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Scenario 5: If I Knew Then

"Erika, hurry up. We don't have all day, you know. Carp's going to get so pissed if we're late again."

Erika sighed. "Just a minute, Mary." She called out, then put the crumbled piece of paper she had been staring at into the drawer and exited the room.

Deep breath. Today was a new day. A new chance to make her life better.

Or so she hoped.


"Two cappuccinos, one for table five and the other for table eleven," Mary informed Erika as she handed the brunette a tray. Erika simply nodded in response as she received it and began to make her way toward the tables in question.

"Here you go, enjoy." She said mindlessly as she placed the cup on the table, not bothering to look at the customer. Erika never really paid attention to her customers; she just wanted to do her job well and get it over and done with.

This time, however, this customer had somehow managed to catch her attention.

"Thank you." As he said those simple two words, Erika couldn't help but gaze at him, and as their eyes met, a strange feeling surged through her body, sending her stomach twisting sharply in the wrong direction.

Those eyes.

Those calm, loving, reassuring eyes.

His eyes.

The eyes she had chosen to forsake a little over three year prior. Now, they were looking at her again, and the whole world seemed to stop. In that moment, she felt like throwing away everything in her life and running back into his arms again because nothing else mattered but her love for him and his love for her.


His name had slipped from her lips before she had the time to realize it.

"Excuse me, Miss, are you alright?" A voice pulled her back to reality, where she was standing in a crowded café, with a tray in her hands, in front of her concerned customer. Erika shook herself out of her reverie and gave the young man an apologetic smile.

"I'm fine, sorry."

Then she excused herself and walked away as quickly as she could, avoiding any sort of eye contact with him. When she was already far enough from him, she felt her heart constrict. She could never fully forget or run away from her past, no matter how much she had tried to convince herself otherwise. All it took was a chance encounter with someone- or something- that reminded her of him, and all the walls she had spent so long building up would collapse and shatter.


"Here you go, enjoy." Erika repeated as she set the second cup down on table eleven. But as she left, a hand shot out and clamped tightly around her wrist.

Shocked, she turned to the man, and with a pleading voice, tried to talk her way out of his iron grip. "Excuse me, sir, but I really need to go… I have to work…"

"Say, you're one pretty doll, aren't you?" The stranger said, ignoring Erika's words. "A beautiful flower like you shouldn't work in a place like this. Want to make some easy money?"

Erika felt chills running down her spine as the man's hand snaked behind her, a little bit too low to be reaching for her waist. This couldn't be good.

"I'm really sorry, but I should be getting back to work." She said, taking a few steps back, distancing herself from his hand. "Enjoy your coffee."

As Erika scurried away, she could hear the man mutter profanities at her. Whatever. She couldn't care less. But the painful thing was that deep down, she did care. And it was always in moments like this that she began to wonder how her life could have been.

At this moment, she could be making breakfast. Her husband would come and kiss her on the cheek and then sit down and read the morning newspaper, like he always did. She could have had beautiful children, could have had lived a life in luxury-

No, don't think like that, she cut off her train of thoughts sharply. You chose to run away. No regrets, remember? You have to prove to them that you're worth something. That you're not as useless as they thought you were. That you are more than deserving to be their daughter-in-law.

Even though at this moment, that goal seemed so far away and that promise seemed like it was made eons ago. She fought back the tears that threatened to stream down her cheeks. She had promised she would do this, and that she would always stay strong.

Shame that she had failed, right?


When Erika finally made her way back to the bar, Mary greeted her with a mischievous grin.

"So?" She nudged Erika's arm. "How was it?"

"How was what?", Erika asked, feeling slightly irritated. Why did Mary have to be so ridiculously annoying sometimes?

"Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about," Mary let out a dramatic gasp, clutching her chest for added effect. "You look totally smitten with that you over there!" She pointed toward table five, where the young man with eyes so similar to his sat.

Erika couldn't believe it. Her friend actually thought that she fancied that man? Her mind was already loudly protesting against that possibility, but Erika managed to calm down before those thoughts turned verbal.

"Oh please, Mary. We're here to work, not to flirt with random customers." She said.

"You're such a prude," Mary playfully stuck her tongue out at Erika. "It's about time you got a boyfriend, you know."

Boyfriend. Her thoughts once again returned to him. And again, she was reminded of how much she still loved him, because the idea of having another man in her life seemed so surreal, so impossible to accomplish. Erika shook her head.

