A New story that I have been requested to write. It's rated M for language and m/m relationships, but that doesn't happen till later. Hope you enjoy it!

Finding Love and Defeating the Tumma Sumu

Chapter 1: We Need a Hero

A man in all black walked counter-clockwise in a circle, his wand draw and pointed toward the snow covered ground. He chanted powerful spells as he walked, carving a necromancer circle into the ground. Black magic hung around him like a suffocating cloak, the air crackling with his malicious intent. He quickly finished the circle and stood just outside of it. He pulled a dagger from the depth of his winter cloak and held his left hand out over the circle, palm facing downward.

"I call on the demons of Hell!" He said, voice echoing in the eerie silence and his breath twisting its way up like smoke in the frigid air. "Heed my command! With this circle I summon thee, Tumma Sumu!" The man shouted.

The ground on which he had drawn the circle began to crumble and a gaping hole in the earth formed. The man cut his left palm, his blood dripping into the dark abyss as a mist blacker than the night sky and colder than death began to seep up from the hole.

"With my blood I bind you to me, your new Master. You must do my bidding for as long as I require your services." The man shouted as more of the black mist spewed from the opening to Hell. The man watched as the hole began to seal, the circle reforming itself with the demon now trapped inside. The man could make out the vague figure of a body flickering inside the blackness, a sharp contrast to the pure white snow. The demon was no taller than the man was and seemed to be ghost-like in appearance.

"I am your Master, Tumma Sumu. You are bound to me by blood and must do what I wish or suffer the consequences." The demon made no sound or sudden movements, instead choosing to stare dispassionately at the weak human who had dared to think it had the right to summon it from its home.

"Do you understand, Demon?" The man demanded, impatient to put his plans into action and take control. Soon he would have complete control of the Wizarding World.

"No, Human. Do you understand? Do you realize what you have done? Do you know what you have just unleashed?" The demons voice was cold and unfeeling. It spoke in a soft whisper that promised violence, pain, and death. The man shivered in terror once before pushing the feeling to the back of his mind. He was in control of the demon now. He could not be harmed.

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean." He snapped, angry at himself for being so afraid. "Now, your first order is-" The man abruptly stopped talking in favor of staring in horror at the Tumma Sumu as the demon stepped smoothly over the circular barrier meant to keep it entrapped. The demon grew in size until it towered over the human at 15 ft tall, waves of black mist emanating from it and clouding the demons form. The man could do nothing but tremble in fear as the deathly fog from the demon slowly crept towards him.

"You are not powerful enough to control me, Human. Summoning me will prove to be your downfall." The demons fear inspiring voice reached the man and he fell to his knees, taking no notice of the icy coldness soaking his trousers.

The man knew there was no way to avoid the inevitable. He was going to die.

"What have I done?" He whispered hoarsely.

"Freed one of the most evil of demons to wreak havoc upon your world." The demon responded. "And I will very much enjoy doing so."

The man closed his eyes in defeat as the demon glided closer and stopped in front of him. The demon picked the man up by the throat, attached their mouths together and took a deep breath inward. The man's agonized shrieks shattered the stillness of the night as the demon sucked the life and soul forcefully from the man's body before throwing the empty shell of a body onto the ground.

The demon, by no means satisfied, sent out a trail of magic, locating more souls to feast on. Transforming into a black cloud of Evil, the Tumma Sumu made its way east where it had discovered the most amount of souls waiting to be consumed.




"NO!" Rowena Ravenclaw shrieked as she shot straight up in bed. Breathing hard, she scrambled out of bed, wandlessly summoning her dark-blue night cloak and slipping it on. Snatching up her wand, she hurried from her room and into the one right next to it, barging in without stopping to knock.

"Salazar! Salazar, get up and wake Godric!" She hissed frantically as she shook the tired man.

"Go away, Ravenclaw, before I hex you into oblivion." Salazar growled sleepily.

"Salazar, get up this instant!" Rowena all but screamed in his ear as she yanked at his forest green comforter. "I had a vision and this one was incredibly dangerous!" With a sigh, Salazar rolled over and sat up, glaring blearily.

"Fine, you insufferable woman! I will go wake Godric, you get Helga." Salazar said as he stood from his bed and stretched.

