i onwn nothing only time and some other things but i own not of tin men

They say in myths that the tears of a phoenix can heal you, and if the phoenix so chose's you can become immortal, but like I said if it so choses. But right now let's begin our journey to where theirs left off.

Chapter 1: meeting the time keeper

Ω Time's Pov Ω

it has been a year since my brother was set free of that cursed tin suit that zero had committed him to for annuals, not even knowing if his wife or son was even alive , and thanks to zero my brother had to watch how he failed to protect his family. After being in that tin suit for so long it had stopped his ageing possess leaving him in his 20s .Then out of nowhere a woman with dark brown hair and blue eyes set Wyatt Cain free, and thus began their journey .

But now that the eclipse is over, and the witch is dead new terror has come to reign, one who is far more dangerous than the witch who ruled and so to get rid of this evil me and my friends have come to help,

My name is Time, and I'm Wyatt Cain's younger sister though I'm a little different than the rest of the family, but that's another story. Right know I'm standing on the outside gate to Gale plaice waiting for a guard to freaking know that I'm here I mean I've been standing here for what felt like two hours , finally have had it "excuse me can you get commander Cain for me?" I asked very politely "And may I ask who dares to ask for Commander Cain?" the guard asked rudely. "Me and Tell him Time has come." I said.

"And why would I do such a thing for a Halfling like you."

"Well how 'bout 'u go get him like I said Time has come to begin, if 'u 'don't I will find my way in myself." I said getting my voice to darken hoping to scare him. But if you're me Hope gets you nowhere except in a holding cell like im in now. Chained to a dang table, "good god, all's I asked was to see my brother and you put me in a holding cell!"

"How do I know that you're telling the truth?

"Well you don't but you could call him in here to see for yourself." I stated to him

-End of pov-

Well theirs an end to that I hope you lik