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Chapter 2

Tsuna tried his best to ignore the baby waddling on behind him as he made his way to school. When leaving the house, he had briefly considered taking the car, but then realized that sitting next to the baby would be even more uncomfortable than walking with him. At least if they were walking, Tsuna could stay a small distance away from the thing.

"You have a Biology test today," Reborn commented, glancing at a book doubtlessly filled with information about Tsuna. Tsuna didn't even want to know how he got all that stuff. "Get perfect or you'll be doing revision after school for a week."

Well, he's nice. Tsuna thought, pushing his hands into his pockets. I wish that they was a way for me to get rid of him. But aside from outright threatening him, it's probably impossible. And there's no way I could do that...

Reborn shot a somewhat suspicious look towards Tsuna. He had a lot of experience with reading faces, and despite Tsuna's pathetic attempts to hide his emotions, it was obvious that Tsuna wasn't happy with his new situation. Well, unfortunately for Tsuna, he was stuck with him.

Reborn wondered how Tsuna would deal with the little hot-headed Italian that he would undoubtedly run into today. If he had his robots, maybe he could win- but Reborn didn't think that Tsuna walked around with his robots.

Tsuna, for once in his life, was actually listening to the teacher rather than dozing off. He had History first block, one of his less… stellar courses. Usually he would just muddle his way through it, but now that he had a crazy home tutor on his case, Tsuna figured that it would be best to pay the slightest bit of attention.

"Listen up, class," the teacher, Tanaka-sensei, said cheerfully. "We have a new transfer student today, all the way from Italy! Come in, Gokudera-san."

The sliding door was slammed open, rattling the walls. A silver-haired boy strode into the room, slouched and angry. The whole class was taken aback by the boy's aggressive attitude.

"Um…" Tanaka-sensei said, letting out a nervous laugh. "Why don't you introduce yourself, Gokudera-san?"

Gokudera ignored the teacher in favor of stomping his way between the desks.

"Or you could… just do that, I guess," Tanaka-sensei muttered under his breath, too softly for anyone to hear. "Whatever. See if I care."

Gokudera headed straight towards Tsuna's desk, with the full intention to give the weakling a proper scare. Unfortunately, he wouldn't manage to accomplish his goal. He would instead trip and fall, his nose slamming painfully into the ground.

Laughter filled the room. Gokudera picked himself up, completely mortified. Completely forgetting his original goal to scare the candidate for the Tenth, he shuffled over to an empty desk.

Meanwhile, a small mouse-like robot rolled out from under Gokudera's feet, heading back towards its master. Tsuna picked it up with a smirk. Its original use was surveillance. However, it had strong armor, enough to withstand someone stepping on it. It was more than enough to trip up Gokudera.

That transfer student had looked as if he was heading straight towards Tsuna's desk. Couple that with the fact that he was from Italy… well, it was always better safe than sorry. It was a little too coincidental for his taste, having a transfer student from Italy coming the day after a Mafioso home tutor arrives.

Tsuna didn't believe in coincidences. Or rather, he thought that the odds of a coincidence occurring were relatively low.

He suddenly felt as though someone was watching him. Turning around, he had to let out a smile at the sight of Gokudera sending killer glares towards him. Sticks and stones would break his bones, but glares would never hurt him. That was the saying, right? Besides, what made him think that it was Tsuna that had tripped him up?

But if he cornered him after school, Tsuna would be in trouble. Gokudera seemed more than capable of breaking his bones. Casually sliding out a controller from his bag, he pushed a lime green button. A light blinked twice from behind the button, indicating that his robot had been activated and was heading towards the school. He had several pre-set locations that the robot would automatically head towards once he pressed the right button.

Sticking the controller back into his bag, he leaned back to listen to the teacher's blathering about the Warring Era.

Out of the two base instincts, fight or flight, Tsuna's initial response wasn't to fight. It was to flee. And unlike others, who tried to sugarcoat it by calling it a 'tactical retreat' or something to that nature, Tsuna fully admitted that he was fleeing- running away. He held no shame in it. Better flee than to fight and die/get severely injured.

That being said, fleeing was rather difficult when he was backed up against a concrete wall. He cursed his low physique. It had been impossible for Tsuna to avoid Gokudera.

"If a weakling like you becomes the Tenth, the Vongola is finished," Gokudera growled, slamming his hand above Tsuna's head.