"Meet us in the Great Hall and hurry!" She whispered before leaving to fetch Hufflepuff.

"Helga! Helga, you must get up!" Rowena shook the sleeping young woman roughly.

"Rowena?" A sleepy Helga mumbled as she sat up, golden blankets pooling at her waist, rubbing her eyes tiredly. "What is wrong, dear? What has got you so distraught?" Helga asked in concern.

"A vision. I have had a horrible vision! Come, Salazar and Godric are meeting us in the Great Hall." Rowena said as she dragged Helga from their connecting chambers. They entered the Great Hall to find Salazar leaning tiredly against the wall and Godric swaying on the spot, looking on the verge of passing out.

"Wha's this 'bout a vision, Ro?" Godric yawned.

"I had a vision of a man. He was drawing a necromancer circle and summoned a demon." Rowena began to explain her vision immediately.

"That is not a great cause for concern, Rowena. People summon demons all of the time." Salazar pointed out.

"No! You do not understand how utterly terrible this is!" Rowena insisted.

"Rowena! Calm yourself! I am sure it is not too horrible." Helga reasoned in an attempt to comfort the 20 year old.

"How do you suppose I calm down when a Tumma Sumu is going to be set loose?" Rowena hissed through clenched teeth.

"A Tumma Sumu?" Slytherin snapped, straightening instantly and taking a few steps closer.

"Yes." Rowena breathed, glad that the other Founders were starting to see the seriousness of this situation.

"Oh, Merlin!" Helga whimpered fearfully. Salazar wrapped a comforting arm around his shaking friend.

"Who in their right mind would summon that? This is bad. Really, really bad!" Godric moaned, running a shaking hand through his hair.

"Yes, thank you for stating the blindingly obvious." Salazar snapped; Godric glared and opened his mouth to give a scathing retort when Rowena interrupted.

"Shut up! We do not have the time for your pathetic little arguments! We must come up with a plan." Ravenclaw snapped.

"Your vision, has it happened already or was it a premonition of an upcoming event?" Helga asked from within Slytherin's embrace.

"We have time to device and execute whatever we come up with. My vision will not come to pass for a while." Ravenclaw sighed tiredly as she leaned against Gryffindor. Godric led her to a table and pushed her gently down into a chair.

"Can you give us an accurate time frame?" Salazar asked as he held out a chair for Helga and took a seat beside her.

"We have until winter. In the vision there was snow everywhere." Rowena said.

"That is good news. It is summer break now. We can get started on this plan while the students are gone. We have six months to device a brilliant plan. We can do this!" Godric exclaimed.

"Do you even know what a Tumma Sumu is? Or how to destroy it? We cannot just go into this with brute force." Salazar snapped.

"Do not insult me! I am not an imbecile. I realize that we need more than a few solid plans before we can hope to fight this demon." Godric snarled.

"Then how do you expect us to fight this demon? By ourselves? We are only four witches and wizards." Helga cried.

"We are the four most powerful witches and wizards since Merlin himself!" Godric pointed out.

"Merlin could not defeat a Tumma Sumu either!" Salazar hissed.

"He never tried!" Gryffindor snapped.

"Yes, and there is a logical reason for that!" Slytherin practically screamed in frustration.

"We cannot do it on our own." Rowena interrupted the heated shouting match. "There is no doubt in my mind that should we attempt to deal with this on our own; with just the four of us, we would all perish."

"Again, I ask how you expect us to fight this demon." Slytherin said. The three Founders looked to Rowena for the answer.

"I do not currently know. I need to think." She said as she abruptly stood and headed for the doors.

"I do hope she can come up with a suitable idea." Helga sighed, Godric and Salazar nodding their agreement.

"Do not worry, I will." Rowena said over her shoulder before she left the Great Hall and headed to the library. I have much to research. I will not allow that demon to destroy my home.




"Hurry up, Harry! We're gonna be late for the feast!" Ron moaned as he watched Harry double checking his trunk. Harry stood and turned to Ron with a bemused expression.

"I'm done, Ron. Don't blow a gasket!" Harry chuckled.