"Yes, but first, I need to figure out a way to make ends meet, don't you think?" She made up an excuse. But it wasn't really an excuse, after all, because that had been her top priority when she left him, and it still was.

Mary sighed, defeated. But then she glanced at the beautiful diamond ring on Erika's finger. Her highly trained eyes told her the band was in fact, extremely valuable. An idea sparked in her mind.

"Hey, I think I've got an idea. A solution to your problem, you may call it. Why don't you sell the ring? I'm sure it costs a fortune."

Erika immediately withdrew her hand. "No!" She hissed, but her voice came out a bit angrier than she had intended.

"Oh come on now, Erika. Don't tell me you want to spend the rest of your life waiting on other people. Do you really think you could make a living out of this? Don't be so naïve. Learn to make some easy money."

Again with the easy money talk, Erika thought, anger building up inside of her. How could Mary propose such a ridiculous "solution" to her problems? She knew very well that would go against her own ideals.

"What if I want to?" Erika snapped. "What if I want to be a waitress for the rest of my life? I chose this life, Mary. It may not be perfect, but at least I know I worked to earn my money. Who are you to tell me how to live my life?"

Before Mary could say anything in her defense, Erika had already grabbed her bag and stormed out of the café.


As Erika sat alone in silence in her small apartment half an hour later, she realized her anger at Mary had been irrational. After all, Mary was only trying to help her. If she had known how important the ring was to her, she certainly wouldn't have suggested that idea.

If only she had known how important he was to her. Erika's fingers closed around the silver band in her hands, and for what seemed like the thousandth time, she wondered why she was still keeping it. A part of her didn't want to sell it because she had promised herself she would stand on her own feet. If she decided to sell this ring, it would mean that she depended on his money to live. No. She had gone too far to turn around now. She would not destroy all of her efforts for the past three years just because she was a bit short on money at the moment. Never.

But another part of her knew the real reason why she kept it. Because she couldn't bring herself to get rid of it, of her memories of him. Because deep down, she still hoped the ring would be their connection, a sign that they weren't over and that someday, maybe, just maybe, he would find her. Someday.

Erika laughed at herself. That was beyond ridiculous. He would never waste his time trying to find her. Not after what she'd done, running away just two weeks before their wedding, leaving nothing but a note asking him not to find her. Back then, Erika never understood why she had taken her engagement ring with her, but now she knew, unconsciously, she had wanted him to find her. However, her childish hope dwindled day by day, as three years had gone by and there she was, still as alone as she had been when she had left him.

Maybe he had forgotten about her. Maybe he had moved on and found love with someone else. Erika's heart ached at the thought, but then she chastised herself: Who was she to feel jealous? She was the one who made the decision to leave him, not the other way around. It was already too late for any regrets.

But despite everything, she knew she still loved him and wanted to be with him again.

That night, for the first time in three years, she doubted her decision.

That night, she cried herself to sleep.


Flashback- three years ago

"Dominick, I'm so scared. What if your parents don't like me?" Erika asked nervously, twirling a strand of hair around her index finger. They were to be married in exactly one month, and the time had finally come for Erika to meet her future in-laws. Needless to say the girl was less than enthusiastic about it. Not because she had anything against Dominick's parents, but because she was afraid she wouldn't make a good first impression with them.

Dominick simply laughed and took her hand in his. "It'll be fine, don't worry. They'll love you, you'll see."

With that, he pushed the giant white door to his family's manor wide open. The size and decorations of the large room startled Erika. As someone who had spent her entire life in a small emporium, the sight of something as grandeur as this had left her speechless.

"Dominick, dear, you're home," A woman entered the room with a warm smile on her face. Then, as if realizing her son wasn't alone, she gazed at Erika, a look of curiosity and slight annoyance evident on her face. "And this is…?"

"Erika, mother." Dominick answered before Erika could utter the first syllable of her name. "Mother, this is Erika. Erika, this is my mother, Claire."

"I see," The woman, Claire, nodded in acknowledgement. "Erika. I've heard a lot about you. My son just can't stop talking about you. Please, come have a seat."

They sat on the family's large cream-colored sofa and after the maids had finished serving them tea, Claire began their conversation.

"So, Erika," Her voice startled Erika, who was momentarily too lost in admiring the view around her. "Tell me a bit about yourself."