"It's not like I want to be the Tenth," Tsuna murmured, staring at the hand with a nonchalant look. He winced as a cloud of cigarette smoke was blown into his face. "So, why do you care? You're a part of Vongola, I'm assuming?"

Gokudera ignored Tsuna's question. He instead continued on his rant. "I'm the one fit to be the Tenth. I've been observing you for a while-"

"Stalker," Tsuna muttered under his breath. Then again, he doubted that Gokudera had "observed" him that well, or he would've noticed Tsuna's robots. Most likely, Gokudera had just watched his everyday interactions in school.

"- and the most noteworthy thing I've noticed about you is your horrible physical ability," Gokudera snapped. "You're useless. Die."

"Hm… let me think about that." Tsuna put his finger on his cheek, pretending to think. When he noticed that Gokudera was grabbing what seemed to be dynamite from his jacket, Tsuna decided to speed things up a tad. "No. H27!"

Tsuna had a brief moment to savor the utterly confused look on Gokudera's face, before he was thrown into the wall by Tsuna's robot.

Tsuna languorously stepped towards and behind his robot, a satisfied smirk on his face. Gokudera, on the other hand, was slowly getting back up. Impressively, the dynamite was still in one of his hands.

"You know, waiting until the last minute is rather dangerous," Tsuna said mildly. "But really, it's worth it to see the expression on your face. You're almost as interesting as my robots right now."

Tsuna turned to face Gokudera, his smirk evolving into a wide grin.

"Almost," he said.

Gokudera stared at the bulky robot in front of him. It seemed to be around a metre and a half tall. Instead of legs, four wheels made up the bottom part of the robot. The upper section was composed of a large camera making up its head, and two large arms with rather large hands.

Tsuna's mouth twitched up into a smile, before he repressed it. He had to remain composed, or he wouldn't look cool. It was all about the rule of cool.

Gokudera slowly got up from the ground, balancing himself on the wall with one hand. He staggered for a second, before managing to stand up straight. Gokudera lit up the dynamite in his hand, scowling at Tsuna.

"Sorry, no." Tsuna shook his head with faux regret. "C27!"

One of the robot's arms shot out to secure Gokudera against the wall.

"Don't move, please." Tsuna smiled amiably. "I need you to ask you a couple questions."

Again, Tsuna resisted the urge to grin. He had to stay composed.

Gokudera's face was growing steadily redder and redder by the minute.

"Oh. Oops." Tsuna laughed nervously. "Sorry, I still haven't worked out all the little kinks. S27!"

The robot let Gokudera go. He dropped to the ground, breathing heavily.

"Who… who made that for you?" Gokudera snapped, eyeing Tsuna with an angry look. "Depending on someone else's help… you're the worst of the worst."

Tsuna raised an eyebrow. "Depending on someone else's help is a bad thing? But as it happens, I made that robot. Who sent you?"

"That's impossible," Gokudera said, whipping out his dynamite and lighting it. "Die already."

"P27!" Tsuna cried. The robot's arm attempted to punch Gokudera, but he managed to jump to the side and avoid the punch at the last moment.

Unfortunately, his dynamite wasn't so lucky. It fell to the ground at Gokudera's feet, still lit, and about to explode in a few seconds. He stared at the dynamite in mute shock.

Tsuna's eyes took in the scene in front of him. His mouth was open, about to shout a command, but then he realized something very, very, important.

Tsuna couldn't let that Italian delinquent die, but he couldn't let his robot get injured by the dynamite either. He would rather die.

That left him one choice.

Mentally cursing, he raced towards Gokudera and pushed him to the ground. The dynamite exploded behind them.

Tsuna winced, pain echoing throughout his body. He picked himself off Gokudera and looked towards his robot, panicked. When he realized that his robot was fine, he let out a sigh of relief and turned back towards Gokudera.

"You… you saved me. You could've used your robot, but you tried to save me yourself," Gokudera said, shell-shocked. "Why?"

"Oh, um…" Tsuna briefly considered telling him that it had less to do with him and more to do with not harming his robot. He shot that idea down instantly. Best to lie. "My body, um… moved by itself?"

Gokudera's shock melted away into a look of wonderment and worship. He instantly groveled onto the ground.

Tsuna raised an eyebrow.

"I was mistaken!" Gokudera cried, pushing his head into the ground. "You're most definitely fit to be the Tenth!"

He looked up towards Tsuna, his eyes shining. "I'll follow you anywhere, Tenth! Command me to do anything!"

