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The New Dominion

AU/SG1/FO: Sam Carter's life is saved by a mysterious man but no one believes her until she brings him in as a valuable ally. Mystery shrouds him and his intentions. That's when the troubles for the galaxy begin. A new course has been charted.

Chapter 20

Trouble in the Pegasus

The visit to the world of the children of Rao had been very educational for SG1. Diablo returned as promised and took them away. They returned to their own galaxy and back to the SGC finding a very stunned General Landry. Upon asking they discovered they had been gone only for an hour that seemed rather farfetched. Sam theorized that Diablo must have travelled back in time or slowed it in some fashion.

The debriefing took most of the day as SG1 had much to share of their visit. General Landry was pleasantly surprised they had managed to establish relationship with such advanced civilization though he as much as Dr. Jackson did not believe in the implication of the theory at hand about them.

Lord Diablo had stayed only for a short time in which he had used the crystals he had collected to booster their defenses as promised and then he left. He did not share with Sam though where. He only said he would be back some day.

There was no sign though of Commander Marut Cozar and his puny fleet. Earth and Jaffa vessels had searched the entirety of the Solar system and found nothing but space. There was also no sign of Count de la Croix either. They had all gone and Earth was safe for now.

The SGC was surprised when Atlantis reestablished contact but it was a pleasant one. Much was shared and the new Earth battle cruiser the USS Daedalus was sent there to help in Atlantis' defense. Of course, the mention of Diablo's presence there just before the battle of Earth was also intriguing. They had all wondered what he had been doing there but remained with no answer as they knew almost nothing of the Pegasus Galaxy other than what the Atlantis expedition had already learnt.

Arriving in the Pegasus Galaxy, the commander of the Daedalus reported back. It seemed much had happened during the absence of Dr. Weir and her command team. Reports from all over the galaxy spoke of god like battles across its breath and they were not of wraith activity. The SGC dispatched SG1 and the USS Odyssey there at once.

"Welcome to Atlantis!" Elizabeth's voice greeted the already descending in the atmosphere Odyssey's crew.

"Thank you, Dr. Weir, we have in sight your beautiful city." Colonel Ransom replied. He had been handpicked by General O'Neill personally to command this mission.

"You can land on the east pier."

"We'll do. Odyssey out!" Colonel Ransom said and turning to Major Kathleen Perkins added. "Inform SG1 and…never mind."

SG1 had just entered the bridge to have a good look at Atlantis. Dr. Jackson in particular had wanted to be part of the first mission to it but General O'Neill had held him back but now it was his turn. Though SG1 was loaned to Atlantis for the current crisis Daniel hoped it would take them a longer time to find out what was going on so he could enjoy at the very least his stay.

Daniel approached the front window. Sam got next to him. Daniel smiled meekly.

"What is it, Daniel?"

"It's just…I want to come but not under…"

"I know." Sam put a hand on his shoulder. "I know."

The Odyssey landed as instructed and SG1 proceeded to the gate room. Dr. Weir and Colonel Sheppard waited for them there.

"Welcome to Atlantis, SG1!" Elizabeth greeted.

"Thank you, Doctor!" Sam replied. "It is a beautiful city."

"How much of it have you explored?" Jonas asked.

"A little bit over a quarter, but there is still much we don't know about it." Elizabeth replied.

"But you know more or less what is where?"

"Yes, the sensors of the city are quite advanced."

"Colonel Sheppard,"

"Colonel Carter," John Sheppard replied back. "This way," He led them upstairs to the briefing room.

In there was Sheppard's team – Dr. Rodney McKay and Teyla of the Athosians, locals of the Pegasus, and the newest member of the team – Commander Ronon Dex of planet Sateda. Apparently he had been a runner. The wraiths it seemed enjoyed hunting people for sports and Sheppard rescued him from that fate and offered his the opportunity to strike back at his enemies.

Dr. Rodney McKay took position around the main screen where the map of the galaxy was presented.