"Well…" Erika cleared her throat. "I graduated from school last year…"

"Last year?" Claire echoed. "Then I assume you have a job now?"

"Yes, I work as a seamstress."

Claire momentarily stopped what she was doing, and looked at Erika. "Seamstress? You mean, like a tailor?"

"Yes," She answered, feeling a bit worried and uncomfortable at the woman's sudden change in attitude. "I make dresses."

"Erika dreams to be a singer someday." Dominick added. "You should hear her sing, Mother, she's absolutely wonderful."

"Yes, I suppose she is," Claire said mindlessly.

Right on that day, Erika had known things were going down for her, for in the next few days, she constantly overheard Claire and Dominick arguing, and the main subject of their arguments was always her.

"She's a tailor, Dominick! She stitches clothes!"

"I don't care, Mother! I love her!"

"Oh, so you can feed on love, then? Be realistic, my son. She can barely make ends meet. Who's to say she didn't marry you for your fortune? Be careful, Dominick."

"Mother, I told you-"

"Enough is enough, Dominick. She's useless. I suggest you reconsider your decision, young man. There are plenty of girls more worthy of you just waiting for you to pop the question."

That had been the last straw for Erika. She had known that there was no way Dominick's mother would allow them to be together, not unless she could prove her wrong. And even though Dominick had assured her they would still be wed as planned, Erika did not want to spend the rest of her life in a place where she was pitied, looked down on and labeled as a gold digger. So that night, she made her decision.

Dear Dominick,

By the time you've read this, I'd already be far away. I'm sorry things had come to this, but I had no other choice. Please don't look for me-


"Erika! Erika! Wake up!"

The voice of Mary shook Erika out of her dream. Erika groaned and glanced at the alarm clock. 3AM.

"What is it, Mary?" She asked, trying to repress a yawn.

"I'm sorry I had to wake you up at this hour, but I really need your help. My friend just arrived at the airport. You know how flights are, they always land at the most inappropriate times. I need you to come with me, Erika. Pretty please?"

Erika rubbed her temples. "The airport? Mary, that's miles away! Taking a cab there would cost your and my weekly salary combined. And how are we supposed to find a cab at this hour? Everyone's sleeping!"

Mary pulled Erika up on her feet. "Don't worry, I've just borrowed a car from a friend. We can go there by car. Now quickly, get dressed."

The moment Erika saw the car, she knew something shady was going on. The car was new, brand new, suspiciously new. There was no registration plate whatsoever. Suddenly, she felt concerned.

"Your friend must be really nice if he agreed to let you use a car this new at this time of the night." Erika commented as she got into the car. Mary grinned in response.

"I know, right? He's the best!" She got behind the wheel, fastened her seatbelt, and began to drive. Erika never knew how Mary learned to drive. They spent most of their time together, and in the few months that Erika knew her, not once had Mary mentioned anything about driving a car. That, plus the way she handled the vehicle, must mean she'd learned how to drive long before she met Erika.

"Mary, are you sure this is the right way to the airport? The airport is North, you're heading East." Erika said fifteen minutes into their journey, when Mary took a turn left into a dark alley.

"Of course. We're just stopping here to fetch some things my friend needs." Mary answered as the car came to a stop.

What happened next was what shocked Erika the most.

Mary poked her head out of the car window and said: "Dave, bring out the money."

"Money?" Erika echoed, eyes wide in terror as a dark figure emerged from the darkness with a bag thrown over his shoulders. "Mary, what's going on?"

"Relax, Erika," Mary said. "You should feel thankful we included you into this heist. We'll split the money into three when the job's done. You get the money, and you didn't even have to raise a single finger. Easy money, like I told you, babe."

"No!" Erika protested. "You can keep the money. I'm out of here." She opened the car door and stepped outside.

"You'll regret this, Erika," Mary said as the man called Dave began loading bags into the car trunk.

"No, I won-"

In that exact moment, Erika heard the police car siren approaching. All three froze for a second, before Mary hissed.

"You sneaky witch! You called the cops, didn't you? Quickly, Dave! They're coming!"

"I didn't! I-", the police car was near. She could feel it. She couldn't get caught now. Not when she didn't even want to be a part of this in the first place. This could ruin her entire life.

And so she ran in the opposite direction of the threatening sound, ignoring Mary's profanities directed at her and her shouting for Dave to hurry up. She just needed to get out of there before she got involved.

