Chapter 1


"Dad!" Piper screamed as she raced across the house with tears streaming on her face, "Dad! Where are you? Dad!"

Piper finally found him in a stretcher being carried by two men in white uniforms like the ones she saw when she was brought to a hospital.

Oh no. Piper thought

She sprinted from the kitchen to the front yard. When she got there, she squeezed through the people surrounding Tristan McLean.

Her dad caught a glimpse of her chocolate brown hair and called for her.

"Piper!" He called, "Piper where are you? Come here!"

Piper was finally by his side with puffy eyes and trembling hands.

"Dad," she said, "I'm here. Where are they taking you? What's going on? Dad I- I don't understand?"

"Everything will be fine Piper." Her dad replied, "If anything happens to me, your mom will take care of you. There's no need to worry."

"I'll try to believe you Dad. But I'm getting this feeling that something bad is going to happen and I-"

Piper was cut off by her dad collapsing into the stretcher which caused more commotion. The men in white lifted the stretcher and started to carry it back into the ambulance. The ambulance turned on its siren again.

When Tristan was back in the ambulance, Piper started to bawl again. She sank down to the ground, hugging her knees while their neighbors kept their distance. They knew how violent Piper could be when she was emotional. Only her mother dared to come near her.

"Come on Piper." Aphrodite said as she carried Piper to see her dad goodbye.

"Mom," Piper said, "Will dad be okay?"

"I hope so Piper"

"When can we see him again?"

"Soon dear. Stop worrying about your father Piper. He's a strong man. Have faith in him."

Piper tried but everything was just too much for a five year old girl to handle. Piper started to cry on her mom's shoulder.

"Don't worry dear." Aphrodite said as she patted her back, "Now let's get you cleaned up before you go to bed."

Aphrodite carried Piper back into the mansion and placed her down on Piper's bed.

Aphrodite went into Piper's bathroom and filled the bathtub with warm water and oil.

Piper entered the room in her bathrobe then hugged her mom.

"Come on Pipes," her mom said, "get in the bathtub"

Piper nodded then removed her bathrobe, (AN: Don't read that line again you pervert!) and stepped into the bathtub. She started to relax a bit as her mom cleaned her up.


Piper stood there that night, in the cemetery, staring at her parents' graves. She knelt down to read them, not caring about how much mud she was getting on her black button-down dress and black lace-up boots.

One of them said:

Tristan McLean

A great friend and father

Death: June 11, 2004

While the other said:

Aphrodite McLean

A woman with a great heart and looks of a goddess

Death: June 11, 2009

Piper kept coming back to the cemetery every month especially after her mother's death. She always wore the same thing. Her only dress and her favorite lace-up boots. She always had to save because her parent's insurance could only last until she could graduate high-school. After that, she could work part-time at a diner or something.

Piper hadn't realized that she was crying until someone placed a hand on her shoulder. She quickly turned around and she saw herself face-to-face with a cute blonde boy with concerned blue eyes that made piper melt.

She stared at him for a second then she threw her hands around his neck. The boy, who was strangely not surprised, patted her back awkwardly. Piper sobbed on the boy's shoulders, then after realizing that she was making the stranger's black button-down shirt really wet, Piper backed away from the blonde.

"I'm sorry." Piper said as she backed away, "I'm not usually like this."

"Hey." The blonde said as he grabbed her wrist, "It's okay Piper."

How did he know my name? Piper thought

"You did stay to comfort me and Thalia when our mom died." He said, "I'm returning the favor."

A flashback went to Piper. It was when her best friend Thalia's mom died a few years ago.

Piper was hugging a very depressed Thalia at the Grace's house. Thalia calmed down a little after making Piper's shirt really wet.

"I'm sorry Piper." Thalia said

"It's fine Thalia." Piper replied

"No I made you stay for the weekend just so I can calm down. I should've asked Annabeth or maybe even Percy to stay instead of you. Now your step-dad will be furious with you."

"I told you Thalia, it's okay. I need a break from him and Drew anyway. Now, do you want me to make you hot chocolate?"

Thalia nodded in reply.

Piper stood up, straightened her black dress, patted Thalia's head then headed for the kitchen. When Piper got in the kitchen, she heated water then placed a cup and stirrer out. Once the water was heated, Piper poured it into the cup with hot choco mixture then stirred it. Piper then realized that she forgot the marshmallows. She looked around the room then fortunately she found the marshmallows. Unfortunately, they were on the top shelf and she couldn't reach it. She tried jumping, but she just couldn't reach it.

Piper sat down, really exhausted from jumping so high.

"Need some help?" a voice said

Piper turned around and saw Jason leaning against the doorframe.

Piper nodded in response.

"Well," Jason said, "you need my mom's special ladder to get that. But maybe if I carry you, you might be able to reach the marshmallows."

"Fine." Piper said as she stood up.

Jason and Piper walked towards the shelf. Jason hugged Piper's waist, which caused Piper to smile and blush, then lifted her off the ground as she got the marshmallows.

"Thank you Jason." Piper said

Jason smiled but shook his head.

"Piper, I'm the one who needs to thank you. Nobody dares to go near Thalia while she's emotional. You are the only one who can." He said

"Well now I know why Thalia and I get along so well."

"Why's that?"

"Because I'm also like that."

Jason laughed for the first time that day.

"I owe you Piper." He said

Piper just smiled then picked up the hot chocolate and marshmallows.

"Walk with me?" She asked Jason

Jason just shrugged.

"Now do you remember?" the blonde asked

"Jason?" Piper asked, "Jason Grace? Where have you been all this time?"

"I'll tell you tomorrow. I'm transferring to your school tomorrow anyway"

"Why does it have to wait till tomorrow?"

"Because Annabeth's getting impatient." He said as he pointed towards Annabeth's car. "Tell her I said 'hi' though."

"See you tomorrow Jason." Piper said.

She kissed his cheek then ran to Annabeth.

"See you Pipes." He said

Piper walked to Annabeth's car, opened the door then sat inside.

"What took you so long?" Annabeth asked, clearly annoyed

"I talked to Jason." Piper replied

"Are we gonna bring her home or what?" Percy asked Annabeth

"Fine let's go." Annabeth said as she drove away.

Piper's last look at Jason was him, leaning against a tree.

"Oh yeah." Piper said, "Jason said 'hi'"

Annabeth rolled her eyes and Percy grumbled: "Nice to know he cares."

They rode in silence until the McLean's mansion was visible.

"Well," Piper said, "thanks for the ride guys"

"No problem Pipes." Percy replied

"Stop calling me that."

"Why is it fine if Jason's the one who calls you that?"

Piper sank back, blushing like a tomato.

Annabeth scolded Percy harshly.

"You sure you don't want us to come?" Annabeth asked Piper

"I'm sure Annabeth."

"Call if you need help"

"Thanks. Pop the trunk before he catches on."

Annabeth sighed then popped the trunk.

Piper slid out of the car then got her duffel bag from the hood.

Just as she was about to walk, her phone rang. She checked it then she saw that her phone was alarming her that it was 10 pm. Her curfew was starting. Piper shouldered her bag then sprinted towards a small wood cabin at the side of the mansion.

I'm gonna die. Piper thought as she opened the door to her cabin.

She opened her door and braced herself for a punishment worthy of the Fields of Punishment in the Underworld.

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