"A what?" Ron asked, confused. Harry opened his mouth to explain that it was a muggle phrase when Ron grabbed his arm and began to drag him out of the Tower. "Never mind. Food now, explanation later." He said. Harry rolled his eyes but allowed his friend to tug him impatiently to the Great Hall.

"Ron! It isn't that important that we be there right on time." Harry said.

"It is when the feast is honoring you for defeating Voldemort!" Ron exclaimed, turning to face Harry. Harry rolled his eyes.

The Battle of Hogwarts was a few months ago and everyone had been working hard to repair the damage done to the castle. Only a few higher towers still needed to be repaired and since no one was using them, they could wait. Harry had defeated Voldemort for good that night in front of everyone and now they treated him like even more of a celebrity than they did before.

"It wasn't a big deal, Ron." Harry said.

"Not a big deal? Not a big deal!" Ron shouted. "How could you stand there and say defeating the biggest Evil the Wizarding World has ever seen is not a big deal with a straight face? You, my friend, are delusional."

"Voldemort wasn't the most Evil thing wizards have faced." Harry said. "No, listen!" He said quickly when it looked like Ron was about to start screaming again.

"When I was researching spells and reading about how other wizards had defeated Dark Lords and all, I found this book about the Founders. Apparently-" Harry cut off with an indignant cry as Ron began to pull at him again.

"I distinctly remember saying food now, explanation later." Ron said before pushing Harry into the Great Hall. Harry stumbled slightly and when he looked up everyone was staring at him. He blushed at all the attention and tried to quickly make his way to his seat.

"Harry, if you could come up here for just a second." McGonagall called to him. Harry froze and closed his eyes with a soft groan before turning to make his way up to the head table.

"Yes, Headmistress?" Harry asked quietly. McGonagall stood up and faced the school.

"We are all here, safe and alive, because Mr. Potter here-"

"No, no, no, no, no!" Harry shouted, interrupting his old Head of House. Everyone turned to look at him. "I didn't do any more than any of you!"

"You fought all those Death Eaters and defeated the Dark Lord!" Someone at the Hufflepuff table shouted.

"Yeah, but I'm not the only one who fought to protect you." Harry said. "Cho and Luna helped Madam heal most of you!" He pointed to the two girls at the Ravenclaw table. They flushed as all eyes turned to him. "Neville and Seamus got a team together and blew up the bridge so more Death Eaters couldn't make their way to the castle!" Harry pointed towards his own table. "Justin, Zacharias and Susan helped Professor Sprout and Flitwick set up all the protection spells and plant traps so we would have more time to organize ourselves and prepare to fight!" He and everyone else looked toward the Hufflepuff table and Harry was slightly surprised to see most of them crying. "And Draco!" He shouted eagerly as he turned to look the blond Slytherin in the eye. "Draco, Blaise and Theo protected all the younger years as we got them out of the castle. He helped me fight off about a hundred Dementors. He did as much as I did." Harry looked out at the students who had survived the Battle. There were obvious gaps at the tables and Harry felt his heart clench in grief.

"Everyone in this room helped me bring down Voldemort. Without your help and support, without you all fighting by my side, I would have died. If anyone's the hero, it's you guys." Harry said softly. There was a moment of loaded silence and then the Great Hall burst alive with cheers. People got up and hugged others, clapping them on the back and congratulating themselves on a job well done. Harry made his way through the sea of people, trying to get to his own table when he felt someone slam into him.

"Thanks, Potter. I hope this means we can be friends now." A silky voice whispered in his ear. He looked up into the silver eyes of Draco and smiled.

"Of course, Draco." He said, smiling up at the blond. Draco smiled and released his hold on Harry, making his way back to the Slytherin table. Harry managed to find his friends and sat on Hermione's right side.

"That was a wonderful speech Harry. It meant a lot to them." Hermione whispered.

"I was only telling the truth, 'Mione." Harry whispered back as food appeared on the table.

"Now you can tell me, Harry." Ron said as he reached for a chicken leg.

"Tell you what?" Harry asked, spooning potatoes onto his plate.

"About that thing with the Founders." Ron reminded him through a mouthful of food.

"Don't talk with your mouth full, Ronald!" Hermione chastised.

