They were on their way to L3 and Trowa was restless… and agitated.

'Zechs will get her out soon and will protect her till you arrive,' his tenor voice soothed, 'He's honourable.'

The Heavyarms pilot snorted and growled, 'I know that.'

'You're upset you never thought about the circus being attacked by Relena,' Heero pointed out quietly.

Teeth grinding, he saw Trowa glare at him through the corner of his eyes.

'It's not your fault,' Heero continued quietly, 'If anyone is to be blamed, its me.'

'…' Trowa hadn't been expecting that and finally said. 'I don't blame you. They were my responsibility.'

'You couldn't have known she would go after them. We all missed it.'

Trowa just grumbled out, '…drugs.'

'The most scandalous thing would be drugs. Money and sex wouldn't have been too scandalous enough,' came his serious reply.

Whipping to glare at the Japanese pilot again, Trowa bit out, 'When did you suddenly get so practical?'

Heero glared back and growled, 'I'm always practical'

'Maybe in your dreams.'

He frowned and said, 'Taking your annoyance out on me isn't going to make you feel better.'

Really, everyone knew Heero was unflappable. It was useless trying to take your annoyance out on him.

'You got laid.'

Damn, was it obvious? '..hn.' He tried to play it off and look back at the transcripts. No such luck.

'Is this a one-time thing?'

He looked over at Trowa, the tall pilot was never one to push an issue like this. Especially when both he and Trowa followed the code of certain things being too private to discuss.

'…I hope not,' he answered a little surprised himself in engaging with this conversation.

'He's not-'

'I know, he's not,' he cut through a little annoyed now. Wufei was too important for him to treat like a tasty treat. He wasn't looking for a warm body.

He tried to explain that to Trowa but stopped, the European pilot looked like he had something to say and was unsure how to proceed.

'Did he tell you what happened when Relena visited the first time?'

Shaking his head in the negative, he wondered where this was leading. It can't have been worse than what she had spewed the other day when they had met her.

'She called him a whore, claimed he had tricked you into sleeping with him and that he was not worthy of you,' Trowa explained.

Yes, that sounded about right. He shared, 'She said something similar the other time we met her as well.'

He felt a little uneasy because Trowa was hesitating. Trowa never hesitated. 'Just tell me,' he bit out worriedly.

'When he got back into the house, he didn't realize I was behind him,' Trowa said, 'He broke down.'

Heero stared at him shocked. Broke down? Broke down. Wufei?

'He broke down Heero.' Trowa reiterated.

'He's in a tough spot. It has been a little trying.' Trowa carried on gently.

He couldn't believe it. Wufei breaking down. Damn, that morning, he had missed all the signs. Wufei's voice, his red eyes and his embarrassment during lunch with Trowa and Quatre. Damn it, Heero really was so focused on getting Wufei to acknowledge it wasn't a mistake, he hadn't even paid attention to cues he normally wouldn't miss.

'I won't hurt him,' he said quietly to Trowa. Like a vow.

Trowa gave him that steady look that almost made him squirm, 'He's not a mission.'

'No. No, he's not,' Heero turned to him squarely and said, 'I know what I'm doing this time.' And he did. Wufei was not Relena. And Wufei made him feel alive, Relena hadn't.

He suddenly had to know, 'Why did Quatre decide on this plan?'

Trowa looked at him with a poker face.

'He knew about Wufei's feelings for me,' he asked, not quite a question.

'He did.'

'He knew about my previous relationships,' Heero asked again.

'… he didn't.'

'…' Heero was a little shocked.

'The ring was definitive. It had been leaked and it wasn't something that could have been buried, unfortunately. Wufei's feelings for you would have helped cement the relationship between you two and you would have followed through with the plan – for the media.'

He could understand that. Wufei's feelings were clear. It was obvious. And Heero would have followed through on the mission to get Relena away from him, he would have done anything to entail the success of the mission, however, 'But that wouldn't have convinced Relena. And what about after Relena was convinced?'

'That would have depended on you,' Trowa looked solemnly into his eyes and said, 'Quatre knew that having a fake relationship would convince the media and make Relena walk a little cautiously around building stories about you. However, convincing Relena that you were not interested in her but in Wufei, that would have been on you. He also assumed Wufei would try to get you to start a relationship with him.'

'…He forgot about Wufei's honour,' he replied.

'He forgot that you both have a high moral code,' Trowa snorted.

What did that mean, he wanted to ask and the Heavyarms pilot, who was suddenly so talkative explained, 'Wufei would feel it unethical to get you into a rebound relationship, especially since you are . . . 'straight'.'

Growling a little he could hear the mockery in that word. 'You didn't tell them?'

'It was your personal business. I didn't share that knowledge with anyone.'

That was true. Trowa and Heero were private about their affairs, not like the others were open about it either, he frowned thinking about not knowing about Wufei. 'Hn. And . . . '

'And . . . You have a moral code to follow a duty. You would have stayed with Wufei out of respect and gratitude for helping him get you out of Relena's clutches,' he left a question hanging in there.

Ah, he finally understood. To stay with Wufei out of a sense of duty would be unjust to the Chinese pilot, but to walk out on Wufei's love for him would make him too much of a cad as well.

Sighing, he looked back at the transcripts in front of him. He really had to be sure about his feelings and he had to be sure enough for Wufei's sake as well. Damn, suddenly getting out of Relena's clutches seemed like the easier mission.