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"Peter! Watch out! It's behind you!"

Susan shrieked happily as she watched her brother charge around the garden, hacking and stabbing at the air, dodging invisible teeth and talons and jets of flame.

"Careful, Susan! The dragon! It's coming your way!"

Susan gave another loud scream that was partly for dramatic effect and partly a silly, frantic fear of the beast their imaginations had conjured. She dived to one side and Peter raced past her, driving his stick firmly into the ground with a grunt of effort. He then turned to her, panting, a huge grin stretching his face, and offered her an ostentatious bow.

"It's alright, Princess Susan. The beast is dead. I killed it."

Susan adjusted her crown of daisies and then drew herself up importantly.

"That was very brave of you. I'm going to make you a knight. You are now Sir Peter!"

Peter's face shone, and he bowed again. A strange thought occurred to the little girl, and her shoulders dropped, with them her pretence of 'Princess Susan.'


"Yeah, Susie?"

"What would happen if you didn't come to save me?"

The question was shy and tentative. Susan looked up at her brother with wide blue eyes, full of nervous enquiry. Peter gave a bubbling, careless laugh, the idea incomprehensible to his six-year-old mind.

"I'll always come to save you, Su. No matter what."

"No matter what? You promise?"

"I promise."

A delighted smile bloomed on the little girl's rose-petal lips, but then she carefully pulled it down into a pretty pout.

"What if there was a real dragon, Peter?" she tested, trying to calculate the depth of her brother's devotion.

"I'd fight it off with my sword," he brandished the stick viciously at the air. "Only, a real sword. A proper one. A sharp one that could cut things. I'd slay it and then come to rescue you."

Susan's brow creased in thought, peeved at her brother's easy pass of her test, as she racked her brain for something more terrifying than a dragon. Finding nothing, she resolved instead to multiply the fear.

"What if...there were a million dragons?"

"I'd slay all of them," Peter declared bravely, as the stick whistled once more through the air at an imagined enemy.

"Not even you could slay a million dragons, Peter," Susan scoffed.

"Could too."

"Could not."

"Could too."

"Could not!"

"Could too!"

"Could not!"

"I could," the little boy said seriously," If they were going to hurt you. You or Lucy or Ed. I'd never let them get you."

Suddenly struck by how grown up her brother seemed then, Susan nodded quietly, accepting defeat, content in the knowledge that her brother really would do anything for her, even slay a million dragons. She stepped close to him and stood on her tiptoes, shyly planting a slightly wet kiss on his cheek, like she'd seen big girls do. His round face flushed red, and he grinned bashfully at her.

"Oh no! Peter, it's back! Look out!"

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