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Gap-Filler: Estel has learnt his birthright and presents himself as Aragorn to Arwen. As he leaves Imladris to begin life as a DĂșnadan, she watches covetly, recalling their first meeting and Elrond's words to her after.

Based on the narrative concerning Aragorn and Arwen in LotR's appendix A.

(Constructive criticism welcome.)

The "Unwritten Tales" is Wayfarer's attempt at a canon-conscientious series to fill in the gaps of the epic tale of LotR.

RATING: G. (Non-slash, non-language). GENRE: Drama.


Much thanks go to Avallone and Windfola for their valued feedback.

Eponymous elvish phrase courtesy of Avallone.


13 Jul 2003: Rewritten.
30 Jun 2002, 25 Jun 2002, 8 Jun 2002: Amendments.
7 Jun 2002: Uploaded