I'll Stay By You

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Summary: A missing elective. A new found relationship. A jealous girlfriend. A second chance at love.

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The campus was bustling with hurried students and professors who were walking to class, meeting up at the coffee shop on campus, or just hanging around with each other. She pulled her car into the student parking lot behind the Biology building and couldn't stop the smile that spread across her face. It was her last year as an undergraduate and even though she had years left in her education, that didn't stop her from getting out of her car with a smile on her face. She walked up to the building while checking her purse and making sure that she had everything for the day.

Reaching the building, she held out her hand to push open the familiar glass door, but stopped when the cool glass didn't come into contact with her hand. Instead, she looked up and found Daniel holding the door open with one hand and presenting her with her senior thesis in the other. She gave him a shy smile and tucked her bangs behind her ear.

"I must say... it was impressive," he congratulated her, ushering her into the building and letting the door close behind them.

"Well I worked very hard on it. I'm glad you enjoyed it."

Together, they walked down the hallway and to the elevator that would take them up to the floor his office was on. Upon entering his office, she accepted her paper back and placed it into her school bag as he placed all of his things down on his desk. She took a seat on a small couch that was pushed against the wall and watched as he scrambled to organize his things for his first lecture.

"Before I forget," he muttered to himself while putting his notes into his briefcase. After zipping it back up, he reached behind him and grabbed a folder, then plopped it down on the desk in front of her. "I was going over this last night, comparing the new curriculum to the older one... you're missing an elective, Dana."

She tilted her head in confusion and pushed herself off from the couch a little, trying to decide if he was messing with her head or telling her the truth.

"Economics 300," he read off the paper, then placed it back down on the desk for Scully to look at. Shuffling to her feet, she grabbed her transcript and brought it up to look at.

"What... How? I should've taken this already. How did I miss this?" She shook her head, then sighed. "What if I don't take it?"

Daniel picked up his briefcase and pulled his glasses down.

"You don't graduate." Her mouth opened a little, panic starting to rush into her. "Go schedule it." Then, he was gone.

His apartment was dark... quiet. He was sprawled out on his couch, a thin blanket covered him. Dirty gym clothes were laid out around the room- hanging over the chair, across his desk, over his bookshelf, and even over his fish bowl. His eyes fluttered open and just as he began to wake up, he could hear the heels of his girlfriend advancing closer. The doorknob rattled and before he could get up from the couch, Diana opened the front door and gasped when she saw him still laying on the couch.

"Fox! What are you doing? You have class at nine!" Her voice, loud and right in his ear, made him wince and slowly get up from the couch. "How do you expect to graduate if you can't make it to class on time?"

"What time is it?" He asked, running his hands across his face to fully wake him up.


"Aw come on. I've still got thirty minutes," he whispered, getting up from the couch. The pajama pants he wore hung dangerously low on his hips as he walked across the living room, into the kitchen where she sat. "Alright, alright. I'll go."

Minutes later, he emerged from his bedroom wearing a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt. He walked up behind her and pressed a kiss to the top of her head and left the apartment. Halfway there, he checked his watch and the sudden realization had hit him. His first class had gotten canceled due to the professor still being out of town.

Turning back around, he made it back to his apartment to find Diana still there. Her head turned when he walked through the door and she sighed. He held up his hands in defense before she could get mad.

"Professor is still out of town. I don't have class until two o'clock. That's why I slept in." He walked past her to get to the living room, where he took a seat on the couch and turned on the television.

"Fox... look at this," she said, holding up his transcript. "You're missing an elective," she pointed out. "Economics 300?" She looked confused, as did he.

"What? No way! I took that with John two years ago!"

"Well you must have dropped it... there's a 'W' next to the class."

He let the remote fall from his hands and onto the floor.


The class had already started and Mulder peeked through the small window encased in the door to see just how full the class was. Turning around, he checked the time and reasoned that he was only five minutes late. Tightening the straps on his booksack, he pushed open the door as quietly as he could and stepped into the classroom. He passed through the back row and took the only open seat available. Once he was settled into his desk, he let his booksack fall to the floor and observed the class.

The professor was a middle-aged woman who had dirty blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail and wore jeans. He honestly couldn't tell if she was excited to be teaching the class or if she wanted to leave just as badly as he did. Directly in front of him sat two girls who highlighted everything in the book. To his right was a guy who had already managed to fall asleep and drool on his desk. To his right sat a girl with red hair that stopped just above her shoulders. She was paying attention to the lecture, but seemed just as bored as he was. She wore a burgundy shirt with white letters on the back that spelled out the name 'Scully' and the number '39' just below it.

It wasn't long before the teacher had wrapped up her introduction and announced to the class that they were starting chapter one. The girl next to him turned slightly to reach down for her bag. While reaching down for her notebook, her eyes met Mulder's and she for a second, forgot what she had reached down for in the first place. He offered up a smile, which she returned shyly. She straightened up in her chair, trying to hide the blush that spread across her cheeks, and opened up her notebook to start writing her notes.

Mulder took his eyes off of her just long enough to realize he had only brought a pen to class and then looked back at her with a grin. Leaning over, he got close beside her to whisper.

"May I borrow a piece of paper...?" He left the question hanging, encouraging her to announce her name.

"Dana," she whispered back. "And yes, you may." She ripped a few sheets of paper out from her notebook and handed them over to him.

"My name is Mulder, just in case you were wondering." She playfully rolled her eyes and softly laughed at his attempt to flirt. "Thank you again, Dana." She flashed him one of her brilliant smiles and nodded.

"Don't mention it, Mulder."

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