She secretly thanked her days of running errands for Mrs. Carp had strengthened her legs and increased her running speed considerably. After a while, she had escaped from the dark alley and entered the main road. The sound of the police car was much quieter than before, a consolation to her nerves, as that meant she was far enough from the police to get caught, hopefully. Just as she was processing what to do next, a silver car came to a screeching halt right before her eyes.

The door of the passenger seat opened, and a voice commanded. "Get in."

In most normal situations, Erika would tell the driver off to leave her alone, but in this critical situation, against her better judgment, she got into the car and slammed the door shut. The car immediately began moving again at super speed.

After calming herself down (and probably realizing the consequences of getting into a stranger's car), Erika glanced to her left to see the face of her savior.

The person she saw became the second surprise she received that night in about five minutes.



"Dominick!" She shouted, a mix of surprise, pure shock, happiness, anger and uncertainty lacing her voice. "What are you doing here? How- how did you find me?"

"Long story." He answered as the car took another turn. "I'll explain to you later."

He had expected her to ask more questions, but she stayed silent for a moment. Then slowly, calmly, she whispered. "You called the cops."

His silence was enough confirmation for her. She sighed.

"Mary… So that's where the car came from. The easy money she told me about earlier today."

She wasn't sure if he understood what she was blabbering about, but his continued silence suddenly made her feel more comfortable. She had thought that if/when they finally met again, she would run into his arms, cry a river and kiss him passionately like it was the end of the world. But when her wish finally came true, she realized that she didn't need all those tears or display of affection with him. She just needed him to be there, that's all.

"Hey… Erika?" Dominick broke the silence awkwardly, hesitating for a moment before speaking again. "It's nice to see you again."

Erika couldn't help but smile, the first genuine smile she had in years. "It's nice to see you too, Dominick."


"I'll take you to my house." Dominick said as he steered the car into yet another large road.

Erika was feeling quite sleepy, but at the mention of his house, any traces of sleepiness disappeared. "No! What would your parents say? Just take me to a nearby hotel, I'll be fine there."

Dominick wanted to argue, but stayed silence and instead complied with her wish. Soon, they came to a stop in front of a large hotel.

Dominick and Erika entered the reception room, where a half-asleep receptionist was stirring her coffee with a spoon. She greeted them with little enthusiasm.

"Welcome," She drawled, covering her mouth with her hand to repress a yawn. "How… can I help you?"

"We'd like a room, any kind you have right now." Dominick said, giving the receptionist his ID and some personal papers. The redhead woman didn't spare them a glance.

"Of course," She continued in a sleepy tone. "Please sign here." She pointed to a blank space in the piece of paper and went back to her coffee.

In the meanwhile, Erika discovered yet more terrifying news, this time coming from the 24/7 news channel.

"Breaking news: The police have just arrested two bank robbers transporting money in a yellow BMW in an alley in the fourth district. One of the suspects reported that there was a third accomplice who had managed to escape. The police officers are taking the description of the third person…"

"Dominick…" Erika turned to her estranged fiancé. He immediately understood.

"Don't worry, I'll handle this. No one can turn you in right now, the police haven't taken the description from your friend yet, and this receptionist is too sleepy to notice anything, anyway." He whispered.

Although still very much concerned for her own well-being, his words had somehow helped calm Erika down, at least for the moment. Erika took a deep breath and slowly exhaled as she watched him fill the papers, a mix of relief and guilt plaguing her mind. Dominick was still Dominick, always looking out for her, even after everything she'd done, and after all these years. Suddenly, she felt a strong urge to hug him tightly, to apologize for all the trouble and pain she'd caused him and forget she ever left him. Things would go back to normal.

"Here you go," Dominick's voice startled Erika out of her reverie, waking her up just in time to stop her hand from touching him. It hovered there in mid-air before she retracted it. How could she even entertain that idea? Things would never go back to normal. She'd had her chance to live happily ever after, and she'd ruined it. It was all her fault.


Despite Dominick's encouraging words, as soon as the door to their room closed firmly behind them, Erika once again felt scared and worried.

"I'm going to be a wanted criminal," She said, ignoring his words of comfort. "For a crime I never knew existed, let alone commit!" She said as she started pacing around the room nervously.

"Erika," He said, grabbing her wrist and turning her to face him. "Look at me. Listen to me. You'll be fine. I'm here now. I'll never let anything happen to you. Trust me."