"Two weeks after our return to the Pegasus, we were contacted by Geni refugees." Rodney began. "At first we thought it was a trick as they had made a play for the city before as well but as it turned out the Geni home world had become host for an interstellar battle."

"Just one?" Jonas asked.

"Why would the Geni flee their home world if a battle is fought in the heavens?" Sam asked as well.

"We asked ourselves the same question." Elizabeth shared. "And so we sent a drone and got these images."

Rodney switched to the video they had taken from the Geni home world. They showed very ugly looking ships bombarding targets on the ground that seemed to be replying with heavy weaponry fire at them.

"What the hell are those?" Daniel asked.

"We don't know." John replied. "It is not of any locals we know of."

"No, it is not!" Sam said with conviction making everyone's heads turn in her direction.

"What? Sam?" Rodney looked at her. "You know those?"

"Sam?" Daniel looked at her too.

"You know them too, Daniel. These are Marut Cozar's ships." Sam replied.

"WHAT?" Daniel exclaimed silently.

"How can they be here?" Teal'c said. "They were trapped in the Tauri solar system."

"Evidently they escaped." Sam said. "And now they are here."

"But then who are they firing at?" Jonas asked perplexed. "It is not at these Geni."

"No! I'd wager they're fighting de la Croix's forces." Sam said. "They both seemed quite keen on killing each other."

"What can we do?" Elizabeth asked.

"Stay out of their way." Sam replied.

"Or we could help them!" John added.

"NO!" Sam said adamantly. "We stay out of their way. The last time we decided to engage we sustained heavy losses. As much as we are sometimes trigger happy, this is not a fight we can win."

"I wouldn't so certain, Colonel."

"Colonel Sheppard, trust me on this one. We are no match for them at all!"

"So what?"

"We deal with the threats we know we can handle and those would be the wraiths. But these ones are out of our league."

"I'd imagine the census for the Goa'uld was the same."

"At the beginning, yes, but the Goa'uld are within are ability to fight. These guys however are not."

"We'll never know until we try."

"Colonel, we already tried and failed miserably. I'll have the SGC transmit the records from that fight so you can see for yourselves. I know you've been debriefed but that's not enough for you to understand how stupid of an idea it is to engage them."

"She's right, Colonel." Daniel added. "They are massively superior to us."

"Who are they exactly?" Teyla asked.

"They are predators that have ruled many galaxies for a very long time."

"There is always a bigger fish in the ocean."

"Very true, Colonel Sheppard, but those fishes aren't here yet." Sam replied.

"To whom are you referring?" Elizabeth asked.

"They are two parties that have yet to join this fight – the forces of Seudeny'vahtal and those of Lord Diablo."

"And they are worse than these two?" Ronon asked disbelievingly.

"Oh, yes, much worse," Sam answered.

"At least we think they are." Daniel added informatively. "We haven't seen them but from what little interference Lord Diablo had run it would seem so."

"If I understood correctly form the debriefing, Colonel, Marut Cozar and this Vahtal person are in the same team?" Elizabeth turned to Sam.

"They were until Cozar led a coup and took over or so he thinks."

"I'd imagine the same goes for Diablo and de la Croix?"

"Yes, Count de la Croix thought he was bossing Diablo around but it turned he had been mistaken."


"So we wait and see what happens?" Rodney supposed.

"Yes, these forces are unlikely to deal with us. We are far too inferior to them, for now anyway." Sam replied.

"And if the wraiths join up?"

"Doubtful, Rodney," Sam said. "Though they could try attacking and will get their asses kicked all over the galaxy. So if they are smart they would avoid contact."

"And we know for certain they would interfere."

"In that case, Colonel, they are toast."

"The Ancients thought the same."

"Maybe, but the Ancients' ships are not that powerful. We estimated that the capital ships of Marut Cozar are ten times stronger than Asgard Motherships."

"TEN TIMES?" John repeated stunned.

"Wow!" Rodney exclaimed visibly impressed and deeply concerned.

"How does one defeat a ship like that?" Teyla asked.

"He gets an equally powerful ship I'd imagine." Ronon replied.

