Premise – There have been a lot of clichéd stories. This is picking some clichés and just dumping them into a new version of the story. Well, since I cant be bothered with originality, cliché it is!


Heero thunked his head onto the table for the third time. He had no one else to blame but himself for the mess he had gotten himself into. Really though, could he be faulted for not seeing this coming.

'It is your fault.'

Raising his head he glared, 'You're supposed to be making me feel better.'

'Well, I was going to try, until you decided banging your head against the table was the best option'

Glaring again at his brother-in-arms and one time friend he contemplated the various methods he could torture his friend and get away with it and make himself feel better. He listed about 5 methods in his head when that voice interrupted his thoughts . . . again.

'You know there could be a way out of this, if you put your head and thoughts to better use than trying to get rid of me,' the amused voice said.

Thunking his head against the table again he thought over it, 'No, there seems no other way. And contemplating ways to get rid of you seems much better.'

Scoffing the voice went on, 'How about if I had a way?'

Hearing that there maybe an out of this mess he had gotten into, Heero raised his head and looked beseechingly at his brother-in-arms and maybe his friend again.

Laughing the voice asked, 'Well, let's start from the beginning shall we?'

It all started with him realizing he was alone. Emotions! Sometimes they just led him astray. Heero knew Relena was attracted to him. Hell, the woman had been dogging his steps all the way through the war and would not let him self-destruct or do anything permanently damaging because she was personally invested in him.

He felt it was because he had the capacity to give her a peace filled world. Duo aptly put it as, she was saving him for the time when she could get into his bed and remain in it. Forever. He had glared at Duo then. And Quatre who had the nerve to suggest the very same thing.

In hindsight, he realized that they were right. They probably were laughing at him right this moment too. Well, Duo would be, Quatre was trying to help him sort out the mess he was in.

From dealing with dangerous people and their need to destroy the world to dealing with spoilt princesses who knew how to manipulate and get their way, he was well and truly stuck. He had admitted that there was something that called to him. She was pretty and stubborn and was independent. He liked that about her. It was his reasoning for starting a relationship with her.

Sigh! Yes, he went ahead against advice and started a relationship with her. It was nice and happy initially, especially when he had no idea what to do now that the war was over. Having someone around to ground him and care and love him solely was a heady rush.

Two glorious months of loving a very beautiful girl, followed by the next four months of indecision and worry. Things were going smoothly, until he realized he could be of some use to the current society. But every time he tried to make a step in that direction, Relena would pull him away from his commitment and would need his expertise or decisions in something related her plans.

Hindsight again. He should have seen what she was doing. She was smart. He knew that. She cut him off from the world and the possibility to get his feet on the ground. She cut him off from his friends, as much as she could. Scowling to himself he realized that he was in essence her mistress.

Everyone knew she was with Heero, the Gundam pilot. And it was that wasn't it? The Gundam pilot status that had made him a celebrity and gave him the right to be seen by Relena's side. Romantics were gushing over the whirlwind and heart touching romance. A bodyguard and his princess.

'Heero, are you listening?' Relena's sweet voice jerked him out of his reverie.


'We have a dinner party to attend this evening. Why don't you wear that tux that I love so much to see you in?' she smiled at him and carried on, 'It does make my heart flutter and makes everyone jealous of me.'

That was another thing he started noticing about her.

'Why don't you come pick me up at 5:30 sharp and we shall be there just in time!'

Politics was all about the behind the scenes politicking more than the decisions and discussion that everyone saw. Manipulation, appearances, fake emotions. He was getting tired of the duplicity and was taking stock of all that he had witnessed while Relena rambled on. He really should have paid attention!

'What was she saying?'

"I don't know! I was tired and did not want to pay attention to her party plans!' Heero growled back.

When silence met his growl, he looked up sheepishly, he really didn't mean to snap.

Getting a sympathetic nod, 'She's going to be upset that you didn't show up.'

A simple statement really, but that cut to the quick. This wasn't about her, dammit! Before he could rant and rage about this some more he was interrupted. . . again.

'I know this isn't about her. This is about this relationship between you and her. A relationship where she wears the pants and she decides where it heads and when it stops.'

He growled. That was unfair.

'Don't you growl at me! This is your fault!'

'She wants to get married! How is that my fault?'

'Well obviously because you never put in your two cents in this relationship nor did you tell her that you were unhappy. . . . . . you were unhappy weren't you?'

That last was asked a little uncertainly. Looking into the concerned eyes staring at him, he focused on his emotions. They never led him astray before. Looking away, he nodded curtly. Yes, he was unhappy. And no, he could not or rather did not want to marry Relena.