"… Okay?" Tsuna said, more than a little confused by the 180® personality shift.

"It's a Family rule. The loser serves under the winner."

Gokudera and Tsuna both looked towards the source of the voice. Reborn was heading towards them.

"Let me guess… you're responsible for this guy attacking me," Tsuna said irritably.

"I called him to Japan, and told him that he could become the Tenth if he defeated you," Reborn said calmly. "That's all."

"Right. That's all," Tsuna muttered sarcastically. He really couldn't deal with all this. He wanted to get back to working the kinks out of his Defender27©.

"I'm the one who decided to test you, Tenth!" Gokudera exclaimed, his eyes still shining. "Reborn-san had no part in my decision. I didn't even really want to become the Tenth! It's just that when I heard that the new boss candidate was a Japanese guy the same age as me, I had to test him."

Tsuna placed his hand on his forehead and let out a groan.

"Let me get this right," he said. "You want to become my subordinate."

"Yes, of course!" Gokudera said.

"You should be happy," Reborn cut in. "You're gaining subordinates because of your strength."

"I don't need your comments. And I definitely don't need an idiot for a subordinate," Tsuna retorted. He grabbed his physics homework out of his bag.

Or rather, I don't want subordinates at all.

"If you can solve questions 1 – 15 on page 135- correctly- in say, one minute." Tsuna made a show of looking at his watch. "You can be my subordinate. Here, pencil and paper."

Tsuna threw Gokudera the pencil and paper. He scrambled to catch it. But unfortunately, just when he had captured two items in his hands, a physics textbook clonked him on the head.

Tsuna resisted the urge to laugh. It wouldn't be nice.

"One minute," Tsuna repeated. "Are you ready?"

He's a delinquent Mafioso. There's no way that he would know the faintest thing about physics.

Tsuna didn't bother to wait for an answer.

"Five, four, three, two, one…. Go."

Glancing up from his watch for a second, he noticed that Gokudera had gotten a pair of glasses from somewhere. They were lightly perched on his nose.

Tsuna was also surprised to see that Gokudera was actually trying to solve the questions. He suddenly felt uneasy for some reason. He dismissed the feeling quickly- it was completely illogical.

He had nothing to worry about.

"I'm finished, Tenth!" Gokudera exclaimed, jumping up. He handed Tsuna his answers and the textbook.

"Already? It's only been… fifty-three seconds…" Tsuna muttered. He accepted the paper and textbook, scanning the paper. His face grew steadily paler by the second.

"It's… you… you got it all right." Tsuna said. His face was utterly shell-shocked. "It's all correct. Hundred percent. No mistakes."

"Gokudera is a known genius." Reborn said, hopping onto Tsuna's shoulder. Tsuna shot a glare at him. "Looks like you have a subordinate now!"

Tsuna scowled and stuffed the paper and textbook back into his bag. On the bright side, his physics homework was finished for him. Never let an opportunity pass him by- that was his motto.

"Tenth, I was wondering… Did you really make that?" Gokudera nodded towards the robot. "And what was with the weird commands you were giving it?"

"Yes, I really made him." Tsuna looked up at 'him' with a bright smile. "I set up some commands based on English words. H is 'hit', S is 'stop', C is 'capture', P is 'punch', etc. The '27' means 'the enemy in front of me'. I haven't gotten the chance to set up more specific commands yet, or regulate the strength. Sorry for that, by the way. Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. I've had worse." Gokudera grinned at Tsuna. He noted the blood steadily dripping down Gokudera's forehead.

"Had worse… this mafia life is sounding worse and worse by the minute…" Tsuna muttered. He sighed. He might as well make the best of the situation.

"What do you know about robotics?" Tsuna asked. He shot another glare towards Reborn, who was still on his shoulder.

"A little. I know more about the theoretics than the actual engineering," Gokudera answered. "Do you want me to help with… your robots, Tenth?"

"Small steps, Gokudera, small steps," Tsuna said. "You can start with fetching me parts, before I'll teach you how to help me with all my robots. Any 'subordinate' of mine needs to know all about robots."

He eyed Gokudera, with half a hope that he would give up on being his subordinate. No such luck.

"Of course, Tenth!" Gokudera had no objections.

"Right," Tsuna muttered. "And drop the 'Tenth' thing."

"No." Gokudera answered firmly.

Tsuna sighed.

Just what was he getting himself into?

Or rather, what was he being forced to get into?

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