Warning: MATURE ADULT CONTENT! (don't go complaining later if you don't read the warnings! XD), M/M, Graphic sex, rape (more than once...), violence, bad language

I know I already have two other ongoing fictions but I just had to write this. I'm sure some of you can understand how annoying it is when you get an idea and it just WON'T go away. XD It's really, out there. The beginning is quite explosive, but there's a story to this one, you just have to wait and find out. I hope you like it and please please, pretty please, leave a comment. I don't mind constructive criticism, in fact I welcome it! ENJOY!

P.S. There are (or will be) some mature sexual interactions between Sanji and Zoro

Also, i do NOT own One Piece or any of the characters (except the bad guy... That one's all mine. XP)


The insistent whine of the school bell could be heard echoing through the hallways. Students rushed to their destination, dreading a scolding from their teachers should they be late. Doors slammed shut as the final attendants entered the classrooms and the uneven drumming of footsteps ceased to beat. Within ten minutes all the noise seemed to disperse and a deafening silence filled the now empty corridors.

Eustass Kid could hear all this from where he was sitting. He stretched his hands above his head and let out a satisfying yawn. His ruby red hair was kept back by a black bandana which matched the black uniform trousers perfectly. His shirt, opened at the neck due to Kid's laziness to bother buttoning it all the way, was snow white with the sleeves rolled to his elbows. Golden thick bangles clattered around his wrists, one around each limb, in perfect sync.

He had no intention of going to class, but he couldn't just walk out of the building either. Not because he was afraid of a scolding or detention or even expulsion, though he didn't think they would expel him for something so trivial. Then gain he spent more time in the principal's office than he did in any other class…..No, his reasons were much simpler than those.

He just couldn't bother having to listen to the ranting and raving of some middle age geezer. Instead he devised a simple plan. He would wait a few minutes after the final chime of the bell and then just slip out. Simple as that. No fuss. He would make his escape while the teachers were busy with their classes.

Once he was out of the building, he'd be more or less safe. He doubted they would give chase, even if they did spot him. And even if they were crazy enough to do so, there was no way they would catch him. Of that he was certain.

Which is why Kid happened to be sitting on the toilet seat in a tiny cubicle with his legs crossed and his fingers tapping impatiently on his knee while the bell gave its final cry. Five more minutes and he should be clear to go.

He considered having a quick smoke then dismissed the thought. No reason to give himself away at the very end... Instead he wondered idly what classes he should be attending next. Music, history and then history again. Kid cringed at the very thought. Double history was a torture and it was even worse when it was the last thing on a Wednesday. He could think of a dozen better things to do instead. Ironically all of them involved activities well outside the school premises.

He checked his watch and almost cursed out loud. Only thirty seconds passed. It was like time was mocking him, passing exasperatingly slow, just to make him angry. And it worked!

'Fuck it!'Kid had never been a very patient person and he proved this by jumping to his feet. He twisted the lock on the cubicle door and inverted it from occupied to unoccupied, swinging the bright blue door wide open.

Almost immediately his ears alerted him to the sound of approaching footsteps. He groaned and hesitated only for a second before he darted back in the cramped space, re-locking the door. He lifted his feet and rested them on the rim of the seat, unwilling to give himself away yet. As if on que, he heard the bathroom door swing open. The steps didn't slow down, and now that they were closer, Kid realized there were two sepetate sets.

'Weird. I guess that rules out the caretaker.' That meant they had to be teachers or other students mitching classes like himself.

But, the way the footsteps sounded was starnge. One set drummed assertively against the tiled floor, clearly the leader of the two. The other pair had that distinct slow, unwilling, forced sound that can be easily associated with feet being dragged. Other than the out-of-sync footsteps there was no other noise to disturb the perfect silence. Kid could actually hear the fain sound of his breathing and even that sounded far too loud.

The two approached Kid's location, stopping right in front of his hiding spot. He caught a flicker of movement. Kid hadn't noticed before, but there was a crack in the door. With obvious, unmasked intrigue he took a peek and discovered, to his delight, that he could see outside without himself being in any danger of being seen.

He inched his body closer for a better look. He wasn't so much nosy as he was incredibly bored. Since he had to wait for the intruders to leave anyway, he might as well see what all the commotion was about. 'Beats sitting on the toilet with nothing to do.'

The first thing he noticed was that they were both students and both male. He couldn't identify them since he couldn't see their faces. His line of vision was cut just above the neck. The second thing he noticed was that one of the guys was holding the other roughly by the upper arm. The one being held looked like he was in distress or pain but he didn't struggle or fight, which was strange. He followed with a sort of resignation almost like he was walking to his own execution. They didn't speak.

Kid absorbed all this from his silent post in a matter of seconds, just before they came to a halt. They didn't move for a fraction of a second, then without any warning, the guy who seemed to be in charge all but threw the other at the matriculate white wall.

