Chapter 33 - The Crimson Furies: Kushina and Kurama!

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[Unnamed Plateau, Jōshō Kodoku District, South Rukongai Region. Soul Society]


Just like her son and his ability to get under an opponent's skin, Kushina's taunt sent her opponent off the deep end and into a fiery pit of rage.

"YOU'RE GOING TO [EXPLETIVE] PAY FOR THAT, YOU [EXPLETIVE] piece of [EXPLETIVE] [EXPLETIVE]!" Nnoitra raged as began to gather his spiritual energy, forming a yellow aura around himself which in turn generated a small shockwave. He then lifted Santa Teresa over his head before he said the release command for his zanpakuto.

"PRAY, SANTA TERESA (Translates to "Saint Theresa", a common Spanish name for the Praying Mantis)!"

Current Time...

The release command for Nnoitra's zanpakuto had barely left his lips when all of a sudden the yellow aura of spiritual energy that had enveloped the Espada began to flow out from the empty space of the top blade of his in the form of a spiraling burst. The massive amount of spiritual energy that the Arrancar released caused a large cloud of dust to kick up which managed to envelop Nnoitra and force both Kushina, who still held on to her chain-staff, and Yoruichi to hold their hands up in front of them to shield their eyes.

After a minute or two the burst of spiritual energy died down, leaving only the lingering cloud of dust that said energy burst created. The dust cloud took a few minutes to clear up as the two female combatants readied themselves for whatever Nnoitra had in store for them. Eventually the dust cloud subsided, allowing Kushina and Yoruichi to get a good look at Nnoitra's Resurrección (though they both were already able to discern most of the details of his released state by the time the dust cloud had fully dissipated).

Compared to the Resurrecciónes of most of the other Arrancars, Nnoitra's released state was by far one of the least drastic in terms of the change in his appearance. The now had a golden marking that extended from his forehead to below his right eye, as well as a pair of horns on his head that resembled a crescent moon, with his left horn being noticeably longer than his right. Nnoitra had gained several white, tendril-like appendages around his torso which now extended over the sides of his abdomen. His Hollow mask had also changed, becoming torn, with a set of jawbones and long teeth extending over his Hollow hole, which was apparently located over the spot where his left should've been.

The only feature of Nnoitra's Resurrección that was truly distinctive were his arms, which now look on an insect-like carapace and clawed hands. More telling however, was that Nnoitra now had an extra pair of these arms, with each of his four hand holding what looked like large scythe-like weapons, numbering four in total; the scythe-like blades, which had a small golden tassel extending from the ends of each of their shafts, somewhat resembled the appendages of a praying mantis if one looked a but carefully at them.

As Yoruichi narrowed her eyes at the sight of the Nnoitra's Resurrección, which fittingly gave him a more mantis-like appearance despite those changes being less drastic than the physical changes of other Arrancar when in their respective released states, the 5th Espada, who now had a smug look on his face, pointed one of his weapons at Kushina, who was looking at the Arrancar with a quizzical facial expression.

"Hehehe... so tell me, you damned bitch... what's it like to see an Espada's sword release for the first time?" he asked rhetorically.

What was Kushina's response?

"I have a question, you sexist spoon... how do you make your two other arms disappear like that?"


Nnoitra nearly tripped over himself in shock at hearing this but was able to stay standing and avoided the potential of ending up looking like an idiot as result.

"What the fucking hell?! How did you figure it out so fucking soon?!" Nnoitra asked in anger.

Kushina, as if she was even trying to provoke Nnoitra without even realizing it (which she did; she was just good at acting like she didn't know she was provoking someone), looked at the 5th Espada with a very nonchalant expression on her face.

"I'm not as perceptive as my husband but I'm still a ninja and that means I always have to be mindful of my surroundings. Before the dust cloud completely dissipated I saw your shadow within the cloud... and I saw six arms," Kushina pointed out with a shrug.

Yoruichi nodded in agreement as she flashed a playful smirk on her face

"Glad to see that she noticed it as well; at least that makes our job a lot easier," Yoruichi thought to herself, as she had also managed to see those extra arms.

Nnoitra clenched his teeth in anger at hearing this.

"I guess there's no point in hiding it! It won't do you two cunts any fucking good though!" the Espada said just as two extra set of arms suddenly grew out of him from seemingly out of nowhere, with two additional of his scythe-like blades, one for each new arm, emerged from the folds of the wrists of his new arms, bringing the total number of arms and blades to six each.

