Chapter 12

The next day, after school, Amy gave Ty a lift to Heartland from school. When they got to Heartland, they walked out to the barn. They walked into the back barn and heard a very loud whinny!

"I suppose Harley has spotted you!" Amy said as they looked over at the head that was looking over the door, eyes stuck on Ty. Ty grinned and walked up to him.

"Hey boy. Miss me?" Amy smiled at the two of them and remembered what she and her Grandpa were talking about last night.

"Hey Ty! How would you like to adopt Harley?" Amy asked. Ty turned round and looked at her, bright, emerald eyes, wide and hopeful.

"Really?" Ty asked.

"Sure. Me and grandpa were talking last night about finding Harley an adoption owner and I think you would be perfect!" Amy said, grinning as Ty nodded his head. "It's sorted than. You will be Harley's new adoption owner!"

"Thank you!" Ty said walking over to Amy and hugged her. Amy sunk into the warmth and strength of Ty's arms instantly. She had missed the feeling so much. Ty pulled away and walked back over to Harley. "You hear that boy? You're going to be mine soon!" Ty said to Harley.

"I think this deserves a celebration ride!" Amy said and walked down to Beatriz's stall. They tacked Beatriz and Harley up and led them out of the barn. They got on and started riding along the trails.

A few hours later, Amy and Ty arrived back and went up to Amy's room to work on their French project. Amy sat at the top of her bed while Ty sat at the end. They had been talking about where Harley would stay when Ty was allowed to take him and agreed he would stay at Heartland. After working for a further 3 hours, it was 8.00.

"I should really go." Ty said as they finished sticking something on.

"OK. Let's go." Amy said. They walked out to the truck and climbed in.

By the time Amy got home, it was 8.30. Amy decided to go and feed the horses and then she went in for the night.

The next morning Amy got up, went out to the barns and fed the horses, grabbed something quick to eat and walked out to her truck. She was halfway down the drive when she realised she had forgotten the French project she ran back up to the house and grabbed it. She shouted bye to Jack, Lou, Peter and Malory and ran back to her truck. She jumped in and drove as fast as the traffic and traffic lights and stuff let her! Soon, she was at school with plenty of time. She saw Ty waiting and motioned him over. He jogged over to her and helped her get their project out. They took it to their French room and dropped it off. They then went to their first lesson. When French came, they showed the teacher their project and got the highest grade possible! That night, Ty went to heartland to see Harley again. Amy loved to watch the spark between the two of them!

A few days later, Ty was allowed to have Harley and officially call him his! All the paper work got filled out and all the other boring business stuff finally got completed and Harley was finally Ty's! Amy got Ty a new halter for Harley. It was the same as Spartan's apart from Harley's had 'Harley' on it and not 'Spartan'!

Amy and Ty worked together if they had any paired work at school and they both did really well in their lessons, with each other's help!

About a month later, Ty and Amy were out riding. Amy had grabbed Spartan from the school stables and Ty had got Harley from the Heartland stables. Ty still rode Jasmine but he preferred to ride Harley to get his speed, confidence and jumping back up to speed! They met just outside Heartland and decided to go along the trails by Heartland since those were the trails Harley was most used to. They decided to ride on further than they usually did, since it was really early in the afternoon. They soon found a forest and decided to ride around it. They were really far in it, when it started getting dark. They decided to start heading back to Heartland.

"Hey, do you want to stay the night? You can have the spare bedroom." Amy asked, she knew they were going to be late back to Heartland.

"Sure, thanks." Ty answered. He looked around. "Um, Amy? Where do we go?"

"I'm not really sure." Amy said, also looking around. They could just see a load of trees. Amy suddenly remembered once when she had got lost before. "Just drop the reins, a sec." Amy said. Ty looked at her cautiously. Why would he do that? He wouldn't have any control over Harley, would he? He watched as Amy dropped her reins and relaxed in the saddle. She kicked Spartan on and watched as Spartan started looking for the smell of Heartland. He suddenly found it and started galloping off in one direction. Ty let go of the reins and also kicked Harley on. He followed Spartan and soon they were together. Amy grinned at Ty.

"Fun, right?" Ty nodded. "You should try jumping without holding on!" Ty looked at her shocked and she just nodded.

They were getting closer to Heartland and Ty slowed Harley down. Amy looked at him.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Amy. I need to ask you something. I know and understand if you reject but please Ames, go out with me again?" Ty said. He looked at Amy's shocked face. Her grey eyes wide and her mouth wide open. The exact expression she had had on her face before she had a go at him the time at the hospital and Ty knew instantly that it was a bad, bad idea.

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