"Something like that," Sam said with a smile.

"We can still use what you've gathered about them." Elizabeth said.

"We shall provide." Sam said nodding.

"In the meantime, we shall keep an eye on things." Elizabeth concluded. "Rodney, have quarters assigned to SG1 and a tour of the city."


Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, the fleet of Seudeny'vahtal was observing the battle between De la Croix and Cozar. Seudeny'vahtal himself was on the main bridge of his enormous flagship, the Grasp of Darkness, rivaled in size only by the Devil Guardian, the flagship of Lord Diablo.

"Milord," Commander Verscinct came at a halt before his master. "Marut Cozar's forces have lost the battle front on the inferior species home world Geni to Count de la Croix's elite troopers."

Seudeny'vahtal snorted showing his dissatisfaction with Cozar's tactical skills. "He is continuing to prove himself unworthy of the titleship Master of Darkness under the rule of Sah'den Ti Say or mine."

"If we helped him, he might have a chance to…"

"NO!" Seudeny'vahtal exclaimed. "He has enough forces to achieve victory but his tactical skills are that of a mouse, no, of an ameba. He has the tactical high ground and no clue how to use it besides I'm sure Diablo is observing the same battle and we are not ready for an encounter with him, yet."

"Yes, milord," Commander Verscinct said. He knew when to make suggestions and when to keep quiet. Marut Cozar had failed to destroy the Earth and now was failing to defeat Count de la Croix and his pathetic forces with obvious superiority. Maybe his master was right he was unworthy. But the night is young as the humans say.

"Still there is time for this failure to turn into something positive." Seudeny'vahtal added with something that could be described as hope. "He might get wiser."

"Or the enemies can a mistake."

"True," Seudeny'vahtal nodded approvingly. "Count de la Croix is prompt to make such especially when he thinks he is winning. Diablo on other hand doesn't have that weakness or any others."

"He's a tougher nut to crack."

"Much tougher, Commander, much," Seudeny'vahtal said. "That's why the Dark Lord lost. He underestimated him and Diablo took advantage of it though not at first."

"Why wouldn't he?"

"His annoying habit and sense of honor, among other annoying habits,"

Commander Verscinct remained silent. His master had gone back to his thoughts. Defeating an opponent such as Lord Diablo was something very difficult. He could not remember any encounters that have lasted that much as those in which Diablo is involved. He would simply never give up.

His master had won many encounters with Diablo but has never managed to kill him and the war was far from over. Diablo was known as a cunning opponent that even when he reveals his intentions quite literally it is still from frustratingly difficult to close to impossible to beat him.

The cadets of the Dark Academy in nowadays had to learn by heart at least four different tactical scenarios employed by Lord Diablo. This had to teach them that no matter how transparent his moves seemed to be his tactics always have an unpredictable outcome much like most humans of Earth.

Commander Verscinct had never thought they would find a race filled with such contradiction. The first thoughts are that the humans are easy to beat and that's not far from the truth. But in prolonged conflict it becomes clear that's not the case. The humans are tough nuts to crack too. They are way too persistent and that much unpredictable.

The recent failure of Marut Cozar only serves to prove this point. Of course not even the Dark Lord himself could do it and with much bigger fleet. He had twelve mortem terraformers. But this time, Cozar's fleet was more than sufficient and the ancient Earth defenses were not even up. It seemed pretty straight forward but as it turned it was not that easy. It was as Seudeny'vahtal had foreseen and as Verscinct thought Lord Diablo was unpredictable.

All this however did not matter in the long run. His master's plans begin with this galaxy, the Pegasus anyway. It represents only a tenth of the Milky Way and it shall soon be theirs. The local rulers, a distasteful race called the Wraiths, will not be a problem. They shall either bow or be swept away by the forces of Darkness. He, Verscinct, hoped for the latter.


Verscinct interrupted his thinking and turned to the source of the voice. It belonged to a young and very promising lieutenant.

"Yes, Lieutenant Marsha?"

"We have received word from the construction yards on Perseuss." She reported.


