Game of Thrones meets 50 Shades

I have noooo idea if this is going to work! Seriously! However…. My recent addiction to reading 50 shades of Grey and my continuing adoration of all things "Jason" has pushed me to writing this. Also, I have never wanted to read BDSM fics… I always found the subject and the contents far too extreme for my tastes…However… after reading 50 Shades, and liking how the author has mixed BDSM with humour…gorgeous characters and a twist…felt I could do something with my favourite couple.

Please let me know if I'm going in the wrong direction…if you like it please tell me…and also if you don't. The reviews I get will decide if I continue or not. Thank you.

Daenerys Stormborn squirmed on the kitchen stool as Khal Drogo, CEO of one of the most prestigious and wealthy companies in the USA fetches her a glass of wine. He's utterly gorgeous to look at. His charming demeanor had already swept her of her feet, and his amazing ability to make her gasp at his piloting skills just left her speechless… And here she sat, safe and sound in his magnificent apartment… huge… no… gigantic!

Their brief kiss in the elevator the previous day had sent her head spinning. She'd already decided tonight was the night she would give in to her fears and finally do what she had been waiting for. Khal Drogo was an eligible bachelor, extremely rich and confident. He had an air about him which made her shudder. Tall, with a large frame and the most beautiful long black hair, which he always wore in a long ponytail, fastened with the occasional silver ring at random intervals all the way to the tip. When she had looked into his eyes on their first meeting, she felt scared and somehow excited. Her stomach-already in knots in anticipation at their evening-did another somersault as he handed her a glass of wine.

Taking a sip she flushed as he watched her intensely.

"Good?" his eyes bore into hers.

"Yes, It's not my usual drink but I could get to like it" She replied nervously.

"So what are you going to do after your graduation Miss Stormborn" taking another sip of wine after he'd asked.

"Well, I've already applied to a few companies for internships"


Dani flushed… "Um…no."

"What's wrong with my Company?"

"Your company or your Company?" she smirked.

"Are you smirking at me Miss. Stormborn?" cocking his head to one side. There's a slight smirk and intense stare.

Dani blushed and as she bit her lip, looked down at her half empty wine glass.

"I'd like to bite that lip" He continues…with a sinister stare.

Oh crap! Dani squirms in her seat, and before she realized her mouth opened and words seemed to spill "Why don't you?" I'm so going to regret that.

"Because I'm not going to touch you Daenerys – not until I have your written consent to do so" his lips hint at a smile.

"What does that mean?"

"Exactly what I say" Drogo places his glass on the counter. He's bewitched by the beauty of this tender, delicate flower sitting next to him…and his mouth waters as he thinks about his intentions. His eyes trace along the delicate features as he watches Dani take another sip of wine. She's nervous; he can almost feel her shaking. Dani looks over to him and already the wine has turned her cheeks pink. Or is she still blushing. It's hard to tell.

"Excuse me a moment" Drogo gets up and leaves the kitchen, moments later he returns with two documents and places them in front of her, together with a pen.

"This is a non-disclosure document. My lawyer insists on it. If you decide you would like to know more about me, then you must sign this"

Dani tentatively reached her fingers to the document. "What if I don't want to sign?"

"Then I will say Goodnight and take you home"

Dani reaches for the pen "okay I'll sign"

"Wait! Aren't you going to read it?"


Drogo frowns and lets out a sigh "You should never sign any legal document without reading it Daenerys"

"Drogo, I have no intentions of 'blabbing' to anyone, it's not something I do. Not even to my friend."

"Well that's fine then" Drogo pushed the document closer and watched as she scribbled her name on both sets of papers. Handing one back to Drogo she blushed as she looked at him before folding the other papers and tucking them into her clutch bag. She reached for her glass, took a large mouthful finishing the contents before speaking "So does this mean you're going to make love to me tonight?" Did I really just ask that?

Drogo's mouth sharply drops open but within a second he recovers himself. "No Daenerys it doesn't. Firstly I don't make love. I fuck…hard. Secondly, you have more paperwork to sign. And thirdly, you don't know what you're letting yourself in for. You could still decide to run for the hills. Come; let me show you my playroom.

Dani's mouth drops open…Fuck hard…holy shit…that sounds so hot! She slips off the stool and moved around the counter, standing next to Drogo. Looking up to him, she takes in the view. Oh my…he's so gorgeous. What does he want a playroom for?

Drogo takes her hand and leads the way towards the end of the kitchen into the corridor. "So what you got in this playroom anyway…Xbox?" She giggles as she shuffles next to Drogo.

He lets out a wry smile as he stops and turns to face her…she slams into his chest not realizing he was going to stop. "No Daenery's, no Xbox, no Playstation, come. His eyes flashed across her mouth as she bit her lip. " . ." His words stern and precise sent a shiver through her body. Turning and continuing along the coridoor to the staircase, he led her up.

Once they reached their destination, he reaches into his pocket and produces a key. Unlocking the door and pushing open the door he takes a deep breath.

Turning to face Dani, his large frame blocking the view into the room his voice is calm and clear. "You can leave anytime. The helicopter is on stand-by to take you whenever you want to go, you can stay the night and go in the morning. It's fine whatever you decide.

He casts his eyes over her puzzled face. She's frowning and lets out a sigh… "Well, let me see then, I'm intrigued". Drogo steps to the side and Dani steps into the room. Flicking on the light switch he stands behind her. Dani gasps as she takes in the contents of the room.

It's like the Spanish inquisition in here… holy fuck!