Thank you very much to those who are reading this, and especially those who have given me feedback. I really appreciate your opinions and am hopeful that you'll find this story entertaining. This chapter is called "Give it a Go" for one of my favorite songs by a group called "Molotov Jukebox." I recommend them to anyone who likes lively tunes that will make you want to dance! The song, and others by the band, can be found on itunes as well as youtube.

Alex's first night in Megan and Vanessa's apartment was fairly uneventful. He knew that this was most likely because Megan wasn't there. Vanessa had brought him over after work and given him the "grand tour" as she put it, before she had to run off to class. As a result, he was to spend the evening in solitude, watching television and getting acquainted with Megan's cat.

"Right. Oliver is it? Good to meet you. I'm Alex, and I think we'll do just fine as long as you make sure not to shit on anything I own and stay away from me when I'm eating or sleeping. If you can manage that, we shouldn't have any trouble."

The black cat stared at him for a moment before making its opinion known with a loud hiss.

"Terrific" Alex muttered. "Glad to see we're on the same page."

The apartment was quite small, but kept nicely. It was upstairs, the front door accessible from a wooden staircase outside. Vanessa had told him there was an elderly woman downstairs, who was nice, but very particular about noise and protective of the flower garden she had planted in the backyard.

Their front door, which was technically on the upper rear side of the building, opened into their kitchen. Right off of the kitchen, with no wall in between, was a small sitting area with a massive television (a Christmas gift from Kathryn, who knew how much they loved movies), and a cushy brown vinyl sofa. In the corner was the desk Vanessa used for school work.

Off the sitting room was a rather cramped, short hallway, down which were the girls' bedrooms and the bathroom. The bathroom was larger than he had expected, and Vanessa told him that the large old tub had been put there especially for them by the landlord.

"He mentioned to Megan that he had found one at an estate sale, and she begged him to put it in up here for us. Edgar is incapable of telling Megan no. That's also how she ended up being able to keep Oliver."

"What's her secret?" Alex asked. "Blackmail?"

Vanessa snickered. "Nope. As far as I can see it's low cut shirts and strategically deployed lollipops. I've tried to tell her that she's setting feminism back a few decades acting like that, but she disagrees. Our ideas on empowerment differ somewhat. Anyway, make yourself at home, and I'll be back around nine."

Alex had dozed off when he heard a key in the lock and sat up on the sofa, displacing Oliver, who had been curled up on his chest. The cat hissed again, glaring from where it had landed on the floor. Vanessa stepped in with a few bags of take-out and she grinned at him.

"Nice hair. Sexy."

Smirking, and knowing he was blushing, Alex used his hand to try and push his hair back down into place. If he wasn't careful, it had a tendency to become a bit of a wild mess, and he knew it made him look slightly crazed.

Vanessa laughed, setting the bags down on the counter and coming to drop down next to him. She ran her fingers through his unruly hair and smoothed it back down where it was supposed to be. "There. All better."

He stared at her with smoldering eyes, and she giggled nervously. He didn't want to be so obviously affected, but every now and then she would make it impossible for him to hide.

"Thanks" he whispered.

"No problem. Anyway, I brought Chinese. That ok? Megan's not coming back tonight, most likely. I guess she met a guy." She rolled her eyes and made a gagging gesture, which made Alex chuckle. "So, we're on our own."

She hopped back up and went back out to the counter. Out of one of the bags she pulled a bottle of red wine. "You said you like wine" she said, wiggling the bottle in his direction before she set it in the refrigerator.

He nodded. "Yes I do."

"I wasn't sure what you'd want for a movie, so I figured I'd just let you pick from something we already have."

Alex smiled appreciatively, but he felt a bit guilty that she'd gone to so much trouble. "That's fine. You really didn't have to do all this. I'm grateful for a place to sleep, honestly, I don't expect to be fed and entertained as well. I don't want you try to do this every night."

"Don't worry about that. I just figured it'd be nice to do something fun on your first night here. Plus it's an excuse for me to drink a bottle of wine and pig out on Chinese rather than doing homework."