"Yeah, anyway, the book was about the Founders and how this necromancer guy tried to take over the Wizarding World by summoning a demon only he lost control of it and it killed him. The demon attacked Hogwarts and it was worse than the Battle. This thing sucks the life right out of you, like a dementor, only a thousand times worse and much more painful." Harry shuddered at the thought of the soul-sucking beasts.

"Did the book say what the demon was called?" Hermione asked intrigued.

"Yeah it was…err…" Harry looked sheepishly at Hermione. "I don't exactly remember right know."

"Oh, for the love of Merlin!" Hermione sighed, rolling her eyes.

"I'm sure it'll come back to me and if not we can just look at the book on the train home tomorrow." Harry said, patting her shoulder soothingly.

"You are both completely hopeless. What would you do without me?" She chuckled with a shake of her head as she reached for her goblet of pumpkin juice.

"Fail potions?" Ron asked.

"Die every school year?" Harry offered. The trio looked at each other before dissolving into a fit of laughter. They joined in on the conversations of their other year mates as they enjoyed their last night in Hogwarts for the year. Many of the seventh year students had agreed to come back next year as 'eighth years'. Some, like Harry, Ron and Hermione, hadn't come back at all for their seventh year and others had been too busy trying to protect themselves and the younger years from the Carrows.

"Ugh. I knew I shouldn't have eaten all that pudding. Now my tummy hurts." Seamus groaned from across the table. Harry spewed his pumpkin juice all over the table as he choked on his laughter.

"Did you…just say…tummy!" Harry gasped between his fits of giggles. His friends began to laugh at his reaction and Harry suddenly gasped. "Tummy? Hey! I remember! Hermione the demon was called Tumma-" Harry never got to finish his sentence. At that moment he completely disappeared from the table.




"Harry!" Hermione screamed, jumping up from her seat and looking frantically around. Ron touched the place where Harry had been sitting in the hopes that maybe he was just invisible. When his hand encountered nothing he stood and turned to the professors.

"Headmistress McGonagall! Harry's disappeared!" He shouted frantically as Hermione began to shout detection spells in an attempt to locate his destination. Everyone began to frantically search for the Boy Hero.

"SILENCE!" McGonagall shouted, her voice echoing in the sudden quiet. Everyone watched as McGonagall turned and laid both hands on the castle wall behind her. Her lips could be seen moving silently and Hermione gasped excitedly.

"What is it? What's she doing?" Ron hissed at her.

"She's tapping into the wards to see if Harry is anywhere in the school or on Hogwarts grounds." She whispered back. A few minutes later the Headmistress turned towards the crowd of worried students.

"Mr. Potter…is no longer at Hogwarts." She announced in a strained voice. In the loud uproar that followed, no one noticed the two Gryffindors who had feinted in horror.




"Have you seen Ravenclaw at all today?" Salazar asked as he swept into the common room that they all shared. Godric looked up from his maps of the school with a shake of his head. Salazar looked over to where Helga sat knitting and she shook her head too, a worried expression on her face.

"So she is still locked in the library." Slytherin sighed.

"She has been there all night and most of the day now! I do not even think she has eaten!" Helga said standing up and walking towards the sneakiest Founder.

"Well then, that settles it." Godric said as he stood to join them. "We will take her something to eat and help her with her research. I will not have her make herself sick trying to find a solution." Slytherin smirked at him.

"Are you sure you can handle being around all those books filled with knowledge? We do not want you to hurt yourself trying to read a big word." Salazar snickered.

"I am going to ignore you." Godric snapped as he swept out of the room. Salazar watched him go in amusement.

"It is so much fun getting him so irritated." Salazar chuckled. Helga giggled along with him as they made their way to library.

"Rowena, you must eat!" They heard Gryffindor snap as they pushed open the large doors.

"I have almost found a solution! Just a bit more research and we will have our hero. I cannot take the time to do such trivial things like eating!" Rowena snapped back. Helga sighed at the scene before them, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw glaring stubbornly across the library table at each other, and lifted her wand.

"Accio Rowena's books." She said and raised her arms as the books floated towards her and settled in a pile.

"Helga Hufflepuff, you give me back my books! Right now! Do you not realize how important this is?" Rowena shouted as she stalked over to the woman. Helga narrowed her eyes and shoved the books to Slytherin before turning to face the irate witch.

