9 Justice League the Corps

Note: This is the 11th part of an ongoing series. The preceding installments are Justice League New Beginnings: DCAU Series Part 1; Justice League Second Strike: DCAU Series part 2; Justice League Past Imperfect: DCAU Series Part 3; Justice League Nuptials: DCAU Series Part 4; Justice League Cardinal Sin: DCAU Series Part 5; Justice League Twice Shy: DCAU series Part 6; Justice League Darkness: DCAU Series Part 7; Justice League Family Affairs: DCAU Series Part 8; Justice League Conflict: DCAU Series Part 9; and Justice League Crossroads: DCAU series Part 10. Events and personal developments from these installments will be referenced with little warning or back story given. If Part 11 raises any questions, I suggest you read the previous stories.

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Come here
Let me take you on a trip
Leaving in the name of love
Silence and emptiness

You're among a billion stars
Please don't say a single word
All around the galaxy
Silence and emptiness

Let's go into space
Heading for Venus
Fly around the Sun
Playmate to Jesus
Everywhere I go, I pray
For universal love

High above the sky
Closer to Heaven
Here among the stars
All is forgiven
Everywhere I go, I pray
For universal love

I'm hearing nothing - is it me or is it you?
I keep on trying but you're just not coming through
I see your signal but I keep on losing it
I'll find your frequency bit by bit

Forgive me
Please, forgive the things I've done
Every little matters here
Life keeps moving on

Everlasting energy
Shining all over me
Falling into gravity
Silence and emptiness

Let's go into space
Heading for Venus
Fly around the Sun
Playmate to Jesus
Everywhere I go, I pray
For universal love

High above the sky
Closer to Heaven
Here among the stars
All is forgiven
Everywhere I go, I pray
For universal love

(Can you hear me?) I'm hearing nothing - is it me or is it you?
(Can you hear me?) I keep on trying but you're just not coming through
(Can you hear me?) I see your signal but I keep on losing it
(Can you hear me?) I'll find your frequency bit by bit

Love spreads love - forevermore
Fear spreads fear - the Devil's core
Take my hand and follow me
It's magical

This moment's gonna change my life

(Can you hear me?) Love spreads love - forevermore
(Can you hear me?) Fear spreads fear - the Devil's core
(Can you hear me?) Take my hand and follow me
(Can you hear me?) It's magical - so here we go

Let's go into space
Heading for Venus
Fly around the Sun
Playmate to Jesus
Everywhere I go, I pray
For universal love

High above the sky
Closer to Heaven
Here among the stars
All is forgiven
Everywhere I go, I pray
For universal love

(Can you hear me?) I'm hearing nothing - is it me or is it you?
(Can you hear me?) I keep on trying but you're just not coming through
(Can you hear me?) I see your signal but I keep on losing it
(Can you hear me?) I'll find your frequency bit by bit

Life keeps moving on (Love) (Love)
Life keeps moving on (Love)


Carol Ferris's heart soared as it never had before. Even as a pilot or a lover her breast had never swelled with such rapturous joy. The star sapphire had loosened its hold on her mind and body. They had reached an accord and now Carol was free to act. It just so happened that she'd chosen to pursue the sapphire's mission. That mission was to raise a Star Sapphire Corps to rival those of the Green Lanterns and of Sinestro.

She stood atop a spire on Dreneb IV. The refugee known only as Fatality had just accepted the sapphire ring. Fatality repeated the Corps' oath as she charged her ring from its lantern-like power battery.

"For hearts long lost, and full of fright. For those alone in Blackest Night. Accept our Ring and join our fight – Love conquers all – with Violet Light!" Fatality intoned as the entire Star Sapphire Corps repeated the mantra with her. The nascent force lifted to the skies and left the atmosphere as they proceeded onwards.

As they cleared the planet, Carol received a message from the Zamaron high priestess. Another likely candidate had been located and her location was sent to the sapphire via the central power battery that even the original star sapphire stone received its powers from.

Carol already had a sense of the prospective recruit from the message. Like so many of her sisters she was lovelorn and heartbroken. Wishing only to share her immense love and be loved in return, she was a choice candidate for a violet ring. Urging her sisters onward, Carol opened a spatial rift and travelled trillions of light years in mere seconds.

Justin paid the cab driver and entered Tessa's building. Upon reaching her apartment he found the door open. He'd been calling all morning and she hadn't answered. Sick at heart, he rushed over here. Finding this just made him even more filled with trepidation.

He searched the studio apartment. The only sign of a struggle was the spilled over lamp in the living space. He eyed the desk. The computer was on but in stand-by mode. Tessa frequently left her laptop on but she always folded it closed. Now the screen was tilted up into the viewable position and he had a sick certainty that there would be a message aimed at him upon its screen.