The two women simply kept smirking at seeing this display, apparently glad to see Nnoitra's frustration getting to him, as Kushina went into a few handseals before inhaling a large amount of air.

"Wind Style: Vaccuum Great Sphere," she shouted as she blew out wind chakra which them formed into a large, compressed sphere. It slammed into Nnoitra, who grunted and tried to regain his composure.

Yoruichi, taking advantage of this opening, then appeared in front of him via flashstep before uttering one word.


The orange over-shirt she was wearing was suddenly torn to shreds as a white lightning-like aura covered Yoruichi's body. The former 2nd Division captain delivered a powerful knee strike to Nnoitra's face before following it up by kicking him into the air. Moving at a speed that was too fast to Nnoitra to react, Yoruichi suddenly appeared again as she grabed onto Nnoitra's legs and wrapped her own legs around his torso. The two were then sent pummeling into the ground, with Yourichi jumping away so the Arrancar couldn't get back at her.

Nnoitra emerged from the crater formed from impact. He was pissed, having lost two of his arms in the fall. The Espada instantly regenerated two new ones, along with two new scythes to go with them. He then caught Kushina with her chain staff in his field of vision and, upon seeing Yoruichi appear beside her again, then snarled.

"I'll get you for this, you bitches!" he screamed before he then let his tongue, on which his Espada Tattoo (a tattoo of the number five) could be seen, stick out of it before a tiny orb of golden-colored spiritual energy formed at the tip of his tongue.

Kushina and Yoruichi realized what Nnoitra was but before they could react Nnoitra used that orb to fire a massive golden-yellow Cero at the two woman. The two females managed to move out of the way of the Espada's beam just as it hit the spot where the women were standing when Nnoitra fired his cero, which caused a massive explosion that appeared to envelop the two women.

Believing that he had disintegrated his two opponents, Nnoitra smirked in satisfaction at his apparent victory. That satisfaction was fleeting, however, when the blast began to quickly subside; his smug expression turned to one of shock when he saw that Yoruichi, who he saw emerge from the blast first and still had her Shunko activated, had survived the blast completely unscathed. Kushina appeared a minute or two later and while, she did have a few minor burns on her arms and clothes, the Uzumaki clanswoman was likewise unaffected by the attack.

It didn't take long for Nnoitra's shock to turned into another bout of rage.

"Is this a fucking joke?! What is going to take to fucking kill you fucking whores?!" Nnoitra yelled out just as he dashed forward wielding all six of his blades.

Deciding that Kushina would be the easier one to take down Nnoitra charged right at the Leaf ninja who responded to this by having her chain staff, which she didn't have when she remerged from the explosion caused by the Cero (Nnoitra failed to notice this in his rage), materialize and, after channeling her Wind Nature enhanced chakra into like before, she brought it up to block Nnoitra who swung two of his blades at her in a horizontal chop. After she swiftly blocked each and every one of Nnoitra's strikes for several minutes, much to the latter's increasing frustration, Kushina then managed to jump back several yards away from the Esapda before then tucked the staff under her right armpit and more some handseals in preparation for another jutsu.

"Wind Style: Vacuum Blast!"

She then inhaled a large amount of air before exhaling it whilst spinning. She then released several blades of wind, which then landed several cuts all across Nnoitra's body. Nnoitra then swung his foot out and hit Kushina in the side. Yoruchi then appeared in an instant to deliver a sucker punch to Nnoitra's face. He angrily tried to slice her, only getting a part of her ponytail.

Nnoitra prepared to fire another cero before he felt something wrap around his neck. He turned around to see what was happening and saw that Kushina, who had summoned a chakra chain, which had wrapped around his neck. She then summoned several more chains, which wrapped around his torso, legs, and armpits. The chains then anchored themselves to the ground as Nnoitra growled at the red haired woman as Yoruichi reappeared besides her, having deactivated her shunko.

"It's over, you sexist shit," she said.

Nnoitra simply chuckled to himself sadistically before he lifted his free arms, as he still had three of them that Kushina had yet to restrain, and used the blades he wielded with said arms to cut Kushina's chains, breaking free of his binding before Kushina was able to completely immobilize him. Nnoitra then generated new blades for the arms that Kushina had restrained (the previous blades were pulled apart by the chakra chains) before he began leering at the two women, with his eyes locked on Kushina.

