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Susan leaned heavily on the rocky wall of the cavern, panting, her face shining with sweat, grimy with soot. Her dark hair hung tangled and straggly, and she scraped it back from her eyes, watching in terror as Peter spun wildly on the spot, his armour dented and scorched, and then ducked swiftly, just in time to avoid being decapitated by the whip of the dragon's tail.

She wrenched another arrow from her quiver and drew the string back shakily. It had been a long, gruelling fight, dead soldiers and heaps of ash strewn around the cavern and when the beast's serrated talon had torn a deep gash in Lucy's thigh, her excruciated scream had lanced fear into the hearts of her three older siblings. Edmund, suffering from his own burns, had slung her over his shoulder and at the insistence of Susan and Peter had reluctantly fled out into daylight, leaving the two of them to finish the dragon.

She waited until it had turned a huge eye to her, like gazing into an open furnace, and then with a twang she loosed the arrow, flying with it in her mind until it drove into the beast's eye, partially blinding it. It gave an agonised howl which shook the very rock of the cavern, then started towards her with steps like thunder.


She began to run desperately around the outside of the cavern, tripping on her skirts every few steps until the dragon loosed a searing jet of flame that just caught the edge of the cloth of her dress. It dived towards her, and she flung herself sideways, landing hard on the ground as the dragon's own momentum crushed it into the stone wall against which she had been stood seconds ago. Peter seized his opportunity and sprinted towards it, leaping onto its back and scrambling towards the head. Before it could raise itself off the ground, he drove Rhindon down through its neck.

The dragon reared suddenly onto its hind legs, choking on a scream, blood beginning to stream thickly from its mouth as Peter scrabbled frantically at the spines on its neck to stop himself being thrown off. Susan watched, eyes wide, as the dragon crumpled to the floor, a mountain of dead flesh and scales as hard as a Dwarven anvil, and Peter was tossed from its neck. His armour clattered as he dropped to the floor, and then for a moment all that could be heard was the sound of their laboured breathing, and the cavern was completely still.

Susan staggered to her feet, head spinning with exhaustion, and stumbled towards Peter. He met her halfway and pulled her into a tight embrace. She pressed close to him and kissed his soot-blackened cheeks, sobs of relief mixing with mirthless, half-hysterical laughter.

"You saved me. You saved me from that dragon. You saved me. Oh, thank Aslan..."

As she buried her face in Peter's neck, smelling the salt of sweat and the coppery tang of his blood, listening to the sound of his ragged breathing, a hazy memory swam to her from somewhere far away and long ago. A game in a sunlit garden, of princesses and knights and dragons. Of a promise that had once been made to her.

"Of course I did, Susie."

She looked up at him and he smiled tiredly, and she saw her own memories reflected in his eyes.

"I'd save you from a million dragons, if I had to."

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