She gazed into his eyes, trying to find any trace of doubt in it, but found nothing. His eyes were just as reassuring as his voice, as his actions. As always. He hadn't changed a bit.

"Okay," Was all she managed to say. Then, as he caressed her cheek gently, Erika couldn't fight the urge to glance at his hand. No ring.

A few moments later he moved away, and the awkward silence began. Erika kept shifting on her feet, uncomfortable with the situation they were in. What exactly was their relationship at this point? They never broke up; she ran away and never contacted him again. And although a part of her had always dreamed of this day- the day he finally found her- when it actually happened, Erika found herself unprepared to face him again.

"Thank you," She said, voice barely above a whisper. When he didn't react, merely stood there facing the window, Erika assumed he hadn't heard her. She was just about to repeat her words, or clear her throat, or anything, just to get rid of the silence, when he finally acknowledged her words.

"You're welcome."

His answer encouraged Erika to start a conversation, however awkward it might be. Maybe he didn't hate her that much, after all. Heck, if he hated her, would he have taken his time to find her? That little thought gave her a small flicker of hope.

"I- How did you find me?" She asked.

Another moment of silence passed, before Dominick turned around to face her. "It was a coincidence, really. I searched every dress emporium for you. Then I thought you became a singer, so I tried searching every theater in town, and contacting every agency. I- I was about to give up that morning, when I saw you in that café, working as a waitress," He laughed. "I thought I knew you well enough to correctly guess your occupation, but it looks like I didn't. You surprised me there."

"How did you know I was still in town?" And it was true. She could have moved to another town, or another country, and he would never know where to find her.

"Erika, I might not know you well anymore, but this I know for sure; no matter where you go, you always want to stay close to home." He answered.

After that, the room once again fell silent. The silence only lasted for five minutes tops, but to Erika, it was the longest five minutes of her life. Thousands of questions roamed her mind. What had happened in the last three years? What did his parents say about her disappearance? What… was she to him, now?

"Why did you leave?" Dominick asked, finally touching the subject they had up until now avoided mentioning. But they both knew it had to be brought up, sooner or later. They had to talk, since they hadn't had that chance when Erika left without saying a word.

Erika felt a sudden rush of anger boiling inside of her. "You know why, Dominick! In fact, you know better than anyone why I left!"

Dominick stayed silent, his gaze fixed on the carpet. Erika took it as a cue to continue.

"You're… wealthy, Dominick, to put it blatantly," She said, trying to stop her tears from falling. "I'm… I'm just a seamstress. We're too different."

"So you decided to just disappear, then? Did you ever think about how I felt? I cared about you, Erika, and I still do! You're acting as if I never loved you."

I just wanted to prove to everyone that I'm not useless!" She yelled. "I don't want to spend my entire life living a life that's clearly out of my league, and being looked down on and pitied everytime I accompany you to one of your pompous parties for rich people!"

Dominick's eyes widened for a moment. He had clearly not anticipated this. He had known his mother's treatment of Erika had hurt her numerous times, but he had assumed she decided to leave because was unhappy with the way his mother viewed the people of her class. He never thought she had wanted to improve her life and prove to his mother that she was capable of something. He had never considered the prospect of her having to live a life of shame just because her income couldn't compete with his.

"I-" he began, uncertain of what he should say. "I'm sorry, Erika."

"I'm sorry, too," She replied, taking him by surprise. "I… I shouldn't have left. I guess I was just a childish girl with a big ego, trying to prove myself." She sighed. "Who was I kidding? I can't just jump out there on a whim and succeed. Those things need deliberate planning. I'm sorry, Dominick."

Dominick was confused. Apparently, in his absence, Erika had developed mood swings. One moment she was angry, yelling at him and the next moment she was apologizing. This girl standing before him, he thought he had known her so well, but it turned out he didn't know her at all. It was as if he was staring at a shell of what she once was.

"Wait, so you're not mad?" He couldn't resist the urge to ask.

"Mad at what?" She asked. "Sure, I was angry at first, but now… looking back on things, I feel stupid. I should have talked to you first. I suppose… you don't hate me, right?"

"Hate you?" He laughed out loud. "Erika, I never stopped loving you. I've spent three years waiting and searching for you, but at the same time I was afraid."