"It's not over, you stupid bitch! You really thought some fucking chains would restrain me?! Don't make me fucking laugh! After I kill you I'll fucking pay you back for thinking that you could fucking beat me by finding your pathetic cunt that you call a fucking husband and mutilate his fucking body until it's a bloody pulp! Then I'll find that brat of yours and then eviscerate him, chop off his limbs, gouge his eyes out with his my blades, and then cave his head in like a fucking pumpkin!" Nnoitra boasted, having learned from conversations with Aizen, and from overhearing brief discussion between Kushina and Yoruichi during this battle, that the Uzumaki kunoichi's family was also fighting in this battle.

Kushina, who wasn't the personally to take threats like that to her family well given her temper, fell for Nnoitra's taunt as she angrily growled out before she blindly charged Nnoitra with her staff.

"Kushina, don't!" Yoruichi shouted out, but her warnings fell on deaf ears as Kushina charged in at an opponent and swung at him... only for Nnoitra to dodge the attack and have a clear opening.

With a twisted grin on his face, he then slashed her across the chest with his first scythe. Before Kushina, who was felled by that attack, could even try to get back up Nnoitra ran one of the blades through one of her legs, then followed that by driving another through her other one. The Arrancar then finished her off by driving two of his blades through her torso and the last two through her arms. Nnoitra cackled as Yoruichi looked on in slight shock, taken aback by the brutality of this Arrancar (which was worse than any hollow that she had met).

"That's what happens when you try to fight the strongest and then think you can win, you stupid whore!"

Nnoitra, convinced of Kushina's demise, now turned his back to the Uzumaki in order to face Yoruichi (despite not realizing that he was still completely outclassed by the former 2nd Division Captain) but, as Szayelaporro and Zommari had learned the hard way in their battles with the Hokage, turning your back to a ninja just for a moment, even if you think they're out of the fight, is a VERY bad idea. For Nnoitra didn't have time to even reach for his blades before-


Nnoitra, startled by this sound, turned around to see the corpse of Kushina that he left in his wake only to see that it disappeared in a puff of smoke. Unbeknownst to Nnoitra Kushina had actually swapped places with a shadow clone when she was enveloped by the explosion of the Cero (despite her having used the Shadow Clone Jutsu a couple of times beforehand the possibility of her having used it at that moment didn't really occur to him).

After a stunned Nnoitra looked on for a few seconds he realized that he had been tricked before he tried pulling out his blades; it was a futile effort, however, as he soon realized that, in his attempt to dismember what he thought was the real Kushina, the blades were now stuck in the ground and were simply too steep, and he couldn't move them as a result. Before he could create new blades he was set upon by A LOT more chakra chains, which had emerged from the ground, than last time and soon found himself restrained once again; there was no escape form the chains this time, however, as the chains wrapped around his arms first so he couldn't use them. After Nnoitra was completely immobilized the chakra chains anchored themselves to the ground.

It was at this point the real Kushina soon appeared, looking no worse for wear than her clone did after the blast from the Cero, with the same minor burns on her arms and the singes to her blouse and dress that were seen on the clone. More surprising, however, was that she was making a few hand signs as she approached the 5th Espada.

"You're real lucky, you know? If I wasn't focused on trying to activate this jutsu I would've made this A LOT more painful than I really have to, you damned sexist spoon," Kushina said as she got right within arm's length in front of the now restrained Nnoitra before she stopped walking.

"Fuck you! There's no fucking way I can lose to a fucking bitch like you! I am the strongest Espada and I refuse to be bested by a fucking woman in combat!" Nnoitra angrily yelled just as Kushina, whose eyes were now closed as she focus on what she was doing, apparently finished her sequence of hand signs.

Kushina, with her right hand still forming a hand seal, still had her eyes closed as she focus on her jutsu even as she questioned Nnoitra just as Yoruichi appeared nearby.

"You still don't get it, do you? (she sighs) Before I use this next jutsu would like to know a little secret?" she asked as Nnoitra gritted his teeth in anger.

"Enlighten me!" the Espada hissed to which Kushina responded by opening her eyes, their violet colored pupils locking onto Nnoitra's one eye, before she spoke with a serious expression on her face.

"Alright, then. I don't know how things may work for the women that live where you come from but I do know this: in my world women, including those who call themselves kunoichi like I do, not only CAN be as strong, if not stronger, than men... we HAVE to be as strong as the men. It's the only way we women can survive in a world with constant warfare like mine. It doesn't matter whether you're a guy or a girl; you can always become a stronger person if you're willing to work for it. You can't accept this and believe that I was inferior to you because I'm a women. That is why you lost this fight... and that is also the reason, along with the fact that you had the nerve to threaten to do to Minato and Naruto the things you said, why I'm going to make sure that the you will never get the death you wished for," Kushina explained.