He laughed. "Well that makes sense. It does sound like a pretty good way to spend an evening. Where do you keep your movies?"

Alex ended up picking out a box set they had of old Monty Python episodes, and he and Vanessa settled in on the couch with their dinner and the wine. By the time dinner was done with, they'd moved onto a bottle of vodka that Vanessa stole from Megan's room, mixed with the rest of the orange juice that was in the fridge. By the time they had run out of Python DVDs it was three in the morning and they were both very drunk.

"Well that was fun" Alex slurred, staring at the now blue television screen.

Vanessa giggled and burped. "Yep. It was awesome. I really like you Alex. You're a really… a really nifty kind of dude."

"Megan calls me a dude all the time. It's sort of weird. I never really thought of myself as a dude before. Is that some kind of regional thing, or have I just not been paying attention?"

Vanessa giggled again and toppled over so that her head landed on his shoulder. "You're funny. I'm sleepy."

Alex laughed. "Hello Sleepy."

She laughed so hard she snorted, which set him off as well, and they both laughed hysterically until they were piled in the corner of the couch, Vanessa's head in Alex's lap, and his resting on her bent over back. As the giggles subsided and silence set in he nuzzled his face against the soft fabric of her shirt. She smelled delicious, and was exhausted. His eyes began to close of their own accord.

"Alex" she mumbled, her cheek pressed against his thigh.


"I really do like you. A lot."

He grinned into her back. "I like you too. You've got a comfortable back."

She giggled again. "Shit… I just drooled on your pants."

"That's all right" he assured her, chuckling.

Vanessa started to move and he leaned back against the sofa to let her up. She stared at him for a few seconds, and he couldn't help but think of how lovely she was. Her hair was a mess, and her eyeliner had smudged, giving her raccoon eyes, but she still looked breathtaking, looking at him that way, like he was the only man on the planet.

"Kiss me Alex" she whispered. "Please?"

I said I wasn't going to do this… Of course that was when I thought she'd never want me to do this… Oh fuck it, who am I kidding? I'd have to be completely mad not to do this…

He leaned over carefully, knowing that he was drunk enough to really botch it up if he wasn't cautious. He brushed his lips against hers as gently as he could possibly manage and then waited, his heart hammering in his chest.

A slow grin spread across her lips and she giggled yet again. "Mmm. More."

Not needing to be told twice, he slid a hand into her hair and used his other arm to pull her into his lap. Their lips met much more forcefully this time, and before he knew it she had slipped her tongue into his mouth.

After several blissful seconds she pulled back, and he looked at her, afraid maybe she'd changed her mind. She reached up to take his glasses off and set them on the coffee table before she shifted positions to straddle his lap.

"Is this ok?" she asked. He nodded. It was more than ok. It was fantastic.

She kissed him again as she went to work on the buttons of his shirt. It struck her how silent he remained, even though she could tell by his expression that he was enjoying the attention.

Vanessa gasped when she felt his big warm hands slide up the back of her shirt. Taking that as permission, he slid it off over her head. He broke their kiss for a moment, wanting to see her. The bra she wore was black lace over nude silk, and he thought it was one of the sexiest things he'd ever seen.

"You're so beautiful" he whispered.

"Prove it" she said back saucily.

Smirking, he pushed her down onto the sofa and with his hips still between her legs, turned so he could place himself on top of her.

He let her push his shirt off of his shoulders, and her hands moved to the fly of his pants.

"You're drunk" he said between kisses. "Are you sure about this?"

"Very sure. Fuck me."

There would be no more questions. That was certainly good enough for him.

Alex was awoken in the morning when he felt a blanket drop onto his bare backside. He carefully shifted in his position atop Vanessa to see behind him. Megan was there, looking in the refrigerator.

"Nice ass dude" she snickered. "I see you guys had a nice night."

"Fuck off Megs" Vanessa mumbled, hiding her eyes in Alex's shoulder so that the sunlight wouldn't further exacerbate the pounding in her head. "But first make some coffee."