Having learned the basics regarding computers, at Vigilante's insistence, Justin was able to get to the log-in screen. Tessa had delightedly shared her password: "Anglo-Saxon". It was a reference to him of course but she felt it was obscure enough that only an enlightened few would be able to guess it.

The Word program was active and a document was open. It read: If you wish to see your lover alive, come to the Battery Park Hilton, Room 412. Bring your sword and she dies. Bring a friend, especially that cowboy, and she dies. Reject me and she dies. – G

Justin used up every vile curse he knew as he spat on Goldilocks' name. The deranged neophyte had first struck at him but now she struck at his heart. Justin would meet the creature's demands but first he would call the League and let them know what was going on.

Later, at Battery Park, Justin knocked on the door of room 412. Sue Dibney had taken personal charge of the situation and the League was scrambling. In the meantime, it was up to Justin to placate Goldilocks and keep Tessa alive if not entirely safe.

The door was ajar and opened of its own accord. Justin stepped in and moved past the bathroom. Doing so led him into the sitting area. The balcony could be accessed through there and he could see bodies out on said balcony.

"Come closer, Dear Heart," Goldilocks called through the open door, "Your loves, old and new await."

Justin cautiously stepped through the door. Outside was a rather expansive area. Goldilocks wasn't sparing any expense in her stay here.

Goldilocks stood in front of the wall where the balcony ended and next to the glass wall that comprised the other half of the sliding door. Tessa stood beside her. Her hands were bound behind her back and a silken chord of hair was wrapped around her throat.

Tessa's left eye was blackened and swollen. Her lower lip was also split on the left side. She'd obviously put up a fight but her opponent was a meta-human and simply outclassed her. The sight of the injuries enraged Justin. That anger only grew as he saw that bruises littered her arms.

"Now, now, I know what you must be thinking but she left me no choice. She's a wildcat and had to be tamed," Goldilocks stated.

"Thou art a coward. She is but a mortal lass and is without the powers you so readily take for granted," Justin accused.

"Then she should know enough not to resist," Goldilocks snickered.

"You think this is funny?" Justin was incensed.

"I'm laughing at 'us'," Goldilocks laughed, "We're having our first lovers' quarrel."

Justin had had enough, "There is no 'us' wench. You must give up this mad quest. You shall only be hurt by it."

"Liar!" Goldilocks shrieked, "You're my one true love. You will love me or she dies."

"If she dies, I will spare no effort in killing you," Justin warned.

"You can't kill me. I'm your fair maiden," Goldilocks asserted.

"Justin," Tessa suddenly broke her silence, "Do what you have to do and put this bitch down."

Tendrils of hair wrapped around Tessa's waist and she was lifted up onto the balcony railing. She tried to speak but Goldilocks tightened the strands around her throat and made it so she could just barely breathe but speaking was a near impossibility.

"Last chance, Lover," Goldilocks taunted, "Do you surrender willingly or does she have to die and I take you by force?"

"This is your last warning!" Justin insisted, "Surrender or you die."

Goldilocks smirked, "I don't think so. I rather think…liar!"

Justin turned to see what she was staring at since it agitated her so. Stepping out into the sitting room was Vigilante. He had one of his pistols drawn and ready. Goldilocks was apoplectic.

"Damn you! We could have been perfect together!" she shouted.

She shoved Tessa off of the railing and released all of her hair from her. Justin surged forward but Goldilocks' tresses weren't done. They wrapped around his arms and chest and she carried him ahead of her as she ran into the sitting room. Throwing Justin, she bowled over Vigilante with her intended's body.

She was out of the suite and down the stairs at the end of the hall before Vigilante got to the hallway. Justin ran to the balcony to find Booster Gold setting Tessa back on her feet. Justin was overwhelmed with emotion. Tessa only had one.

"What are you waiting for? Nail her!" she demanded.

He paused for a quick peck on the cheek and then he ran after Vigilante. Booster flew off and headed for the hotel's main entrance. Justin leapt down the stairs halfway down each one. He'd hit the landing and then race down the next set and bail off halfway down them. As such, he quickly met up with Vigilante.

"Land o' Goshen, Pardner, whut ya'll do? Fly?" he asked.

"This accursed witch is mine to burn," Justin vowed.

"We'll have to see about that," Vigilante warned.

They heard screams and angry shouts on the other side of the stairwell door. They bolted through the door and saw that they were entering the lobby. The front doors were swinging shut so they went after whoever had just exited.

Goldilocks ran to the waiting cab and pulled open its rear door. An energy discharge suddenly blew the door off of its hinges. The cabbie peeled out and raced from the scene, leaving Goldilocks holding the door.

"Might as well give up. You can't hurt me," Booster advised.