Lieutenant Marsha swallowed. It was never good to deliver bad news. Verscinct himself became apprehensive.

"The yards are under attack."

"WHAT?" Seudeny'vahtal exclaimed turning to Marsha.

"My…lord," Marsha stuttered.


"The communiqué mentions very ugly creatures that…"

Seudeny'vahtal raised a hand to silence her. His eyes had filled with red sparkles and his fury was climbing. 'How dared these idiotic creatures to touch his ships?' "Where is the defensive fleet?"

"They had to go and refuel. Only the defense guards had remained behind."

Seudeny'vahtal was not pleased that anyone could see. "Have they damaged by the building ships?"

"The communiqué does not say."

"Commander Verscinct," Seudeny'vahtal said loudly so everyone on the bridge can hear him.

"Yes, Milord," Verscinct replied maintaining a slightly less loud voice.

"Set immediately course for the shipyards," Seudeny'vahtal commanded. "These pathetic creatures need a lesson in manners."

"Yes, milord," Verscinct said and turned around walking straight to the helm's area. "Set course, random three nine four, line six two one."

"Course laid in,"


The massive flagship turned about and its powerful engines roared as it jumped to hyperspace.

"Lieutenant Mantis, prepare for the ship for combat,"

The lieutenant in question only nodded and then started giving loudly orders. The crew of the Dark Grasp swiftly executed all orders and in less than ten minutes the ship was rendered battle ready.

The Dark Grasp exited hyperspace shortly after. The view was not pretty. Half the ships in the docks were already damaged severely. What was left of the defense fleet that had obviously been taken by surprise was defending the main base, which the attacking enemy ships were unable to reach despite their surprise arrival.

The Dark Grasp approached quickly the battle zone and engaged its powerful batteries. The wraiths had noticed the new arrival and diverted two hives to intercept it. But they have misjudged their opponents. Somehow, the wraiths had stayed with the illusion they would defeat this new arrival easily. They were in for a very bad surprise.

The two hives were faster and more maneuverable than the Dark Grasp but their firepower was nowhere nearly as powerful as that of the Dark Grasp. The battery's commanders however were not in haste to fire which gave the first illusion to the wraiths. They approached too closely and got burnt.

The heavy fire of the Dark Grasp hit them mercilessly and the two hives were soon dust. The darts they had dispatched were shot systematically down first by the anti-craft batteries and then by the wave of death stingers the Dark Grasp had unleashed.

The other hives and their supporting cruisers then disengaged their fight with the remaining defending ships and engaged the Dark Grasp. But even their combined firepower was unable to penetrate the shielding of the massive ship.

The Dark Grasp's main batteries become silent and the wraiths were rejoicing. But they were deadly mistaken. The ship was not named Dark Grasp in vain. Furrows within the structure of the massive ship opened and rather big and ugly guns protruded.

They fired at the advancing hives a kind of dark fog. At first nothing seemed to happen but then one by one, the wraith hives started to contort and explode. Seudeny'vahtal had ordered the usage of a forbidden technology. The dark grasp is a cloud made of tiny particles. Each particle however contains a highly yielding explosive compound that can actually enter any ventilation system. Once they are lodged the vibration of the ventilation system sets them up.

The few remaining cruisers tried to escape the onslaught but were not so fortunate. Most of them were boarded and taken over while the others were pursued mercilessly and destroyed. The boarded crafts' crews resisted as much as they could but they were no match for the highly trained soldiers of the Dark Grasp's elite troopers. And the only wraith queen that was present during combat had been captured alive.

Seudeny'vahtal attended to her himself. He wanted to know how these pathetic creatures had found his base. The queen was a powerful being but she had never met a Dark Lord Priest before.

"You shall get nothing from me!" The queen had greeted him coldly and rather mockingly.

"We shall see." Seudeny'vahtal responded almost whispering. He focused his gaze into her eyes that were a curious shade of red. He sensed her mind and it was powerful. If anything else these creatures had one good thing going for them.

