Again, there was no transition, just a sudden, very vivid sensation of suddenly being somewhere. A very definite, particular somewhere, in fact.

Rain was hitting him. His hair was growing damp already, and cool drops were sliding down his face. He felt curiously light, as though his body was not quite his own, and the laughter of his friends seemed oddly fuzzy. Blinking, he tried to shake the sensation.

The girl. The odd, tangle-haired girl was there, next to Carter. For some reason Jack KNEW this was all her fault, that he HAD to talk to her.

She started when he grabbed her arm. "The HELL!?" She snarled, whirling around.

Then she saw his face.

"Oh you were there too, huh?" She shrugged out of his grasp. "Well, sucks to be you, mate." And without another word, she and her brown-haired friend disappeared down the stairwell.

Jack stared after her. She knew! She knew he'd been there and she'd… what was that place? Was it even real? How had she gotten them…

"Jack? Hey, Jack!" Matt was shaking his arm. "We need to get going, man. Cool light show and all, but everybody's got classes in the morning. We can talk theories on the way back."

"Right…" Jack managed, shaking himself from the daze. "Right." Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the fire-haired girl (Candor?) looking at him.

He barely remembered the trip down the stairs. He didn't even glance at the robot horse as they piled into the carriage. The trip back to the dorms was like a hazy memory.

The others were full of talk. "I hear they have lakes like that one all through the court," confided Matt.

Winsbury nodded. "Janet said somethin' like that."

"You think they have stations like that all through the court too?" Jon glanced from one to the other. "That would explain where the energy beam went off to."

"Yeah…" Winsbury frowned. "But why the heck would you work up that much energy just to zap it off like that?"

"Heck, how do you work up that energy in the first place?" shrugged Matt. "It looked like it was pulling it from the water, but how would that even be possible?"

Sighing, Jon glanced over at him. "Any thoughts, Jack?"

"Not really."

A lie, of course. Jack's head was full of thoughts, it was just that none of them had anything to do with the power station. That girl was responsible, he knew it. Did she have a mini-teleporter? But only Jack and the two girls had been there. No one else seemed to have a clue about the place. So why only teleport him and… the redhead? And again, how? Teleporters were incredibly bulky, and the girl was not. Perhaps magic? But…

"Jack? We're at your place."

Jack glanced up. "Oh, right." He climbed from the carriage. "I'll… I'll see you all at lunch tomorrow, I guess."

"Will do, bro." The cart pulled away.

Mind still churning, Jack climbed back up the stairs, absentmindedly re-setting the motion detectors as he entered the dorms. He entered his room quietly, so as not to awaken his roommate—Kevin was mostly cool with Jack's shenanigans, but he did ask for his sleep schedule to be uninterrupted—and sat on the edge of his bed, thinking.

Finally he shook it off. As Matt had said, there was class in the morning. He could work this out then. Pulling off his shoes and dumping his coat on the floor, he stretched out on the bed and laid his head down to rest.


A/N: Not much to say after so long, I know. There've been a couple side projects I've been distracted with. Also exams at college. I couldn't really think of much to say about the transition presented here. The next couple chapters should be more interesting, as we get into Jack's mounting insanity. I have some of them partly written out, too, so it should go quicker too.