and crying.

Point is, I don't have to see Gale any more except for work, where we stay out of each others way, or family stuff where I never leave Prims side.

It's almost ten minutes until Friday afternoon and I don't have to work today. So Prim, Delly and I are going to walk Peeta to the bakery, then Delly is going to come back to our house.

I've never really had a "friend" before. Madge is my friend but she can't come to our house in the seam again. Not because her father is the mayor or anything but because she looks too much like her aunt, her aunt who died in the train crash that my father did.

When mum saw Madge the first time in our living room she ran outside looking for Dad, we found her asking our neighbours if he was coming on the later train, because Maysilee was already home. We tried to calm her down and bring her back to reality, this reality. Instead she completely snapped and started sobbing and screaming at Madge.

"Maysilee! How could you leave him there?! You're alive and he's dead!? Your best friends husband is dead! Your best friend is dead! What have you got to say about it?! NOTHING?! What kind of God is there?! What kind of friend are you?! You don't deserve to live while he's not!"

We finally made her realise that it was Madge she was harassing, not Maysilee once Madge and Prim started to cry.

She looked at Madge ashamed, then her eyes glazed over and she wasn't here with us anymore.

As you can imagine, we (and Madge's parents) thought it was best if Madge didn't come over again, at least until Mum got better.

"Katniss, Prim was looking for you earlier." my thoughts get interrupted by a young Mr Hawthorne. "Is it okay if Prim comes to our house today?"

"Hey Rory, yea sure no problem. Just let me know when I should walk her home."

"Oh don't worry, Gale already offered to drive her home tonight after dinner, thanks Katniss" Rory smiles before breaking into a jog.

Right. Of course Gale would do that, just because him and I aren't talking, doesn't mean his relationship with everybody else isn't fine. He doesn't try to rape any other girl he knows, except me.

On second thoughts. I suddenly feel a little bit uncomfortable with the idea of somebody like Gale, or the way Gale was the other night, in a car alone with Prim.

I'm being ridiculous, he is like a big brother to Prim, she of all people is in no danger around him. Is she?

"hey- woah there Katniss what did the book ever do to you?" Peeta chuckles, gently taking the notebook that I was currently twisting violently out of my hands.

"oh hi, sorry Peeta I was just thinking about. Something. Know what's taking Delly so long?"

"I don't know, probably talking to a teacher or something. Man I certainly wouldn't want to be whatever you were thinking about just then, is everything okay? Did you see Gale with that chick?" What chick?

"umm no, I don't care who Gale is with." I nod towards the big tree and we start walking. "But suppose if, hypothetically, I did care... Who's the chick?" Peeta sighs and looks down at me sadly. Oh man, is the chick somebody I know? Does he think it's going to hurt me?

"Well... You know I have nothing against girls from the Seam." Peeta pauses.

"Just spit it out Peeta, I'm a big girl." I say impatiently. He sighs, looks out towards the gate before continuing.

"I don't personally know who she is... but I saw him making out with one of 'those' girls in the courtyard today."

No. He wouldn't. I can't believe it.

Gale is with one of those whores. Literally. A whore! He most certainly isn't paying for it. Gale wouldn't do that- would he? no- but. He would. would he? He did.

"I'm really sorry Katniss, ugh I shouldn't have said anything. Look I'm just going to go, Delly will be here in a minute. I'll see you guys tomorrow." Peeta says turning around to leave. Peeta is so sweet. He seems so genuinely upset that he might have hurt me. Any guy would be lucky to have him.

"Peeta it's okay, it's not like that really. He can fuck whoever he likes. It's more the whore I'm worried about, but then again she's a whore." I smile at him to lift the mood.

"really? Are you sure? I just thought, even with everything that happened, I just. I thought you still had feelings for him?" Peeta says surprised.

"No. Our breakup was very mutual. Especially since what happened I'm even more sure that I don't love him like that any more. At first it was confusing, how we were feeling, but now I couldn't be more sure that I don't love him any more." Opening up to Peeta seems too easy. It frightens me just how easy it is.