"Now you listen to me, Rowena. You will sit down and you will eat what Godric brought for you and then you will allow us to help you with your research or, so help me Merlin, I will burn every last one of them!" Helga snapped, glaring at Ravenclaw with hard, unforgiving eyes. The three Founders stared at Helga in surprise.

"Fine! I'll eat the food, just do not burn my books!" Rowena sighed as she sat and began to eat.

"Merlin, woman! Who knew you could be so frightening?" Godric chuckled.

"Or so manipulative! Threatening to burn her books was ingenious!" Salazar exclaimed.

"I would not have really burned them." Helga whispered conspiratorially, shooting a glance over at the table to make sure Rowena wasn't listening. "But she does need to eat and I could think of no other way." She looked up at the two males worriedly. "Do you think she will be mad at me?"

"I am not mad and I know you would not have done it. Thank you all for checking on me. I suppose I do tend to get slightly carried away." Rowena admitted reluctantly. The others laughed lightly as they settled around the table. Salazar redistributed the books and they all got started on researching, Helga glaring at Rowena every few minutes to make sure she continued to eat.

"I've found something!" Godric breathed excitedly. He pushed the book towards Ravenclaw and pointed to the spell he had found. "It is a hero summoning spell. You say the characteristics you are looking for in a person and it will find someone with all those characteristics."

"This…this could work!" Rowena whispered. Her eyes roving over the page as she read quickly. "Godric you are a genius!" She shouted, beaming up at Gryffindor who turned to smirk at Slytherin. Slytherin rolled his eyes and reached for the book.

"So all we have to do is say what we want most in our hero and he will be summoned to us? What if he or she is in a different country or different time? What if we bring back Merlin!" Salazar asked excitedly.

"Hopefully once we explain why we have summoned them they will be all too willing to help." Helga said before turning to Ravenclaw. "When do you think we should do this?"

"What time is it?" Ravenclaw asked. Helga cast a tempus charm and Rowena raised an eyebrow in surprise. "I have been here all day? It is already night?" Godric nodded and Rowena sighed, rubbing her eyes tiredly.

"We should do it now, the sooner our hero gets here the better for us." She said.

"Where do you propose we cast the spell?" Salazar asked.

"We can do it here, just let me draw the summoning circle." Rowena stood and pulled out her wand. "Think of what characteristic you want for our hero." She ordered before she began to walk clockwise in a big circle, chanting under her breath as the summoning circle appeared before her. Nearly thirty minutes later she stepped back to survey her work.

"It is done." She said, turning back to her friends. "Your place of standing is indicated by your house symbol. Step to them now." She said as she took her place in front of an eagle. Once the others were in their places she gave the next set of orders. "First is Salazar, you just speak your characteristic in Latin, and then me, followed by Godric, then you, Helga. If the spell works our hero should appear after five minutes. The wand movement is as so." Rowena took a few minutes teaching the others before she was satisfied. "Everyone ready?" The Founders looked around at each other and took a collective deep, studying breath.

"Callidus Heros." Salazar intoned, waving his wand in the intricate pattern.

"Versutus Heros." Rowena spoke firmly, wand moving fluidly through the air.

"Determinatur Heros." Godric's powerful voice filled the library as his wand seemed to dance in the difficult pattern.

"Fidelissim Heros." Helga's warm voice ended the spell as she moved her wand determinedly.

A moment of silence befell them and Godric opened his mouth to ask a question. Rowena shook her head frantically and placed a finger on her lips and held up five fingers. The other Founders understood her message and waited in an agonizing silence. Suddenly there was a loud bang and a flash of blinding white light. When the Founders could see again, they gasped at the sight before them.

"It's a kid! Our hero can't be a kid!" Godric shouted.

"How did the spell not work?" Helga asked sadly.

"Who the hell is this kid?" Salazar snapped, glaring at the boy who looked almost exactly like a younger version of Godric.

"Potter, Harry Potter. And who the hell are all of you?"


*Tumma Sumu- Dark Fog

*Callidus Heros- Cunning Hero

*Versutus Heros- Resourceful Hero

*Determinatur Heros- Determined Hero

*Fidelissim Heros- Trustworthy Hero