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A raven! Her heart filled with excitement as she watched the black bird approach the castle, and she swiftly started on the long climb down. Her home only had one high tower, her favorite spot in the whole place. She loved knowing that she was the only one able to climb the almost completely smooth walls, she loved seeing the ground get smaller and smaller as she made her way up, she loved feeling the eastern wind blow her long black hair away from her face, and most of all, she loved how free and powerful she felt when she reached the top. She could almost see all the way to King's Landing from up here.

Her mother had told her that she took after her uncle Bran, but she had trouble believing it, since he couldn't even walk.

As soon as her feet touched the ground, she started running towards the rookery. The Frey boy her parents had taken in as a bird keeper for some political reason she didn't understand was just untying the scroll from the raven's foot. He bowed slightly when he saw her.

"Lady Lyanna."

She rolled her eyes. No matter how many times she told everyone to stop calling her a lady, no one ever listened.

"Can I see the message?"

He handed it to her. Once it was safely tucked in the belt of her breeches, she started running again, towards the yard this time. She always got excited when they received news from some other part of the Seven Kingdoms. Her father would tell her everything about the place, and her mother would tell her everything about the people who lived there, and it would feel like she had been there herself. One day, she would go. Everywhere.

She found her parents engrossed in an archery contest and she rolled her eyes again. Honestly, she didn't know why her father kept trying. While he always won with the warhammer, and sometimes managed to overpower her mother in a swordfight, she was simply unbeatable with a bow.

The message forgotten for a while, she stood next to her two younger brothers and watched in fascination as her mother's arrows found the centre of the target every single time, and her father tried to distract his opponent by placing kisses against the side of her neck, one hand on her waist, the other gently pushing her hair out of the way.

He always did that. It never helped.

After a while, her mother saw her and waved her over. She ran to them, handing the scroll to her mother as her father lifted her up in his arms.

She had heard people say that it wasn't proper for the Lady of Storm's End to read the messages before her husband did, but Gendry and Arya Baratheon had never cared much for proper, and since he always ended up going to his wife for counsel anyway, Lyanna just didn't see the point in keeping up appearances.

"What does it say?" she asked eagerly.

Her mother read the few lines, and her face became suddenly somber as she showed the scroll to her husband. A little worried by their reaction, Lyanna said hesitantly, "Father?"

He pressed a soft kiss to her temple.

"The Dragon Queen has crossed the Narrow Sea."

She knew about Daenerys Targaryen. When winter had ended and King Stannis had visited Storm's End a few months ago, she had heard him tell her parents the dragons were now big enough to cause trouble.

Her mother sighed.

"This realm will never really be at peace, will it?"

"No," her father admitted. "But we did get ten relatively peaceful years. Alliances were made, and the Seven Kingdoms are stronger than ever. She may have dragons, but we have a powerful army."

"Still, I think we should send the children to Winterfell. The Targaryen might reach Storm's End, but she'll never go this far north. They'll be safer there."

Though she liked the Starks well enough, Lyanna wanted to stay here with her parents. But just as she was about to protest, her father nodded in that stubborn way of his, the one that everyone knew meant he would not be swayed from his decision. Her mother was the only one who sometimes managed to make him change his mind when he got all bull-headed, as she liked to call it. Lyanna knew that if her parents were both on the same side, there was absolutely no way she was going to win this argument. So she just sighed and asked resignedly, "For how long?"

"Until it's safe for you to come back here."

"It could take forever!"

"If I have anything to say about it, you will be back before you know it, I promise."

And because she knew together, her parents could face anything, and because she knew her uncle Robb and her uncle Rickon would fight by their side, and because she knew her father never ever broke his promises, his words gave her a flicker of hope.


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