(1460) Days of summer…

Authors notes: I sorta followed the style from the movies Closer, A walk to remember, The Notebook, Blue valentine and (500) days of summer, but this is really modified, so don't expect the same stuff. And I'll put YTPOV and MAPOV for Yukari Takeba's Point Of View and Minato Arisato's Point Of View respectively.


March 3…

The rain pounded hard…

The atmosphere grew extremely grim as the people made a lane…

So that the students who were carrying the lifeless body of Minato to the ambulance.

They cried as they remembered the boy who helped them through their dilemma now lifeless in their eyes.

The same lifeless boy who was healthy as a horse a few days ago…

Yukari grieved silently as she followed the vanguard of students carrying the body of her love.

As she tried to get in the ambulance the paramedic stopped her:

"Ma'am, sorry, you may not get in." she said.

"I'm not asking! I'm his girlfriend!" she yelled.

The paramedic looked grim.

"…Alright, get in!" she said.

But by the time they reached the hospital, Minato's life slipped away.

Seven days later…

March 10, 2010

It was a rainy day…

The melancholy of the crowd was contagious.

The whole crowd walked slowly, following the procession.

They followed the honor guard which consisted of Junpei, Kenji, Akihiko, Keisuke, Hidetoshi and Kazushi.

The gang and closest friends on Minato wear the darkest shade of black they could find and/or afford.

Chihiro wept loudly as she remembered how Minato taught her to be confident.

She remembers the moment Minato collapsed, and when she heard the news that Minato passed away, she fainted at the mention.

Yuko cried the entire night; her eyes were so swollen so she couldn't shed another tear.

Fuuka was so saddened by her confidant's death that she spaced out for hours on the lounge, staring at a piece of gum.

Mitsuru sobbed as she wiped her tears with Minato's handmade handkerchief he made for her in Home Ec. Class.

Bebe was weeping as the only friend he had passed away.

Suemitsu was saddened by Minato's death that he couldn't eat for five minutes.

The honor guard remained grim as they unloaded Minato's casket at the crypt made for him.

They opened Minato's casket to present him.

As the priest walked over to the casket and gave Minato his final blessings and rites, a woman walked slowly from the back.

Then a monk named Mutatsu recited some funeral sutras for Minato.

The lady with a veil walked as the crowd parted as she went to her friend's area.

"Why the long faces?" Yukari asked nonchalantly.

"What are you talking about?" Kenji asked sobbed sadly.

"If you haven't noticed Yukari," she said with venom.

"Our friend Minato passed away." She said tearfully.

"I know." She said simply.

"How can you be like that?" Fuuka asked furiously.

"Yes, Takeba… your behavior is quite unacceptable…" Mitsuru said grimly.

"Don't you love him?" Yuko asked as she shed a tear drop.

"Of course… and sorry if I got off on the wrong note…" she began.

"Ya got that right…" Fuuka said looking away.

"It's just that… Minato would have us smile, not grieve, for his passing… the least thing he wants is for you all to cry needlessly... tears won't bring back the dead…" She said.

"I should know…" she said sadly.

The group then realized that she was right, no matter how wrong it sounded.

Even Fuuka realized that her FreNemy was right.

Then, before anyone could make a comment, Yukari walked up to the casket.

"What's she doing?" Kenji asked curiously.

"Yes… what is it?" Mitsuru asked crossly.

She walked alongside the coffin as everyone looked at her.

"What's she doing?" Junpei asked with confusion.

"Hmmm…" Ken looked on.

She then stopped in front of the casket.

She gave Minato a last kiss and uttered some words that only Minato's friends could hear;

"Til' we meet again…" she whispered.

Then, the year passes on…





Authors note: sad eh? Sorry if this was too short. That's the bad thing 'bout prologues.

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