Peeta suddenly lights up and starts smiling that big, bright Peeta smile of his again. I just smile back. It's hard not to smile when he's around.

He swiftly swings his arm around my shoulders and we walk up to the waving Delly who has magically appeared at the school gates. Even with what happened, being with Peeta like this doesn't frighten me like it normally would. With Peeta it just seems so natural, normal, nice, weird but in a good way. To be honest I don't really want to tell him he can't.

Having friends is changing me. Like I said before, it's weird.

"Looks like you're in a good mood hey Peet? Hey Kat, ready to go?" Delly says smiling at us, in particular at Peeta.

Sometimes I feel like Delly has a crush on Peeta. I know she doesn't and I mean she was only just dumped, by his brother of all people, but I feel like sometimes there is a little bit more to those smiles. I just don't know what it is.

"Yea sure, Prim is going to the-the Hawthornes this afternoon so it will just be us at home." and mum.

"Sweet, I need a good private girly chat and- Katniss, really? you don't need to make that look, talking never hurt anybody" I'd disagree with that.

When Peeta laughs I can feel it reverberate through my entire body because of our close proximity. When those big blue eyes look down at me I feel like I could just about do anything.

God when did I become so.


"So this is Katniss Everdeens bedroom. It is... Exactly like I thought it would be" Delly giggles before plopping down onto my bed. I don't know whether to laugh along or be offended.

"I think Peeta knows why Rye broke up with me" No beating around the bush I see, we'll jump straight into the deep and meaningful shit.


It's just the way I like it...

"You realise who you're talking to right? I'm as observant as a slug when it comes to people." Delly just laughs at me, as if I were making a joke. Which I wasn't.

"This is serious Katniss and I'm sorry but you're all I've got at the moment. Whenever I bring it up with Peeta he just gets all nervous, won't look me in the eye and makes up some excuse to leave. God I'm such an awkward human being. Katniss help, Peeta would tell you anything."

What's that supposed to mean?

"I dunno Delly, you know Peeta better than I do." I look down at my fidgeting hands. Come on Katniss, is it really that hard to be a friend to somebody? A few awkward, silent minutes go by when I hear Delly struggle to sigh.

"Oh Katniss I don't know what to do with my life any more without Rye in it." Delly bursts into tears and flings her arms around me.

"Delly come on, I'm sure things will be okay eventually." I pat her on the back. Is that what you do? Or are you meant to rub. No, rubbing feels awkward, like I'm trying to hit on her. I'll stick to patting her on the back while she cries. No, that's too much patting, now I'm treating her like Prim would treat her cat. When are hugs meant to end? Is this too long? Should I just let her cry on my shoulder? It's getting really wet.

I should probably say something now, I think it's been quiet (minus Delly's sobs) too long.

"There there Delly." 'there there'? what the fuck are you Katniss, 88 years old? Delly softly giggles through her tears.

"You are such an awkward comforter Katniss." she smiles at me. Well it was her fault for coming to me. "But I know you were just trying so thanks. I'm actually feeling a little, tiny, tinsy-winsy bit better now." Delly smiles again, her eyes aren't in it though. Why do I get myself into these situations.

"Delly why don't you stay the night?" I hope I don't regret this. She immediately lights up though, so maybe it will be worth it.

"Really?! Oh wow Katniss a sleep over? Have you ever even had a sleepover?" Starting to regret it.

"I'll go get some clothes from the Hawthornes, I'll be back soon." That's right she's still staying with Gale. Well no that's not technically true, she's staying with the family. Gales mum being her godmother and all that.

"Well, how about while you're doing that I go see Peeta when he finishes work, ask him about Rye and come back here and tell you what he tells me?" am I just not the best friend ever.

"Thank you so much Katniss!" she hugs me. Why do people hug all the time? "You are such a good friend." with that, Delly runs out the door.

If she wasn't so bubbly and clueless I'd be offended by how surprised she sounded that I could be a good friend. Do I really come across as that cold? I mean I am but I don't know if I really want her and Peeta to think I am.

Well to be honest I don't really want Peeta to think I am a cold, heartless bitch.