Nnoitra's eyes widened at Kushina's last sentence; at some point during the battle he told Kushina and Yoruichi, the latter of whom had, out of curiosity, questioned the Espada on what he hoped to achieve by fighting alongside Aizen, that he wanted to die in battle his own two feet while drowning on his own blood. Nnoitra suddenly realized that Kushina was going to deny him that very death he sought and was, for the first time in his life as an Arrancar, overcome with a wave of fear.

"DAMN YOU, YOU BITCH! I WON'T LET YOU FUCKING ROB ME OF MY DEATH! I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU BEFORE YOU DO THAT!" Nnoitra raged; unfortunately for the Arrancar, however, he was too late to stop Kushina.

"I'm afraid that's not gonna happen. I've already finished preparations for the seal I'm about to use," Kushina said just before the Uzumaki kunoichi placed her free left hand on Nnoitra's stomach. Kushina then took a deep breath before she said the name of the jutsu she was about to use.

"Sealing Jutsu: Eternal Punishment of the Spiral!"

The moment Kushina yelled this out the ground beneath her, Nnoitra and Yoruichi (who was now only observing the rest of the fight) began glowing a red light as a large image of an Uzumaki Clan symbol appeared on the ground. As the image of the symbol slowly became brighter and brighter it became more obvious that the glow was the brightest right at the center of the Uzumaki Clan Symbol image, right where the chained Nnoitra was positioned.

This sealing jutsu, which Kushina learned to use shortly before she learned that she was pregnant with baby Naruto, was one only used by members of the Uzumaki Clan and was, as the name suggests, a severe form of punishment meant only for the most despicable criminals back in the Hidden Waterfall Village, and was only known to have been used only a three or four times up until now, before it's destruction. It basically seals the target in a personalized pocket dimension where they are unable speak, move, or breath as they are forced to suffer the pain they've caused to others throughout their lives. As if that wasn't bad enough they person sealed with this jutsu is rendered unable to die, forcing them to endure this psychological torture forever, hence why this jutsu was called "eternal". To make sure that there would be no escape for those sealed away each seal has a different and random sequence of hand seals needed to get the sealed person out which only the person who did the sealing would know. Unfortunately after a certain period, usually a month, the jutsu would actually wipe that sequence out of the sealer's memories, meaning that no one could free the person sealed away, trapping them in this world of torment for all eternity.

In other words, this was the nightmare end for Nnoitra, though he was obviously aware of his impending fate; unable to die, trapped in a dimension where escape was impossible as he was to be mentally tortured forever would be nothing short of a living hell for the Espada.

In his desperation Nnoitra finally got the idea to try to fire another Cero and tried to charge one up... but was suddenly enveloped by a column of red light that was as tall as he was before he could finish. A few moments after this happened the light emanating from the image of the Uzumaki Clan Symbol briefly enveloped everything within the boundaries of the image in a flash of red light and, almost as soon as it appeared, the flash immediately dissipated, revealing that Kushina and Yoruichi were now the only ones there. As far as Nnoitra is concerned the chains that bound him were now the only thing that remained of the Espada.

There was a sudden silence that came over the battlefield until-

"OWWWWWWWWWW! Damn it, I slammed my hand into that sexist spoon too hard!" Kushina yelled with a comically pained and tearful expression as she now nursed her left hand, which was now glowing red and was somehow emitting steam as a result of Kushina having slammed her hand into Nnoitra, having forgotten about the Espada's Hierro ability which made his skin very hard and, as a result, made it painful to strike them with just a person's bare hand.

Yoruichi began snickering at seeing Kushina's predicament... which somehow didn't escape Kushina's notice even as she nursed her hand.

"What's so funny, Yoruichi?!" Kushina yelled as she somehow manage to have a comically angry expression on her face despite her pain.

"Nothing at all, Kushina! You need to learn to calm down a bit or you might just end up getting yourself killed," Yoruichi said, though her teasing tone still managed to irk Kushina more.

Before their conversation could continue any further, however, they were interrupted by the sound of a loud roar coming from somewhere outside of the plateau. It didn't take either female very long to figure out who was responsible for that roar.