Alex knew he had to be redder than last night's wine. They had been so drunk! He was fairly certain that with his typical luck things would be going one of two ways. Either she would decide that he had shamelessly taken advantage of her and promptly kick him out, or she would let him know that what had transpired between them was nothing but a night of inebriated sex, and he would once again be put in the position of becoming attached to someone who wasn't available to him. He shifted his shoulder out of the way so he could see her face.

"Good morning" he whispered, wishing that they were still alone, but unwilling to get up and show Megan anymore of his bare behind than she'd already seen.

Vanessa squeezed her eyes shut, but smiled. "Morning. Cover my eyes, the light hurts."

He rested his cheek against hers, protecting her eyes from the sunlight.

"Too much booze" she groaned.

He nodded against her face. "Yes. I'm sorry."

"For what?" she asked, squinting at him.

"You were very drunk. I shouldn't have…"

Vanessa giggled. "You were pretty smashed too, as I recall, and yes you most certainly should have." She grinned. "Best night I've ever had."

Pleased, Alex slid his arms underneath her so he could squeeze her tight. "I'm glad to hear that. I don't want you to think that I used you. I really do care for you."

He felt her arms slide around him and she started to stroke his back with her fingernails. "Me too honey."

"I really hate to interrupt this romantic naked moment, but we have to go to work in an hour, so you guys should really get the hell up and get dressed because there is no way in hell I am covering for both of you" Megan scolded, starting the coffee maker.

Alex turned his head to glare at her. "Well if you expect me to get up you'd better get out of here. You've seen enough already."

Vanessa laughed, and Megan rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, sure. I know, it was my fault I came home to find your English ass on top of my best friend. I totally made you guys have hot sex on our couch." She paused, tilting her head in thought. "It was hot, wasn't it Nessa? I mean if it wasn't…"

"Oh my God Megan piss off!" Vanessa shouted, chucking a couch cushion at her obnoxious roommate.

Megan ran into the hallway giggling.

Alex pulled his arms out from under Vanessa and propped himself up on his hands. "You didn't answer her question" he asked, teasing. "Was it hot?"

She laughed. "You were there, you tell me."

"Spectacular" he purred in her ear.

"Absolutely" she agreed.

Luckily for Alex, it was Kathryn's day off. He knew that there was no way in hell Megan would keep quiet about what she had seen, and he didn't think he could stand to face her if she knew what he'd done. He could barely look Megan in the eyes as it was.

On the bright side, Vanessa seemed very happy. He didn't dare ask her what it all meant for them, as far as whether or not they would be pursuing a relationship, but if her affectionate behavior was anything to go by, it certainly looked that way.

"Holy shit you guys are gonna make me hurl!" Megan taunted, grabbing one of Kathryn's potted plants and pretending to puke in it.

Vanessa rolled her eyes. "Oh yes, I know, because me kissing his cheek is far more revolting than watching you in a club cramming your tongue down the throat of a stranger."

Alex gave Megan a smug look and she giggled at him.

"Hey, sex is one thing, but you guys are just plain sappy. It's gross." She grinned evilly. "I can't wait to tell Kath that you guys are doing the nasty. You probably totally traumatized my poor cat."

Vanessa's jaw dropped. "You most certainly will not tell Kathryn! Our relationship is nobody's business but ours. You came in at an… inconvenient time, and the mature thing for you to do would be to respect our privacy and keep your big mouth shut. Got it?"

Alex cheered inwardly at her use of the word relationship.

"We'll see" Megan teased her. "Maybe if you're nice… both of you… I might just keep your little affair quiet. Maybe."

"If you tell Kathryn anything about us I will tell her you had sex in the back room with the UPS guy last month."

Megan's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. Alex couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"You would not!"

"You just try me Megan Abram. I dare you."

The look on Vanessa's face said very clearly that she meant what she said, and Alex noticed that the teasing was drastically reduced from there on out.