Friend or Betrayer?

Hey, kitty8998 here! I'm still planing on doing a sequel to Birthday Surprise but it's going to be set around Christmas and so I decided I'd do it a bit nearer to Christmas! Then I thought of this and decided I'd try it to pass the time! so here's Friend or Betrayer? ! I still don't own Heartland! Enjoy and please review!

chapter 1

Amy Fleming sat at the back of her history room. Her class were doing about the world war 1 and Amy listened closely. Amy was a straight A student and always liked to do things to her best. Just then a teacher knocked on the door and walked in. Amy noticed a boy walk in and realised he was the same age as her. He must be the new boy! Amy thought. She remembered her teacher had told her class that a new boy was joining them. He had brown hair and bright, emerald, green eyes. Amy saw the teacher tell her history teacher, Mr. Maple, the boy's name. Amy tried to listen but couldn't hear him. She watched as Mr. Maple's eyes scanned the room. The seat next to Amy happened to be the only free seat. She watched as he told Ty to go and sit next to her. He walked up to Amy's table. He looked really bored. He sat down in the chair next to Amy. Amy smiled at him. He returned the smile. "Hi. Welcome to Briar Ridge. What's your name?" she asked.

"Thanks, I'm Ty Borden." The boy replied.

"Amy, would you be kind enough to be Ty's guide?" Mr. Maple asked. Amy nodded and glanced at Ty. He was grinning.

He's totally cute! She thought to herself.

You've just met him and I hardly know him! I can't have fallen for him already! A voice inside her head said. Then she remembered she was in class. She felt herself blush and hid it by looking down and letting her hair cover her face. Soon after that lesson, the warning bell went for next lesson. Amy and Ty walked out if the class together. Amy looked at Ty.

"What do you have next then?" she waited as Ty fumbled around in his bag and bought out his timetable.

"English with Mr. Briggs." he replied.

"Same, we can walk down there together!" Amy replied. They started walking down to their next lesson when Amy saw Ashley Grant walking towards them. "Here comes Ashley, good luck!"

"Why?" Ty asked, looking at Amy. Before Amy had chance to answer Ashley had approached them. She totally ignored Amy and looked at Ty. Ty realised and looked at Amy, who shrugged. Ashley batted her eyes before saying,

"Hi. I'm Ashley. Welcome to Briar Ridge. I hope you enjoy it here. Do you have a horse?"

"Yes." Ty replied and Amy's heart started beating faster.

This is so stupid! She thought to herself.

"Cool, do you have him here?" Ashley asked, excited.

"Yes. And 'he' is a she!" Ty replied shortly.

"Oh. Well we could go riding soon! I could give you a personal tour of the school if you like." Ashley said stepping right in front of Amy so they couldn't see each other, forcing Amy to take a step back. Amy waited patiently behind Ashley and listened as Ty said,

"No thanks, I'm sure Amy can do a good job of it!" He stepped around Ashley and joined Amy. They carried on walking. Ashley stared after them as her 2 friends came and stood by her, one either side.

"We need a plan to stop him liking her and to bring him to me." Ashley said, angry that she had just been turned down, especially for her biggest enemy, Amy!

"Do you really have a horse here?" Amy asked.

"Yeah. Do you?" Ty asked, looking at Amy.

"Yeah. We could go riding sometime. There's a gorgeous lake near by. We could go there!" Amy answered looking thoughtful.

"yeah, sounds like fun. So, who's your horse?" Ty asked.

"His name's Spartan and he's a black Quarter Horse! He's in stall 9. What about your horse?" Amy asked.

"Her name's Jasmine and she's a black Arabian! She's in stall 8!" Ty answered, grinning at Amy's shocked face. "I hope you don't mind but it must have been Spartan I fed a horse biscuit to!" Ty added

"I don't mind at all! He loves them!" Amy said, pleased their horses were in the stall next to each other. "You handled Ashley well!"

"Thanks, you didn't really stand up for yourself though! And what's her deal?" Ty asked.

"Well, the reason I didn't stand up for myself is because, 1. I'm used to it now, and 2. because you have to be really careful about what you say to her." Amy answered.

"Why?" Ty asked looking at Amy .

"Well, because, Ashley Grant is our headmistress, Ms. Grant's, daughter!"