Whenever I'm around him I feel like if we were food on a buffet table, I'd be the untouched bowel of over cooked mystery meat that nobody will dare go near and he is the delicious, warm, approachable chocolate cake that everybody is lining up for.

[Google Search Bar: Define Weird? -enter-]


Adjective: Suggesting something supernatural; uncanny: "the weird crying of a seal".
Noun: A person's destiny.
Verb: Induce a sense of disbelief or alienation in someone.
adjective. strange - odd - peculiar - quaint - uncanny - bizarre
noun. fate - destiny - lot - fortune - doom - luck - kismet

Huh...so that was no help at all and held no relevance.

I'm waiting outside the bakery for Peeta to finish. When he saw me through the window he seemed very surprised. Is surprised good or bad?

"Katniss, I didn't expect you here tonight. Is everything okay?" Peeta greets me. I pat the empty seat next to me under a tree, motioning for him to sit with me.

"Yea, no, I guess. Hmm. It's just Delly. She's really torn up about your brother still you know? I'm worried about her and she thinks. Well. She thinks you know something about the breakup." I sigh. I'm not good at these things.

When Peeta sits down he casually slings his arm on the back of the bench. Which means it's practically around me. I can feel the warmth his body is generating. All I want to do is curl up under his arm and pretend the last month didn't happen. But if it never happened I wouldn't be here under his warm, muscular arm right now. I can't deny he is very attractive. He's gay though so it really doesn't matter if I'm attracted to him. On that thought I snuggle a little bit closer to him, something I wouldn't do with any straight male friend, if I had any.

"Yea I do. But if Delly knew the truth I think it would just about crush her." Peeta suddenly starts speaking.

"She already is crushed" I sigh and run my hands through his hair to get some caked flour out of it. Peeta looks at me, his blue eyes filled with sadness. I can't bear to look at them any longer, lest I do something I regret, so I rest my head on his shoulder.

"This is different." He sighs too and slides his arm down gently. His hand now rests on my arm, his thumb gently stroking the exposed skin of my upper arm in a circular motion. Which kinda tickles and gives me goosebumps in the nice way.

"Rye broke up with her. Not because of her. But because of who she's not, and who he is."

"Very Cryptic Mr Mellark, care to divulge a little more?" I gently nudge him in the side.

"He was pretending to be somebody he's not, and Delly happened to get caught in the middle. I'm just. Look after her tomorrow okay, I'm sure word will travel fast after tonight." Peeta slowly gets up and starts to walk away. The absence of his warmth is almost alarming.

"Wait! Peeta what are you talking about?" I follow him.

"Delly was brought up conservative, very religious." Peeta stops and looks down at me, staring at me so intently as if trying to convey what his thinking to me with only his eyes.

"I can't read minds Peeta what are you talking about?"

"It's Rye. He is leaving town tonight, with somebody. For good" With somebody? Was Rye cheating on Delly this whole time?

"Katniss I'm sorry, I really can't tell you, I don't even know what you think about. About him." Peeta is being so mysterious, who the hell is Rye running away with?

"Peeta I'm worried now, if I'm going to help Delly tomorrow with what ever it is you're talking about I need to know now!"

"Katniss how do you feel about homosexuality?" What kind of a question is that? Is Peeta going to come out of the closet, right now, he chooses this of ALL moments to come out of the closet!

"Fine! Absolutely fine, I have no problems with it what so ever, what's that got to do with anything?!"

"Delly is very religious, and very conservative, much like the rest of this part of the district and is not okay with homosexuality at all."

"Peeta, stop beating around the bush, where are you going with this?" I realise I'm being impatient, I don't really care though.

"I can't say."

"Peeta just spit it out already, you know you're going to tell me"

"Katniss, I just. This is really big, nobody knows this."


"Rye is eloping with Thom!"

A/N: Okay so I realise the end still may seem a little bit rushed but I couldn't quite get out exactly what I was trying to with out it sounding a little rushed...if that makes sense...I don't know, either way more shall be explained in the next chapter so keep reading and let me know what you think :)