The queen's mocking however quickly subdued when she sensed the mind probing. She had been ready to laugh at her opponent's attempt but the meticulous approach silenced her. She focused her mind defenses.

The mind game continued for long hours and despite her greatest effort Seudeny'vahtal managed to burrow through them. He was impressed though. Not many creatures can resist him for this long and the mind of this queen was also very impressive. Unfortunately her mockery had played her a bad joke.

The queen's mind was filled with many interesting things including an encounter with little grey creatures that Seudeny'vahtal recognized at once – the Asgard. His fury and hatred jumped at once. In that regard, he felt exactly like Diablo. He hated these little buggers. And he placed a mental note to deal with them later and then continued his exploration of the queen's mind.

He soon found the answer to his question and was not pleased. The guilty would be punished, Seudeny'vahtal thought. The wraiths had actually gotten very lucky. But then again, it always counts not the best, but the better prepared. Even the weakest and inferior space faring civilizations stood a chance against poorly prepared defenses of superior races.

"You have been very helpful," Seudeny'vahtal said finally leaving the queen's mind. The queen had not managed to master an answer as the strain of fighting this humanoid and his stay in her mind was simply too much and she passed out.

Seudeny'vahtal left the interrogation room and headed back to the main bridge. Once there he contacted the commanders of the failed defense fleet and dispensed justice.

Not far from the shipyards of Seudeny'vahtal was the fleet of Lord Diablo. He had spent his time monitoring his enemy's moves. The unexpected battle with the forces of the wraith had been most entertaining.

"The wraiths' fleet has been annihilated, milord." Commander Major Talbot reported.

"What a surprise?" Lord Diablo exclaimed but a smile was dancing on his face. Even the mighty can be surprised. And today, Seudeny'vahtal has proven to be carefree a little too much. He should have been more careful with the locals. Diablo on the other hand did not have that weakness. He knows that even the most stupid bullet can kill the smartest man.

"D6 reports that a wraith queen had been captured and brought before the Dark Lord."

"I genuinely feel sorry for her." Diablo said. "Though the wraith queens have powerful minds she will not be able to resist him, at least not for long."

"How do you think they were taken by surprise?"

"I don't know but it probably involves carelessness. They have somehow gotten the idea that they are superior all the time and they would be wrong." Diablo replied.

"Shall we attack them now?"

"No," Diablo said. "We are not ready for an encounter with him, yet and besides my plans are slightly different from what anyone can expect."

"And what are your plans, milord, if I may be so bold to ask?"

"You may ask only." Diablo smiled. "No, I'm kidding." Diablo said. "I'm putting into effect the Pegasus Plans, a bit of ahead of schedule. They are all due for a surprise of biblical proportions."

"Yes, milord," Commander Major Talbot said. He knew his master had laid plans that had been called that but did not really know any details. They all knew of their existence and there was a schedule.

"Set a course for Atlantis."

"Atlantis? Milord?"

"You heard me. Samantha should be there by now."

"The Devil Guardian or the entire fleet?"

"Yes, all of us!"

"As you wish, milord,"

The fleet of Lord Diablo separated and jumped to hyperspace heading straight for Atlantis and after a short time exited hyperspace in orbit of Lantea.

The arrival of eighty ships in orbit threw the personnel of Atlantis in quite the chaos. They were not prepared.

"Rodney, what's going on?" John asked as he arrived in the control room followed by SG1 and Dr. Weir.

"Eighty ships just exited hyperspace in orbit."

"Eighty ships? How the hell did we not pick them up while in transit?"

"I don't know." Rodney replied. "Move!" He said at Sergeant Chuck. Sitting on the computer the explanation became quite apparent.

"Well?" John insisted.

"Apparently, these ships utilize a form of hyperspace that is unknown to the city's sensors and logically they did not pick them up until they came on top of us." Rodney replied.

"Rodney, can we cloak the city?" Elizabeth asked.

"I think it is already too late for that." Rodney said.

"Raise the shield then." John said.

"I have already."