"The Nine-Tails sounds pissed. He's probably turning the poor fool he's fighting into his dinner... I almost feel sorry for his opponent... almost," Kushina said, having apparently gotten over the pain in her hand.

Yoruichi shrugged in agreement; while she obviously did not have as much contact with Kurama as Kushina did she was friends with the Tailed Beast for a reason and knew that the enemy he was fighting was dead... it was only a matter of how fast Kurama would end the fight.

[Several Miles Away from the Unnamed Plateau]

(Note to Reader: Just a quick head-ups before I forget to say this, Kurama's voice in his true Biju form, which will appear in BOLD lettering, is still the same as in the English Dub. For his human form think of the English Dubbed voice of Spike Spiegel from the anime series "Cowboy Bebop" and you have Kurama's human voice)

With Kurama...


"You.. you... YOU'RE SO FUCKING DEAD, YOU DAMNED RODENT!" Yammy yelled as he drew out his massive zanpakuto.

No sooner had the blade left the sheathe when Yammy said the release command.

"RAGE, IRA (Translates to "Anger")!

Upon saying this line Yammy's blade exploded in a great outpouring of red-colored spiritual energy. Despite the monstrous power being released by Yammy at that point Kurama, who was apparently unfazed by this, walked up to the enraged Yammy until he got to within 30 or so yards of the Espada as he began growing to a monstrous size. As Yammy continued to grow Kurama managed to get a good look at Yammy's Espada tattoo, a tattoo of the number 10 which meant that he was the 10th Espada, which was located on his left shoulder; no sooner had Kurama located the tattoo, however, before he saw the 1 dissipate, leaving only the tattoo for the 0 on Yammy's shoulder.

"Well... isn't that a cute trick. I doubt that it'll amount to anything, though," Kurama thought to himself just as the burst of energy from Yammy's zanpakuto release died down, allowing his opponent to get a good look at the Espada's Resurrección.

Yammy had grown to a monstrous size, easily reaching several stories in height. The ridges that had lined Yammy's skill became more pronounced and took on the appearance of two large purplish-gray head coverings, that extended to the back of his head. The white jawbone that rested on his chin. which was what remained of Yammy's Hollow mask, managed to fuse to his face to become his actual lower jaw. The red markings that were previously located right below his eyes extended back from his face and formed into two long flame tattoos. In addition Yammy's thin ponytail, which was the only hair he actually had, became longer.

The most obvious changes to Yammy's appearance caused by his Resurrección, however, remained his body. In addition to the obvious increase the size of Yammy's body he also had undergone several major changes. While his torso remained largely the same(minus the obvious fact that it was far larger than before), right down to his Hollow hole which was located at the center of his chest, his arms had large purplish-gray cylindrical tubes protruding from his elbows and six black rounded nodules that ran along the length of both of his forearms. Yammy now eight large elephant-like legs on each side of his lower body, which extended back from his torso. Each of the legs had three large toes, which extended backwards from the front to the back of the legs, and were connected to his body by white carapace-covered joints that led up to the base of a bony tail club at his end.

Yammy, having completed his transformation, now looked down at Kurama, who still looked an uninterested expression on his face, before he began to boast.

"Are you surprised by my new number? Of all the Espada I am the only one that is capable of changing his number by accumulating my power through eating and sleeping and then going into my full release state. (he releases a massive amount of spiritual pressure) I AM ESPADA NUMBER ZERO, YAMMY LLARGO! I'M THE STRONGER THAN ALL OF THE OTHER ESPADA COMBINED, INCLUDING ULQUIORRA-"

"Am I supposed to be impressed or scared by that? Because if I am your boasting not working," Kurama interrupted in a mocking tone, cupping his mouth so that Yammy could actually hear him... which he apparently did.

"Huh? What do you mean by that, you little pest?" Yammy asked, greatly annoyed by Kurama's nonchalant attitude.

"I was able to defeat Ulquiorra without any real effort; I didn't even really need a tail to beat him and I wouldn't have used it if I wasn't in a hurry. The fact that your power is supposed to be greater than his, or the other Espadas for that matter, doesn't mean shit to me," Kurama said.

Yammy didn't take too kindly to Kurama's taunt.

"OH YEAH, YOU LITTLE PISS-ANT?! LET'S SEE HAPPENS TO ALL YOUR TOUGH TALK WHEN I CRUSH YOU!" Yammy raged before he began throwing wild punches at Kurama, who used his smaller and more agile human form to dodge the powerful yet slows attacks, though only because he was trying to get a feel of what his opponent was capable of.

