Sup, this is a follow up to my "Dreaded AN", as it were.

I did some some fishing this weekend, attended the JDM Chicago meet and this got me thinking. Don't ask me why.

I came to the conclusion that perhaps I was hasty in thinking I needed to completely revise my stories.

Well, for the most part anyways...

The Monster You Made will not be revised, but I will be injecting some little things here and there into earlier chapters to improve coherency and flesh out the plot a bit more. Nothing serious, just a few things.

The story is fairly decent as it is, and that should be fine.

The Kampfer of Pain however...

I reread it recently and I can't help but cringe. It is in dire need of revision, in my honest opinion.

Back when I started writing for this site, I was not a very good creative writer. I'm far from perfect even now, but I am better than I was. And my ineptitude kind of shows through the halting plot-line and the stupid cliches I was trying to avoid.

It's almost sickening.

So the Kampfer of Pain will be torn apart and completely redone, with a new plot-line and new background.

If this disappointing anyone, I'm sorry, but that's just too fucking bad.