Eustass flinched. That looked painful, if the sound of bones hitting tiles was enough to go by. The guy's head snapped back from the impact, and his body slumped a little, enough for Kid to see his face.

His eyes lit up with recognition when he identified the dazed man known as Trafalgar Law. His short raven-black hair and matching goatee were unmistakeable. His ear was adorned with a golden earring and a thin silver chain dangled with the motion around his slender neck. Kid didn't know why he hadn't noticed it before, but tattoos were running up his arm, the black ink standing out against the tanned skin. He didn't understand their significance, but then again he didn't bother to either.

Law's eyes were closed and his brows furrowed, as if he couldn't quite comprehend why stabbing pain was running through his skull. Then his face disappeared again as he was roughly dragged back to his feet. He wasn't up to his full height though, and Kid could see just above his slightly parted lips.

Another sudden movement and guy number two, presumably the alpha male, pressed his lips against Law's in a forceful kiss. The later seemed taken by surprise and let out a gasp while half raising his hands to give a weak resistance. From his silent post, Kid hooked his eyebrow and mentally kicked himself to resist from smirking out load.

'So the genius recluse is gay…..' No wonder he never answered any of the millions of love letters bursting out of his locker every day. The fan girls would drown the city in tears if they only knew how hopeless chasing him was.

Out of plain curiosity, Kid did not look away. He was intrigued to see the darker side of the always cool and collected Trafalgar Law. The A student with his own fan club of dew eyed maidens swooning every time he passed by. The already promising med student, at such a young age, who managed to make reading a book look ridiculously sexy.

Plus, the way he saw it, they shouldn't have chosen the bathroom. 'If you want to fuck don't choose a public place and expect privacy.' He decided to sit back and keep still in a relatively comfy slouch. It wasn't like he was going anywhere anytime soon anyway. Might as well spare his muscles and bones from unnecessary aching….

The other student pushed their bodies closer together. Law couldn't back away any further. His back and shoulders were pressed painfully against the hard surface. He could feel the other's arousal push against the fabric of his pants. He only felt disgust. He hated this. He hated the other guy for doing this and he hated himself for allowing it.

Law clenched his hands into fists, gripping the white shirt between them. There was no point in feeling sorry for himself. He knew this would happen and he concentrated on ending it.

He responded into the kiss, opening his mouth and sucking the other tongue inside. With unparalleled skill he twisted the long, moist muscle around the intruding one in a very seductive manner. He forced his body to relax and tried to enjoy this. It was going to happen anyway, whether he liked it or not.

It took everything, every inch of his mental energy to suppress the vile feeling rising from the pit of his stomach. He didn't notice the kiss had ended but he did realize this a second later when a low, yearning moan escaped his lips.

Law raised his hand and covered his mouth trying to stiffen any further noise of pleasure threatening to burst out of him. Against his better judgement he had to admit the other guy was good. He expertly nipped and licked at the sensitive skin just below his jawline, before devoting his full attention to Law's collarbone. Law's skin prickled at the sensation of the harsh lips applying suction followed by a lick of the scratchy tongue to soothe the abused flesh.

Through his half-lidded eyes, Law could see the top of the guy's head. He could only see the bark-brown hair but that was enough. Hell, he didn't even know his name! He was just another one of them. It didn't matter who they were individually. It was only sex, not love.

Another suggestive noise left his lips as the unknown male pressed his hands against his stomach and ran them up his chest like slithering snakes. Law could feel his shirt rub against the flushed skin as his sensitive nipples were pinched, hard. It hurt, but he still couldn't stop himself from making frustratingly embarassing sounds. He idly wondered if his facial muscles would spasm if he clenched his jaws any tighter.

The hands pressed to his heated skin were larger than his, and they were cold. Law felt like they were greasy and slimy, repulsive, perverted to the bone. He felt the disgust rise once more. He had to speed this up and quicken the end. He took the other by surprise, grinding their hips together. He pulled back, but only for a second, letting his partner respond to his lewd invitation. Law could have sworn the other guy smirked, his lips curving up and his eyes shining maliciously.

The cold hands left his chest only to hook themselves onto his belt and yank it open. The buckle scraped against Law's skin drawing blood and making the victim hiss from the unexpected attack. In the process the zip of his uniform trousers was also opened, revealing his black boxers. The blush on his face travelled all the way down his neck like wild fire.

Law was so frustrated he wanted to scream. He hated the way his body betrayed him. Even though he felt nothing but repulsion, his body told another story and it was clearly showing. The guy made eye contact with Law and held his gaze. He could see himself in the others reflection. Is that what he looked like?

