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The Ed

It was a bright and sunny day in the Peach Creek Cul-De-Sac. Two of the three Eds were waiting outside for their third and final member. They stood outside of his basement window. Unfortunately one did not know the meaning of the word patience.

"What is taking lumpy so long?" Shouted the shortest of the trio. "We've wasted most of the day. It's almost sun set, we barely have time for a quick scam."

Eddy was the shortest and loudest of the three, loudest in the whole area. He was the self-appointed leader of the group. He was the one who came up with the ideas for the scams. He was greedy with an unhealthy obsession for money and jawbreakers. It seemed he would do anything for them.

"Come now Eddy, there's probably a perfectly good reason for his tardiness." Double D tried to reason.

Edd or Double D as he was called by his friends was the brains of the group. He was a genius in the making. Capable of designing and building many constructs out of every day material. Often the voice of reason he was very polite and well-mannered. Unfortunately he had a small obsession himself, one for order and cleanliness. That and he never took off his skull-cap.

"What could be more important than money and jawbreakers?" Asked or rather shouted Eddy.

"Family, for one." Answered Double D.

"You can buy family sock-head." Retorted Eddy. "With enough money you can have a hot wife, maybe a model. Maybe more than one." He spoke with a perverted leer.

"Polygamy Eddy." Spoke Edd. "Honestly, have you no shame?"


It was at that moment that the basement window burst open to reveal the third and final Ed.

Ed the tallest of them was the muscle. He is the strongest in the whole Cul-de-sac. He often shows strength that should be impossible for most adults. He was a bit on the naive side and low in intelligence. There have been times when he would show intelligence that could rival Double D. His hygiene being poor was an understatement. Ed is kind and has a positive attitude toward life and people. His obsession was gravy and his monster collection of comics, movies, ect. His jacket was like Double D's hat. It rarely comes off no matter the climate.

"ED." A familiar voice shouted in a rage. No surprise there. "What are you doing?"

Sarah is Ed's abusive, bossy, easily angered little sister. Her strength was second only to Ed, though he would never hit her so she used that to her advantage. Her shouts were second only to Eddy. She was a skilled fighter for one so young, the second youngest in the Cul-de-sac. Only nine years old.

"Nothing little sister who causes me pain!" Spoke Ed nervously.

"What's the brat doing here?" Questioned Eddy. "We need to go lumpy, we're burning money time!"

"Mom said you had to watch me while they're gone!" She shouted. "You weren't trying to leave were you?"

"Enough, let's just drop her off with curly cue and…." Spoke Eddy, referring to Jimmy but was cut off.

"Jimmy is getting his braced examined Eddy." Spoke Double D.

"And how do you know"

"I feel obligated to monitor his progress." He answered before adding. "As should you."

"Why should I care about the twerp's mouth?"

"IT WAS YOUR SCAM IDEA THAT PUT THE BRACES ON HIM." He and Sarah answered. However Sarah's shout dwarfed Double D's.

"Alright, alright." He surrendered. "So what are we going to do with mammoth mouth here?"

His answer was a punch in the face from said 'mammoth mouth'.

"Why not bring her along?" Offered Double D

"What?!" Screamed both Eddy and Sarah.

Truthfully Sarah didn't want to spend her day with her brother and his friends. She was just messing with them. She was perfectly capable of watching herself until their parents returned.

Eddy just didn't like to be around her.

"Yes, that way Ed can watch her and you can still scam." He reasoned. "It might go even quicker with an extra set of hands."

"There is no way I'll let her…" He never finished.

"Quicker job equals quicker money." Double D explained "Quicker money equals quicker jawbreaker."

Hook, line and sinker. He knew that Eddy was in his grasp with the first half of that sentence but he really wanted to drive it home.

"F-Fine let's go."

"I can't wait to get my cut." Announced Sarah. "I'm going to buy so much fudge for me and Jimmy."

This stopped Eddy in his tracks. In a quick second he was in front of Sarah.

"Who says YOUR'RE getting a cut?" He screamed. "We're watching you so you have to do what your told pipsqueak."

Double D saw were this was going. It seemed Eddy just didn't learn his lesson. He decided to interfere before Eddy could feel Sarah's wrath. AGAIN

"Eddy I have a solution." He intervened. "Why don't Ed and I split our cut with her, that way you get all of yours."

"...Fine." After a second he reluctantly agreed. "But if you're going to hang with the Ed's, you need to be an Ed." He said with a sly grin.

Double D rolled his eyes at his friend's actions. Though he had to admit, it was pretty clever.

"Well…Edna, today you get to spend a day in the life of an Ed, how do you feel?" Edd asks, hoping to lighten the mood.

"Well..." she starts as she considers her words. "It could be better if it weren't for fathead over there."

"Ed, you've been awfully quite" Stated Double D. "Is everything well?"

They turn to the third Ed to see him shaking with a large smile on his face. When he couldn't seem to contain it any longer, he pulls them into a large hug.

"We three chums are now four!" He shouts happily "Now let's make those pigeons poor!"

This statement made everyone pause. Sarah and Edd stared in disbelief, while Eddy only laughed.

"EDDY!" Double D shouted accusingly. "Do you have something to do with that statement?"

"Who me?" He asked in false innocence.

"Let's just get through this and hope we can clean Ed's mind."

"Last one to the junkyard is a rotten Ed." The shortest shouted as he began running with the tallest following.

"Egg Eddy." Double D corrected.

"I know what I said!" He shouted from the distance.

"But Eddy eggs come from chickens and I love…" Eddy cut him off.

"Fine, can we go now?" Asked Eddy before slowing down with Ed behind him at an even slower pace. Possibly hoping for the egg, the closest to a chicken he'll get.

"Honestly Double D, I don't know why you stay with my brother and that fathead." Stated Sarah.

Double D gave her a small look before he sighed.

"Well if I didn't who would watch Ed?" He asked Double D.

"What do you mean?"

"Think about that statement Ed just made." He began. "How do you think Ed would be with just Eddy? His only friend, or something close to that, in the entire Cul De Sac."

After a second of considering that thought Sarah felt like emptying her breakfast. She never appreciated Double D more than she does now.

They followed behind the two Ed's at a slower pace.

"Tonight is a special night you know." Stated Double D in a lighter mood.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Tonight is a blue moon, do you know what that means?" He asked and she shook her head. "It means we'll be having a full moon."


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