FAGEtastic Four

Title: Rain on my Parade

Written for: Rebadams7

Written By: WoahNow

Rating: M

Prompt used: "Caught in the rain."

Summary: Running away from one problem leads Bella straight to the next. She wakes under embarrassing circumstances, next to a virtual stranger - a man she'd never seen before - after an accidental run-in amidst a thunder storm. FAGE4 story for RebAdams7. Rated M for mature content.

Disclaimer: SM owns Twilight and its characters, I just have my wicked way with them.

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Without further ado, here's Bella's point of view...

I carried my grocery bags down the street to my apartment, scrunching my nose up at the suffocating humidity which hung in the air.

Upon reaching my apartment building, I had a hard time juggling my bags while trying to fish out my set of keys. It didn't help that I had no idea where I had put them. I eventually surrendered, setting the groceries down on the front stoop, leaving my hands free to pat down my pockets and rummage through all of the clutter in my bag. Locating them at last, I unlocked the doors and propped it open with one foot while I ungracefully gathered my things from the concrete.

I was more prepared to tackle the door of my flat when I reached it, opening it much quicker than I had opened the main doors.

Half way through unpacking my food, the intercom buzzed. I dropped the apples I was holding onto the counter before crossing the short distance to my intercom and pressing the button to speak to my visitor. Since I wasn't expecting anybody, I wondered if it was another fool hitting whichever button they fancied. It happened more often than I'd like.

"Hello?" I spoke into the device, waiting for any response.

"Bel-Bella?" A familiar, gravelly voice hiccuped. I should have known.

"Jake? Is that you?" I could hear the disapproval in my tone, but I doubted he could.

"Yes." He slurred, "Let me up." He instructed half-heartedly. I could imagine him using the wall of the building to support his weight as he leaned into the intercom.

"You're not coming up, Jake."

"Pl-ease Bell, best behaviour." He tried to persuade me, but to no avail. I'd learned my lesson, I wasn't giving in again. He always arrived with the best of intentions but somewhere along the way, he'd behave like an ass. Again.

"No. Go sober up, Jake." I ordered, giving the impression of authority with my tone.

"She left me, Bells. Leah doesn't want me anymore."

This wasn't new; Jacob had split with Leah, his girlfriend of a year, a few weeks ago. She accused him of cheating on her with me and ever since, I've been on the receiving end of many self-pitying speeches and drunken passes. After a week, I stopped letting him into my flat. The sad thing is, Leah and Jake had been great together and her accusations were completely unfounded. It simply irritates me when people don't understand that sometimes, between a man and a woman, a friendship is just a friendship. No more, no less. Ever since Leah voiced her misguided opinions, Jake seemed to try and make them true. A little late, and a little unwarranted; we weren't even attracted to each other. The whole thing was a little pathetic, if I'm honest, but I did feel sympathy for my friend.

With a heavy sigh I opened my door and descended the stairs until I was face to face with my oldest friend. We used to play together, ever since he could walk. He was a year younger than me and our parents had been friends for decades. We were like one big, extended family. There were barbecues, camping trips and Christmases.

"Hey, Jake." I spoke softly, trying to give him verbal comfort.

"Why doesn't she want me, Bells?" He wailed, throwing himself at me until his muscle arms were constricting around my body in a suffocating embrace.

"You wanted different things and she didn't trust you. She should have trusted you. You never would have hurt her." I told him, as I had done many times before. My hands rubbed soothingly up and down his back, wanting to ease his pain.

"I'll become a spinster, just like you, B. We'll be at the bottom of the barrel together... The only fish in the sea."

Wow. Consider my ego stroked... Jake was such a charmer. With an internal eye roll, I bypassed his unintentionally offensive comments.

"You should go, Jake. Go home, have a shower, drink some water and get some sleep. Things will look better in the morning." Jake frowned at me a few moments, swaying slightly as he released me and took a step back.

"I think... You're a good idea. No, you... have. Yes. You're too g- too good to be here." he mumbled nonsensically before turning unannounced and walking away in a relatively straight line. I probably should have helped him home but he didn't have far to go and I would be no use faced with his buckling weight.

Jake's words, however, were now playing on my mind, stuck on repeat and driving me crazy with every second I allowed them to plague me. It had been eight years since I had dated. Eight long years. How time flies. My first and only boyfriend was Sam, a boy one year older than me who I'd met on vacation when I was seventeen. I'd been sat on the beach alone – no surprise there, right? - reading Hamlet for the first time, when he approached me from the sea. He'd been swimming and his dark hair had hung over his face, droplets of ocean water dripping onto his face and rolling down his body. The sun was beating down on the secluded beach. And, without trying to sound cliché, it all went from there. It was a short but rapidly progressing relationship, if you get my drift. We broke up after a month and we never saw each other again. I had no complaints. I hadn't become attached, much to my surprise. I never thought about him anymore.

Suddenly unwilling to return to my lonely spinster flat, I began running. I ran through the park, into the woods I'd come to know well, and all the way to the clearing. It was one of my favourite places; so peaceful and untouched- as though it didn't exist. I came here to think when I felt trapped by the walls of my apartment and the chaos of my life. It had taken around half an hour to get here. I was sweaty, warm and out of breath. I bet I looked a mess but the place was deserted. When I cast my gaze up to the sky, I noticed the black clouds rolling over my sanctuary. It had been sunny but humid when I ran from my life, but now the weather matched my mood.

I walked forward, to the centre of the meadow, pressing strands of damp hair back from my face and catching my breath in sharp gasps. With my head still upturned, lightening flashed. My eyes widened in delight. I loved storms. Within a few seconds, torrential rain poured from the dismal sky, soaking me to the skin. Thunder rumbled. I held my arms out, smiling upwards, and span slowly in circles. The rain felt cleansing on my skin... on my face. Washing away the loneliness and the thoughts of becoming an old cat lady. I could have dogs instead, after all.

I laughed, barely audible to my own ears over the pounding rain and rumbling sky. I left my worries behind and just lived. Nature's treat.

My worries, however, did not remain absent for long. My mind drifted and I forgot my surroundings, instead losing myself in fantasies of someone holding me as I slept at night, someone pressing a kiss to my jaw, someone loving me like I needed them to.

I was never speaking to Jake when he was drunk again. He had only succeeded to torture me as much as he was torturing himself and I wasn't equipped for this. I couldn't handle the greedy ache in my chest, slow and sure. My tears were washed away by the rain.

The sky was crying too.

Author's Note:

I don't have much to say but I hope you enjoyed this first chapter. The chapters will be short (I don't want to flick between POVs too much in one chapter) but will all be posted by the end of the day, providing everything goes to plan.

Trying to write while eating an apricot wasn't my best thought out plan, but hey ho. Who cares about apricot flavoured keyboards anyway?

Thank you for reading.