After a trying to hit Kurama with no success for several minutes, Yammy made a very big mistake when decided to say something incredibly stupid... something that equates to a death sentence I said in front of ANY Tailed Beast.


The moment those words left Yammy's mouth Kurama stopped moving. He stood still, his head looking down as the bangs of his black hair formed the shadow over his eyes.

"Did you just badmouth the Old Man? You better hope I didn't hear that last line right... otherwise you're going to become a corpse," Kurama said in a cold, hissing, tone.

If Yammy had stopped at that moment, bad things wouldn't happen to him... unfortunately for the Espada, he kept going.

"You heard me... but if you're so hard of hearing then I'll say it again. That shitty excuse for a human who created you... IS NOTHING BUT A PIECE OF TRASH COMPARED TO ME!" Yammy ranted as he threw a punch at Kurama... who managed to stop it dead in its tracks with only his left hand, much to Yammy's shock.

"He... he blocked my punch with his bare hand?!" Yammy thought... right before Kurama threw his arm aside with his brute strength.

It was then that Yammy saw that Kurama's had released his Initial Tailed Beast Form. As Yammy looked on in shock at the now red-haired Tailed Beast, Kurama lifted his head until he locked his eyes with Yammy with the red slitted eyes that came with this form.

"I see... then you just made the biggest fucking mistake of your miserable existence. Seeing how your brain apparently not a vital organ for you I can accept you badmouthing me, Naruto, Ichigo, my brothers, and anyone else... but the Old Man... he's the closest think I ever had to a father... and I won't forgive ANYONE who talks ill of him, EVER! You messed with the wrong fox... and now you're getting its tails... all nine of them," Kurama said, his voice filled with such vile that his mouth might as well have poison oozing out of it.

As he said this Kurama was suddenly enveloped by a massive column of blood-red chakra, at least 50 feet taller than Yammy was stood at that moment, with the column kicking up massive winds. Needless to say Yammy was terrified by this spectacle.

"What is this... WHAT THE HELL IS THIS POWER?!" Yammy asked, his voice filled with the feeling of terror that now overwhelmed him.

Kurama actually let a small smirk form on his face at hearing this before he stood upright, his duster blowing in the winds caused by his chakra column.

"You don't know? This is what happens when you piss me off. Now, before you see my true form, remember what I'm about to tell you," Kurama said as he looked at Yammy, a stone-cold look in his eye that was still filled with massive amount of killing intent.

"I may not look like it right now... but I am still Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox! And I promise you, Yammy Llargo... before you die tonight... I'm going to make you beg for mercy," the Tailed Beast said... just before he was completely enveloped by his own chakra column.

The winds generated by the column of chakra suddenly ceased right before the column busted with an even greater amount of chakra.

"What the hell is this?!" Yammy yelled... unable to comprehend what was happening before him.

And then, after a few seconds had passed... Yammy heard a terrifying sound: a Tailed Beast's roar.


A now startled Yammy, unaware of what he was really dealing with, tried to ready his next attack...

...only to be stopped by a clawed hand covered in red-orange fur that emerged from the column of chakra which slammed into his face and threw him at least twenty miles away.

Yammy soon got back up and turned around just in time to see the chakra column suddenly dispersed, revealing Kurama in his true form, a giant fox with nine-tails. And, due to having gotten the Yin half of his chakra back, he was now twice as large as he was when he was first sealed into Naruto... and was MUCH taller than Yammy was at that moment.

Kurama now bared his face at Yammy as he spoke.

"This is my true form. Take a good look at it, you fool... BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR DEATH STARING YOU IN THE FACE!" Kurama roared before vanishing in a burst of speed.

Before Yammy could even register that Kurama disappeared said Tailed Beast instantly reappeared right in front of the bewildered Espada and swiped at him with his claws. Several claw marks formed on Yammy's chest as Kurama sent him flying again.

After being sent back several more miles by that strike and getting back up again, Yammy turned to look as Kurama.

"DAMN IT, YOU BASTARD! THAT HURT!" the Espada yelled before he charged up and fired a massive red Cero...

... which Kurama basically bitchslapped into a nearby mountain, much to Yammy's disbelief.

"I guess you still don't understand what you're dealing with. I'll just have too fix that," Kurama said before he continued his onslaught.

Yammy... never stood a chance...

Next Time – Las Seguidores de la Tiburon(The Followers of the Shark)

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