"Afraid of what?" She walked to him and without a second thought, wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Afraid that you'll reject me." He answered.

It was Erika's turn to laugh. She had been worried he would reject her, not the other way around. The situation was turning out to be less serious than it should be.

"Erika," Dominick's voice startled her out of her reverie, just in time for Erika to notice his hands around her waist. "Will you… I mean, can we… um…"

"Sh…" She put her index finger on his lips, silencing him. Then she fell back onto the bed, pulling him with her.

Their lips met, and Erika could have sworn it was the happiest moment of her life. All the emotions she had been holding back for three years came rushing back, its intensity so powerful, so overwhelming. Suddenly nothing else in the world mattered to her anymore, not the fact that she had the potential of becoming a wanted thief, not the fact that she was kissing her estranged lover, the same person she had so heartlessly and ruthlessly abandoned years ago, not the fact that their potential reconciliation would not please his parents, not the fact that she still hadn't realized her dream of becoming a singer. All would be resolved in time.

As she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, she heard him whisper those beautiful words she had yearned to hear for so long.

"I love you, Erika."

Erika was already too caught up in her own happiness to reply, but she knew he knew she loved him. If it had been someone else, then she wouldn't have been so sure. But this was Dominick, the love of her life. He had the ability to understand her, even if just partially, without the need for her to speak a word. That was how Dominick was. And in this moment, she didn't have to say anything, because every touch of her hands, her lips, screamed that she loved him, too.


When Erika woke up the next morning, the spot next to her was empty. Panicked, she immediately sat up, eyes scanning the room from left to right. Had last night been a dream? No, it couldn't be. It felt too real to be a dream. But if it wasn't, then where was he? Did he find her, stirred up her long hidden feelings for him, then left her just like the way she had left him…?

"Good morning, sleepyhead." Dominick emerged from the bathroom, a puff of steam behind him as he closed the door. "You were always the first to rise back then. I see you've become lazy. You've changed, Erika." That was what he'd wanted to say from last night. She'd really changed a lot since the last time he saw her. She became more confident, bolder, and very passionate in make out sessions. He silently wondered whether or not she had taken kissing lessons in those three years they were apart.

Erika laughed, shaking the guilty feeling of accusing Dominick of leaving her just moments earlier. "You're right. I've changed. But there was one thing about me that hasn't changed, and will never change: I love you."

At that, Dominick felt a wave of relief washing over him. Yes, she wasn't exactly the same Erika he had loved and planned to marry. But change was not always bad. He could get used to this new Erika.

But deep down, he knew that as long as she loved him, she was still not that different from her past self. After all, there was really no new Erika or old Erika. It was just Erika, the love of his life.

"Come on, get dressed. We're checking out." He informed her.

"Where are we going?" She asked. "Oh, and news flash, Dominick, my dear friend Mary might just have finished giving the cops my description."

"I've already taken care of that. Now hurry up. We have to leave now if we want to get to my house in time for dinner."

"What? How exactly did you 'take care' of that?" Erika asked as she slipped a shirt over her head. "And why are we going to your house? Last time I checked, your mother hated me."

"It's a secret. But I promise if you'll be a good girl and stop being so annoying, I'll tell you." He chuckled as he watched her get dressed. "As for your second question, we're going to my house. No buts."

Erika seemed to have accepted his explanation and agreed to follow him in silence through the check-out procedure. But the moment they were in his car, she started asking again.

"Dominick, your mother did not accept me before. What makes you think she'll accept me now?"

"There we go again. Now you'll never know how I cleared your name from the police papers." Dominick quipped.

"I'm serious!"

"Alright, alright," He gave in. "I'm not going to tell you that she'll accept you. She probably won't. But it doesn't matter to me anymore, because this time, we'll face it together. Whatever her reaction will be, I will stand by you. Eventually she'll understand. She's not a bad person, Erika."

Erika thought for a while. He was right. Whatever the outcome might be for them, it didn't really matter, because they would face it together. And together, they could do anything. That was what she had failed to understand the first time. She did now.

"You're right," She said, giving him a peck on the cheek. "I trust you, then. Now drive, Dom Dom."

"Don't call me Dom Dom." Dominick complained, but Erika could hear the humor in his voice.

"Anything you say, Dom Dom." She sang.

"Just try not to bail on me this time, Erika." He said as the wheels start rolling.

"I won't, Dom Dom."

"Stop it!"


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