Quote sat up. It was raining out the window. He awoke to a crash of lightning. He turned, in a confused manner.

"Hey, guys! He's awake!"

"What? He's still supposed to be sleeping for the next three months! We're not ready yet!"

"Put him back to sleep!"

"How do you do that?"

"Fill the room with neurotoxin!"

Quote spun around in the bunk bed to see vents pouring green gases into the room. He covered his mouth and jumped out of the bed.

"He's trying to escape!"

"He'll pass out soon enough…"

Feeling drowsy now, Quote continuously tried smashing through the metal door. Something was different, however. It had a…FEELING to it.

Clasping his forehead with one hand and his mouth with the other, he collapsed to the ground.

"Go collect him and put him back into bed."

"Why not contain him in a stasis chamber?"

"Those are only prototypes, and they respond to movement. He'd escape in no time flat."

"When will he be leaving?"

"I don't know if he will at all…"

Quote dreamt of his journeys on the floating island. He had done so much… What had even happened? Why was he here? Wait, where WAS he?

Quote woke up, but didn't open his eyes. He counted from three in his head and jolted out of bed before anyone could take notice. He pulled with all hid might on the metal door until he heard a click. He heaved it open and dashed out, not having any idea where he was headed.

He smashed through guards in attempt to escape. He wished he knew where he was and everything… At least he knew who he was this time.

A door. A wooden door. There was finally a way to escape. He ran up to it and pulled it open. A fresh breeze blew through it. He slowly stepped outside.

Free. He was free. But there was nowhere to run, nowhere to go… He grasped his forehead. It was pounding. It hurt. Pain. He was feeling pain. It was so strange. He had been damaged before, but he had never felt pain…

"Quote!" Curly ran up and embraced Quote tightly. "You're OK! I thought you would never wake up! Do you remember what happened?"

Quote sat in the bed, confused.

"Oh, were you dreaming?"

His eyes widened. Dream?

"It's ok. Everything's all right." She hugged him again. He was a bit surprised. Outside of the dream, he could feel Curly's touch. He enjoyed it.

Balrog smiled. "That's cute."

Curly's face was flushed. "Balrog! Please! Don't…kill…the moment."

"All right, all right. But I thought robots couldn't feel."

"I did, too." Muttered Quote.

"Wow. You talked twice in one day. That's a new record." Curly smiled.

"Yeah, I just had such a weird dream… I was in this…facility, where I could feel everything. Pain. I felt pain. I couldn't comprehend it." Quote was still sort of confused.

"That's because after we got off of the island, you and I were transferred into human bodies, but you had to be put to sleep for that. You don't remember? That's why you could feel me. Look, I have our original robot bodies over here…" She pointed out two dead robots on platforms on the wall.

Quote was in shock. He was human.

Curly smiled. "You'll get used to it. Don't worry, I'll be with you through the whole thing…"