Half lidded eyes and flushed cheeks. Lips parted and inviting. Beads of transpiration running down his exposed neck. He looked like a slut. The other guy seemed to read his mind and smirked as if to say, 'Yeah, you're a fucking whore and you know it.' Law wished he could disagree…

The moment of reflection was over in seconds. The nameless student grabbed Law harshly by the hips and turned him around so he was facing the wall. For the second time that day his head hit the tiles, sending another wave of pain through him. His mouth opened as shocks of pain rattled his skull, forcing his eyes to squeeze shut.

While he was still dazed he felt the other's hands return to his hips and clamp harshly on his skin, like steel traps. Law only had a second to prepare himself for the pain he knew was eminent. He took in a lungful of oxygen wishing desperately his body wasn't as useless as gelatine. However no amount of mental preparation was ever enough. It never got any easier.

His sex partner lifted his hips up and without any further warning or preparation he drove his full length in. A scream tore its way out of Law's throat and his mind seemed to shatter like broken glass, cutting into him over and over.

He could hear the other grunting with pleasure and satisfaction as he moved into him wildly. In contrast the only sounds coming out of Law were choked sobs and breathless gasps, any other noise stifened by his bitten lip. His teeth sunk in harshly and drew blood. Tears streamed down his cheeks and spilled on the cold floor. His fingers were curled and clenched so tightly, his nails dug into the flesh of his palms. But that pain was nothing but a slight discomfort compared with the rest of his plight.

But it was ok. In fact it was good. It was pain and only pain. He could deal with pain. Law knew that pain numbed everything else and all he had to do was bare it.

And even so, despite this, his body still reacted. He could feel warmth seeping through him. Involuntarily he felt his body go on fire and he matched his hip movement with the thrusts. He couldn't believe that a part of him was actually enjoying being raped. 'I'm a sick bastard…..' Admitting it did nothing except make the tears flow even more.

The thrusts became faster and deeper. It was a sign that the ordeal was nearly over. Just a few more times…. It wasn't long before, with one final satisfied grunt the guy pulled out and came, letting the white substance run down Law's thighs. When he was done enjoying his orgasm the brunette let go of Law's hips, removing the only support he had. His knees gave way and he slumped all the way to the floor, with his fists still tightly clenched and still facing the wall.

He wished he could just disappear. Then and there, he would have been happy if the wall just reached out and swallowed him whole in a sea of blankness. Law heard the other guy shuffling, pulling his trousers back up, doing his belt, buttoning his shirt. He wanted the guy to leave. He wanted to be alone.

Alas that wasn't to be. When it seemed like he would finally be left alone with his misery, Law felt a hand roughly grab his hair. His head was snapped back so he was looking at the ceiling. The guy bent down for another kiss. Surprised, Law complied and opened his mouth without further resistance. The kiss was deep and good but emotionless. The final insult.

When his lips were freed the guy just turned around and walked out. Just like that. He didn't look back at Law who was still crouched on the floor, bleeding and crying.

Once more time seemed to stop. Law didn't move for what seemed like an eternity. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't seem to stop the silent, hollow sobs. Mixed with that was a bitter rage.

After what seemed like forever the streams of tears thinned until there were just two barely visible wet trails down his cheeks and red, puffy eyes as the only evidence that he had been wailing like a little child. It took a few more steady breaths before he was in the clear. Time to get up.

Luckily the rim of the joined sinks was close at hand and he used it for leverage. It would have been impossible to use his own shaky legs on their own. All his muscles protested in outrage by sending pain signals all over his tender frame, like jolts of electricity. Law ignored them.

With trembling fingers and unsteady hands he clumsily redid his belt after dragging his pants back up. He was careful not to leave any blood stains on his uniform. At least not where it was visible. After his almost unbearable trial, he had to take a few more deep breaths, just to regain his composure. He prayed for his legs not to crumble like pillars of sand as he dragged them to the nearest sink.

Thankfully they did not. Law ran cold water over his self-injured hands, keeping his face devoid of any emotion at the stinging sensation. When they were sufficiently clean and the blood had been washed away, he splashed some of the freezing liquid on his face.

He kept his hands pressed to his head for a while before he straightened back up. Careful not to look in the mirror, he stepped back and made his way to the bathroom door. He knew he would hate the person staring back at him. That person was a fake. Slowly but with growing determination, Law took each step, his composed mask back in place, using all his will not to limp.

Kid pushed the cubicle door wide open and stopped. He took one breath, two breaths. Then he took another. He followed Law's example and went to one of the sinks. Like the boy before him, he cupped his hands and splashed a torrent of cold water on his burning skin.

Unlike Law, he looked in the mirror. His cheeks were flushed, more like blazing. A bit more and they would match his scarlet hair. His eyes were slightly blurred and sweat rolled down his neck. His back was drenched and his mouth was drier than a rock in a dessert. His heart was beating at a dangerous rate.

He threw some more water on his face, then thought better of it and instead shoved his whole head under the tap, letting the wave of moisture clear his mind. Feeling slightly back in control, he stood up and made for the door as well, all thoughts of going home knocked out of his head….

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