Not taking my eyes away from the screen, I addressed the man who had just entered the room. "Hello, Watari. Do you have something to tell me?" It wasn't really a question. I was 80.5% positive Watari had something relative to say about the case I was working on. It was either that or he had noticed was almost finished with my strawberry cheesecake and wanted to know if I would like another one. I took another bite of the delicious dessert.

"Several things have just happened relative to your case."

"Well, then start telling me these details."

The man took sighed and took another breath to replace his air supply so he could start telling me his information.

"Some of the agents working on this case has come up with more results on your suspect list. The Omega Cheese Company and the Triple W Company have both been thoroughly search. Although Triple W was found to be carrying illegal drugs, it was not holding any children, and the drugs were already tested, so there is no need to use any kidnapped victims for anything."

I absorbed this information like a sponge. That's me… a sugary, messy haired, pale sponge. A really good sponge at that. Maybe after I'm done with my cheesecake I'll ask Watari for some Vanilla-berry spongecake. At that thought I once again sucked the cheesy, sugary food solid off of my fork.

"What of the KMI?" I asked.

"Besides the fact that they are the only suspected company left, there have been several recent incidents connected to the KMI," Watari replied.

I still had my eyes glued in a metaphorical sense to the bright computer screen.

Watari, not getting a response, continued, "Our undercover agents have found old boxes with the labels ripped off."

"Suspicious indeed…" I mumbled.

"Also, a ten year old girl and two wanted convicts have gone missing near the area. We have two witnesses."

"Where are these witnesses?" I questioned, a little more engaged in the conversation. My cheesecake supply dwindled.

"Not at the moment, sir, but we will be able to bring them in tomorrow."



"Yes, Watari, please get me some Vanilla-berry spongecake."I absent-mindedly held out my empty plate and didn't put my hand down until it had been lifted off.

"Thank you," I added before Watari turned around and left the room.