Sonic stood in the chamberlock that was descending or ascending (Sonic couldn't tell because of the fast rate. He was exhausted as hell. He dropped the portal gun, and collapsed. He felt something crack in his knee; he must have strained it when he fell. As Sonic sat in the chamberlock, he could faintly hear someone singing, and piano music in the background, he could barely make out the words. All he heard was Exile; it takes your mind again. He kept listening but he couldn't hear the rest. The elevator then fell so fast, with the music fading away. Sonic ascended into the air and hit his head on the ceiling of the elevator and fell back down. If only he could portal the bottom of the elevator and get the hell out of there, but he couldn't. The elevator opened, revealing a pitch-black room. Sonic stood up and walked out of the elevator he could barely see anything. He fired a blue portal for light, but the portal didn't work. He heard two people chattering, one of the voices he recognized. The voice he recognized belonged to Doctor Gerald Robotnik, Eggman's grandfather. The other belonged to a man with a somewhat southern accent. His voice was very deep. Gerald Robotnik sounded younger rather than when Sonic heard the recording of his voice on the Space Colony ARK, he sounded sick and old at that time, but here he sounded very healthy. How is Gerald talking if he died half a century ago, perhaps it was a recording. He put his ear to the wall and listened to the conversation.

Gerald Robotnik: I don't understand your vision of the future; you have no idea what logic and science have to do with anything.

Man: And what vision do you have, what the hell are you going to use a space station for? All great scientists start slow. Hell, I made shower curtains for the military before I started to make a damn enrichment center.

Gerald Robotnik: Even if I do finish the space station, I will never let you put your psychotic tests in there. People can die in those tests. I've seen them, and they're dangerous.

Man: (slam) Get the hell out of here; I never needed your help.

(sound of Robotnik standing up)

Gerald Robotnik: If it weren't for my help, you would still be making shower curtains.

(Recording stops)

The wall that Sonic was keeping his ear on opened like a hatch, causing Sonic to fall in. He got up and looked around, he seemed to be in a large room. A large robotic body was hanging from the ceiling, it turned around and looked at him, "There you are!" it said. The robotic body had the same computer voice that he had been hearing throughout enrichment. Eggman was standing next to the robotic body, "Sonic! Why are you here."

"Relax, I wanted him to be here," the robotic body said. Eggman looked up at the body, "Caroline, why are you-"

"My name is not Caroline!" GlaDOS said, grabbing Eggman with her small claws. Eggman panicked, "Please let me go! You promised you would give me an artificially intelligent body!" GlaDOS brought Eggman to her eye, "I lied," she dropped him on the ground and placed a turret in front of him. The turret focused on him and fired, bullets ripped through Eggman's body as he fell to the ground. GlaDOS then grabbed Sonic and squeezed him until he turned purple. She kept doing this until a voice caught her attention, "Leave him alone!" It was Tails, with Knuckles and Amy by his side. Knuckles ripped off the object that kept Tails from flying. Tails flew to GlaDOS and shot a blue portal on the wall. He then fell and shot a portal below him. He fell in and came out of the blue portal on the wall, hurtling towards GlaDOS. She grabbed him as well and tossed him to ground. She also dropped Sonic. All four of the test subjects started up at them, Knuckles spoke, "What do you want from us?"

GlaDOS looked down at them and spoke, "The 1940's was a year of innovation. The CEO of Aperture Science known as Cave Johnson got his start then making shower curtains for the US military. He was starting a company known as Aperture Fixtures. It was at the end of the decade when he began to make concepts of science enrichment tests. A man named Gerald Robotnik, a scientist at his prime, approached him. Gerald Robotnik took interest in Cave Johnson's architecture of test chambers and asked him to help him create a space station."

"The ARK," Sonic said.

"Affirmative," GlaDOS confirmed, he called it the ARK because he wanted it to be the center of all cultures of the Earth. Much like the biblical stories of Noah and his ark, Gerald wanted life to be preserved in case of any doomsday. Gerald explained to Cave that he wanted to put all information of every culture of the world so that if the world does come to an end. Survivors can discover the ARK and go to it through a shuttle (if such technology is still intact) and rebuild society by learning about it through information provided by the ARK. Once it was finally built, Cave left Robotnik Enterprises to actually make his test chambers real in a new company known as Aperture Science. Later, after the shutdown of the ARK in the mid 50's, Robotnik Enterprises crumbled. The stock options ceased, and nobody would invest in it after the infamous terrorist attack by Guardian Units of Nations (GUN). After this, Black Mesa and Aperture Science were neck and neck together. Nobody ever knew about who died on the ARK and how they were killed during the shutdown. Over the years, word got out that Gerald Robotnik was in fact on the ARK and was even interrogated and tortured by GUN. Later GUN was declared the next Soviet Russia and that the Japanese militaty was going to go to civil war with GUN (since GUN was endorsed and created from the Japanese military. Cave decided to put Robotnik Enterprises behind him for the rest of his life and he did."

Eggman lay on the ground, trying to move. "You bitch!" Eggman roared at GlaDOS, "How dare you lie to me? I did everything I could to get rid of these pests!" He could barely move, he had lost a lot of blood after the turret shot him, and he even started coughing it. GlaDOS descended an elevator and tossed Eggman into it, "Leave me, now!" The elevator went up with Eggman inside It, his face was furious.

GlaDOS looked over at Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, "I brought all of you in on purpose, Eggman is a stupid bloated scientist. There is no way I would let him tell me who to test. Also, those malfunctions you experienced in your enrichment were my doing.

"Why the hell would you do something like that?" Knuckles asked.

GlaDOS spoke, "I felt if I killed you, it would all be over and then I'd kick Eggman out. But since you lived, I guess I would just kick you out as well. I'm too lazy to kill today. You're lucky. An elevator descended. GlaDOS looked over at Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, "Just go."

They all stepped inside. Once they left the facility, they heard a loud ringing coming from above. They saw a huge ship with other soldiers on the ground wearing what looked like gas masks and they were holding assault rifles.

It was the Combine.

So sorry this story was so short, but I guess I wasn't too interested in it, I apologize. I most likely will not continue the story for Half Life because I figure Sonic and Half Life don't mix that well. If this disappointed you, I'm sorry. You'll see better Sonic stories from me later.