"Yes, you have a force field. But tell me, can the forcefield be crushed?" Goldilocks backed up her question with action. Hair wrapped around Booster and began to squeeze. She exerted so much pressure in fact that the field shorted out. Electrical discharges erupted from Booster's waist and his hair stood on end as he was knocked out cold.

"Freeze!" Vigilante commanded as he took aim at her.

She threw the car door at Vigilante and Justin. They dodged its flight path and tried to reacquire their target. Only, she was nowhere to be found. Looking up, they saw her gripping a thick strand of her hair and it was pulling her up into the heights of the hotel.

"Durn it!" Vigilante exclaimed, "Time t'call in our back up."

Using his signal device he contacted Supergirl and Kyle Rayner. They'd been out to lunch when the call came in. When they arrived, they were still in civilian clothing.

"Where'd she go?" Kara asked.

"Third floor, second from the right," Vigilante said as he helped Booster his feet.

"We're on it." Kyle said and he and Kara flew up to the balcony connected to that room. They landed on it and entered through the shattered hole in the glass.

"Where'd she go?" Kara asked the frightened guests. They pointed at the main door.

Kara and Kyle exited the room. He asked her, "Your super senses pick up anything?"

"Oh no. I'm not using my X-Ray vision in a place like this. Use your ring. It's gotta be able to track her, right?" she said.

Kyle focused his will and his ring flashed twice. A green arrow formed in front of them and they flew ahead, following its directions. They ended up flying down the stairs at break neck speed and arriving at the lobby. They followed the arrow as it pointed to the attached café. As they entered, Kara's hearing took over.

"She's barreling through the kitchen," she said, "Let's circle around back and cut her off."

Goldilocks plunged on ahead desperately trying to find a service exit. She pushed past a delivery driver with a pallet jack. Once outside she stopped to catch her breath. She was free for the moment but she had to find a way to stay that way. It was then that the emerald bubble formed around her.

"Nooo!" she cried. Her hair flailed and pushed, snapped and sliced but to no avail.

Kyle and Kara looked entirely too insufferably smug in Goldilocks' opinion.

"Stryker's?" Kyle asked Kara.

"Unless you're up for a flight to sunny California," Kara retorted, referring to the mountainside hone of the Gulag.

"I'll stick with the Big Apple," Kyle grinned, "As long as you're here."

"Aw shucks, I betcha you say that to all the girls," Kara joked.

"Just one," He promised.

"That's all you'd better be saying it too," She playfully growled.

"C'mon, let's ditch the bitch and go do something fun." Kyle chuckled.

"You're on." With that said she took to the air and Kyle followed with the prisoner.

As they flew past the main entrance, Goldilocks saw Justin and Tessa reunited and she vowed vengeance upon the two of them. Justin would be hers. She just had to break him first.

"Hey mister!" Tessa called out as she exited the hotel's lobby.

Justin turned and saw her and he was momentarily overwhelmed. All of his concern, love, and fear paralyzed him. Vigilante nudged him from behind.

"Go on, Pardner. Now's when ya kiss the girl." He said.

"My thanks." Justin said as he regained control of his limbs. He confidently strode up to Tessa. Taking hold of her waist, he pirouetted around while lifting her off of her feet. She let go of a delighted laugh.

He sat her down and cupped her chin and he tilted her head as he examined her wounds, "Truly you are unharmed?"

"I keep telling you, I have four brothers. This is nothing," she chuckled.

"I am ashamed that it has taken this event for me to realize the depth of my feelings for you, Lady Tessa, but I truly love you." Justin confessed.

Tessa wrapped her arms around his neck and drew his face in for a kiss. After their lips parted, she smiled, "In that case I won't hold this against you."

"Against me?" he asked, "Whatever for?"

"She only wants me out of the way because of you," Tessa explained, "If I didn't know you I wouldn't be in any danger."

"Thou wert in danger with Charaxes before you knew me." Justin reminded her.

She grinned, "And you rescued me then too. Is this going to be a habit?"

"Only the rescuing. We shall skip the danger," Justin offered.

Tessa sighed and rested her head in the nook of his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her, "Sounds good to me, my love."

"Ah hate to interrupt but ya'll will have charges to file against Goldilocks. Ah got my bike so Ah kin give ya'll a ride downtown." Vigilante offered.

"Argh. All I really want to do is sleep for a month," Tessa complained. She turned to Justin and her eyes held his, "And I want you there beside me while I do."

"Your wish, as ever, is my command, milady." Justin kissed her hand and held it to his breast.

Tessa released a contented sigh, "Is it any wonder why I'm head over heels for you, super villainesses aside?"

"You shall press your charges and let justice be done and then she shall not trouble us again," Justin promised.

"I wish I had your faith." Tessa murmured.