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It wasn't long before the karaoke started. The sound of Run the world filled the apartment as an extremely drunk Trent took to the stage. However, if anyone could pull off Beyoncé, as they'd already seen, it was Trent after a few drinks. Everyone crowded round the makeshift stage at one side of the open plan living area of the apartment. Nick and Jeff laughed when they saw Trent drag Wes and David up onto the stage and get them to dance with him. Jeff stood behind his boyfriend, arms wrapped tightly around his waist as they swayed gently to the music. Everyone cheered when Trent had finished, before Blaine stumbled onto the stage, taking the microphone.
"Warblers! I wanna see your asses up here!" Blaine called before the sound of I Want It That Way filled the apartment. Nick's eyes lit up as he turned to look at Jeff
"What?" Jeff asked confused
"I think you're just about to see how we won nationals" Nick grinned, looking to the stage where Blaine, Trent, Wes and David had begun to sing. As usually, Blaine was getting into the song, dramatically grabbing mid-air during the chorus. Jeff just smiled at them before unwinding his arms from Nick as Thad and the rest of the Warblers at the party took to the stage
"Go" Jeff chuckled, pushing Nick towards the stage, the brunette throwing him a wink over his shoulder. The Warblers continued to dance and sing on stage, somehow still perfectly in time in their drunken state.

As the rest of the Warblers continued to sing, Nick took the microphone from Blaine, making his way to crouch down at the edge of the stage in front of Jeff before singing softly
"You are, my fire. The one, desire, you are…" Jeff blushing, a few people wolf whistling from the back of the crowd before the Warblers joined back in, kicking into the key-change with grins on their faces, Nick singing lead now. Jeff smiled proudly at his boyfriend who looked so happy on stage. When the song finished, the Warblers all cheered, forming a huge hugging bundle before they broke apart, grinning.

Nick jumped down off the stage, making his way to Jeff who was grinning at him.
"You looked so gorgeous up there" Jeff whispered, Nick wrapping his arms around his waist. After a few moment, Kurt walked over, everyone moving back to start dancing again as 4 minutes started playing
"Holy crap!" Jeff smiled, his eyes wide as he looked up at Kurt
"What Jeff" nick asked
"Well, this is how we won nationals" He grinned
"But… New Directions never did this at nationals?" He looked at Jeff, Kurt and Blaine who's just walked over
"No, we didn't. But the Cheerios did" Jeff ginned slyly at him. Nick looked confused for a few moments before his brain caught up. His eyes went wide, his mouth slack as he looked at Jeff in shock. He stayed silent for a few moments, unable to fit the words 'Jeff, Cheerios and nationals' into a coherent sentence.
"Nick… Nick?" Jeff said, waving his hand in front of the brunettes face before looking over at Kurt and Blaine with a concerned look
"Oh he's fine," Kurt said, "Blaine had the exact same reaction when he found out about me. Male cheerleaders make their brains short circuit for a moment" Kurt chuckled, kissing Blaine's temple
Jeff smiled back at Nick before moving over to him and wrapping his arms around his waist, leaning his lips down to Nick's ear
"I still have the uniform" He whispered cheekily, that snapping Nick out of his trance as he looked at the blonde with wide hungry eyes.
"Let me get this straight. You were a cheerleader? As in, tight uniform, basket tossing, back-flipping cheerleading?" Nick asked, his arms moving to Jeff's neck, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. Jeff nodded, biting his lip as he eyed Nick
"I… I have to see you in that uniform" Nick half growled before pulling Jeff down to kiss him hungrily. The party continued to move around them but for the couple, time seemed to stop. When they parted, they rested their foreheads together, Jeff biting his lips once more. Nick smiled and kissed his cheek gently
"Love you angel" He mumbled, stroking Jeff's cheek
"I love you too" the blonde replied, leaning into his boyfriend's touch.

"10 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT!" Kurt yelled over the noise of the crowd. Everyone cheered and continued to dance, grinning around at their friends. Nick and Jeff were stood in the middle of the dance floor, their bodies close together as they danced, the music loud and pumping. Their grins matched as they looked over at the clock. 11:54, six minutes to go.
"I still can't believe this is real" Nick mumbled, staring into Jeff's eyes
"Well it is, darling. I love you so much" Jeff said, leaning down to kiss just below Nick's ear, making the brunette's breath hitch

"FIVE MINUTES!" Kurt shouted again, cheers rising once more. Nick and Jeff moved slowly towards the edge of the dance floor to the giant window overlooking central park. They stayed with their arms around each other, their eyes locked. All throughout the party, people were migrating towards each other as the minutes ticked away.

"ten, nine, eight" The crowd chanted, Nick and Jeff joining in as they watched the clock, their hands clasped together, smiles across their faces. "seven, six, five". Jeff turned towards Nick, cupping his cheek gently. Nick's eyes were soft as he moved his arm to wrap around Jeff's waist. "four, three, two, one. HAPPY NEW YEAR"

Jeff leaned down slowly, kiss lips meeting Nick's softly, moving his hand to play with the hair at the nape of Jeff's neck as they kissed, hearing the fireworks exploding outside. Jeff felt his heart flutter, pulse racing along with his mind. He was standing in the middle of a crowd, kissing the man he loved at midnight on New Years, and he had never felt so happy in his life. They broke apart, smiles spreading slowly across their faces. A slow song started playing through the apartment and Nick held his hand out for Jeff
"May I have this dance?" He asked, eye's crinkling at the edges as he smiled. Jeff bit his lips and nodded before Nick pulled him towards the middle of the dance floor once more. His arms wrapped around Nick's waist as the brunette moved his to Jeff's shoulder. Their cheeks rested together as they danced.
"So long, I've been looking too hard, I've been waiting too long" Jeff sang into Nick's ear along with the song playing through the apartment. The brunette smiled, looking around the flat at the rest of the people dancing, so happy he lived in a world where he could dance with the man he loved and not be judged for it. He didn't care that his family didn't accept him, he had wonderful friends who loved him exactly for who he was. And he had Jeff. Lovely, beautiful Jeff, the light in his life. He didn't know where he would be without him. All he knew was that he loved him more than he had ever loved anyone in his life before, and he never planned on letting anyone or anything get in the way of their forever. Because with Jeff, forever was inevitable.

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