I sat in my bedroom in the foster home, tapping my fingers on the desk. I would be crying if I had any tears left, I'd cried my eyes dry. My parents had just died. Both of them. In a car accident. it had happened when I refused to go to my mum's friend's wedding, my mum had just said I was being a stubborn teenager. I wasn't, I just had a really bad feeling about going, eventually my parents had given up and gonw without me leaving me at home. it was about on hour later I had got a phone call from the police, saying they had both died. i had been sent to a foster home because i had no close family ho were willing to take me in and apparently it was very rare for a teenager to get fostered but there was some family who lived in America, there son had died recently, apparently he was about my age. I was waiting for the family to come and get me.

'Veronica!' I heard Mrs Jones call, she was the woman who ran the foster home. She was exremely bitter and got on my nerves. The only way you could describe her was she looked like a fish with a massive long thin nose, she also refused to call me Ronnie. Bitch. I grabbed my bag and lobbed it over my shoulder.

'VERONICA!' she screamed up the stairs 'The Gaskarth's are here!'

'Geez, I'm coming.' I said wandering down the stairs.

I had a feeling this family weren't going to like me. No-one really ever did. I had mid length brown hair that I had dyed ketchup coloured red my eyes were light blue, the colour of my mums eyes. I tended to wear band shirts, jeans and converse and my mom had always told me I wore far too much eye liner but she never did anything about it. She had loved the way I was unique and didn't give a fuck what people thought. She let me get a nose ring and thought it would be 'cool' when I asked if I could get a tattoo. I had got it after she died, it was a rose on my shoulder blade that had my parents' names around it. I got into the hallway and Ms Jones was standing with three people. They were a couple with a teenage boy who looked around my age. I noticed he was wearing a blink 182 shirt, I looked down at my My Chemical Romance one. I think I was going to like this kid. He had messy brown hair that had a black beanie pulled over it. He was wearing tight jeans and a pair of converse that matched mine. I walked over and an awkward silence settled over us.

'Well introduce yourself.' Ms Jones said to me.

'Oh, uh. Hi, I'm Ronnie.' I said, shuffling my feet awkwardly., Ms Jones scowled at me using my nickname. My dad had always called me Rum and Ronnie. That was his favourite ice cream flavour.

'Hello Ronnie.' Said the man 'I'm Peter, this is my wife Isobel and our son Alex.' he said and clapped his hand on the boys shoulder, who smiled at me.

'Hello.' I said and shook the parents hand, the boy Alex kept his eyes on his feet the whole time.

1 year later

'Do we have to go?' Alex wined as Isobel tried to comb his hair into a style, I turned round to look at her hopefully.

'Yes Alex, you have to.' She said with a sigh and continued to tug at his hair. I turned back to the mirror and continued to rim my eyes with liner. Isobel and Peter had never said anything about the way I looked. I don't think they really minded. I had really grown to love this family. Me and Alex had become particularly close. For the last year it had been me and Alex against the world. He has my back and I have his.

'I give up.' Isobel said throwing the comb down. I giggled and picked it up, starting to pull Alex's hair into the style he liked it. It took me a good 15 minutes of brushing his hair around to finally get it into the way he liked it. Isobel drove us to school and i stood awkwardly at the gates with Alex until the bell rang.

'I'll see you at break?' Alex said hopefully, I nodded.

'Definitely' I said and he winked before setting off into the school. I wandered off in the other direction just as the second bell went. Though it took me a good another 5 minutes to find my class. I slipped in the door and the whole class turned to face me, I felt my cheeks flush.

'Ah you must be Veronica?' Said the teacher spectically.

'Yeah, I uh, got lost.' I stuttered

'Well you can sit there beside Jack.' She said, a boy at the back looked up at the sound of his name and smiled at me. I slipped into the chair next to him and pulled the books out my bag.

'Hey Veronica, I'm Jack.' He whispered to me, holding out his hand.

'Call me Ronnie.' I said shaking it.

'Ronnie. Cool.' He said and turned back to his book. I looked at him a second before looking at my history text book. He had long-ish black hair that had blonde chunks bleached into it. He was quite lanky and wore battered converse. I looked at my matching pair and smiled. I think I was going to like this kid.

'Okay children, we have a surprise pop quiz!' Said the teacher, the whole class groaned and she scowled as she handed out the papers. I looked at it, Nazi Germany. I let out a bored sigh, how many times did we need to learn this topic? I started to write down the answers. When I got about half way through Jack leaned over and whispers 'Hey Ronnie, what did you get for six?'


'Really? I put Germany?'

'Yeah but Hitler was Austrian but got rejected for the army so he joined the german one.' I said, Jack nodded, frowning.

'I'm not good at history.' He commented

'It's just facts.' I said smiling at him.

'I guess.' he said and shrugged.

'What classes do you like then?' I asked, eager to keep the conversation flowing.

'Dunno, music?' He said, I smiled.

'Yeah same.'

'Really do you play anything?'


'Wow, cool! I play guitar.'

'Awesome.' I said, he was grinning and I couldn't help but smile back. It seemed to be contagious. I leaned over and knocked my history book to the floor. A guy at the table next to me leaned down and picked it up.

'Thanks.' I said and smiled at him

'No problem' he replied 'I'm Daniel by the way.'

'Ronnie.' I said

'Did I hear you could play bass?' He asked.

'Yeah?' I said raising an eyebrow.
'Well my band is looking for a bass player, if you'd be interested?'
I thought about it for a second, I'd never met this dude before 'Maybe.' I said he shrugged and turned back to his page.

'You should do it.' Jack whispered, making me jump, I'd forgot he was there.

'Why?' I asked, curious.

'His band is amazing, The Last Second Chance they're called.'

'Hm, yeah I might but I just got here' I said, Jack shrugged and turned back to his paper just as the bell went. The morning passed quite quickly. Jack was in one of my classes and Daniel was in the other so I had people to talk to. I walked out my biology class with Daniel and noticed Alex walking out a door with some guy.

'Alex!' I called and he turned around, I walked over to him, Daniel following me.

'Hey Ronnie.' He said

'Hey, this is Daniel.' I said motioning to him. He smiled at Alex.

'Cool, uh this is Watson.' He said and I looked at the guy he was with. Whoa. He had dazzling green eyes and long dirty blonde hair.

'Nice to meet you he said

'You too.' I managed to choke out. We walked outside and I saw Jack sitting withh someone on the grass. He looked up and saw us, he smiled at me.

'Hey Ronnie!' He called and waved us over.

'Hi Jack.' I said and sat down next to him 'This is my brother Alex.' I said and Alex nodded at him.

'Oh, this is my friend Rian.' He said and the guy he was with smiled at us.

I still don't understand how Jack can develop a crush on a girl only after meeting her a few hours ago. There's something wrong in that boys head. Though I had to admit Ronnie was pretty hot. I looked over to Jack, he had THAT smile on his face. Oh shit. Last time he had smiled like that he had gotten his heart shattered.