"What are the ships doing?" Sam asked moving closer to him.

"Nothing," Rodney replied checking the sensors. "Other than scanning us, I mean."

"Have they hailed?" Elizabeth inquired.

"Not yet…" Rodney's face changed colors though. Something out of the ordinary was happening and he was unable to prevent it.

"Rodney!" John exclaimed seeing his expression.

"The star drive just activated."

"What? How?"

"I don't know." Rodney replied frustrated continuing his efforts to prevent it. "It is not my doing."

"Remote?" Sam looked at him.


"To what end?" Jonas wondered. "We will still have the shield up there, right?"

"Well, if they can control our systems from afar, they can kill us all without a single shot fired." John explained. "But Rodney is not going to let it happen, right?"

"I'm doing the best I can but I can't stop the intrusion into the system."

The rumbling of the city's engines became more pronounced and everyone could hear them now. Over the next twenty minutes, Elizabeth evacuated all non essential personnel to the Daedalus and most of the jumpers.

The star drive of Atlantis reached its pinnacle and the city rose from the ocean's surface, and shortly after reached orbit. Jonas, Teal'c and Daniel had gone on the balcony so they can see the ships.

"Ah, guys, I think you should come." Daniel called on the radio.

The rest joined them and Sam recognized at once the fleet of ships.

"Who are those?" Ronon exclaimed.

"You think the same as I do?" Daniel turned to Sam.

"Yeah, I do." Sam replied.

"Well?" John asked.

"This is the fleet of Lord Diablo. I'm certain of it!" Sam replied. Her gaze had gone to the massive ship that occupied the view before them. It was indeed monstrous ship. It was even bigger than the one she saw on Earth. All the other ships seemed to be like dwarves before it, tiny even. It was a very impressive sight though.

Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Devil Guardian, Lord Diablo was overseeing the control of Atlantis' systems. He smiled at the valiant but pointless effort of Dr. McKay to keep him off the system.

"Have you located the subdirectory?" Diablo asked.

"Still looking, milord," Lieutenant Miles replied. "It will take awhile."

"Do your best. Much depends on it!"

"Yes, milord,"

Diablo left Miles to work on it and walked to the front illuminator that overlooked the massive corpse of his flagship. His plans, oh his plans, were so wonderful. Soon, everything was going to change and hopefully for the better.

"Milord, Atlantis is hailing us!" Commander Major Talbot informed. "Again!"

Diablo smiled. Of course they were. They wanted to know. "Remain silent until Lieutenant Miles locates the subdirectory."

"As you wish,"

Diablo continued observing the view outside. "Position the fleet around the city."

"Yes, milord,"

The fleet surrounded Atlantis in defensive formation but for the residents of the city the message was rather clear – make the wrong move and boom.

Sometime later, Lieutenant Miles exclaimed loudly. "YES!" Diablo lifted his head and walked to him. "I found it, milord."

Diablo took a peak and smiled. "Good job, lieutenant. Activate it!"

"Yes, milord,"

A beacon on Atlantis activated and began immediate transmission throwing Rodney in a great deal of panic.

"Rodney, what the hell now?"

"A beacon is transmitting." He replied sounding rather frantic. Sam was helping but the transmission continued in spite of their efforts.

"Shut it down. The whole damn galaxy is going to hear us!" John said.

"I'm trying!" Rodney retorted.

"Can't we simply cut the power?" Ronon asked.

"Oh, yes, that would be great. Why didn't I think of such stupid idea?"

"Rodney," Elizabeth reproached him.

"What?" Rodney exclaimed. "The ZedPM is not the only thing keeping the power in this city. If we were on the surface that will not have been a problem but in orbit, in space that is a very big problem."

"Oh," Ronon exclaimed realizing what he had suggested.

"You know, Rodney, that's not such a bad idea." Sam said.


"No, we don't cut off the power but we shut down the database."

"Wonderful thought, Samantha but the engines are sadly tied to the damn system." Rodney countered.

"Can't we simply destroy the damn beacon?" John asked.

Rodney looked at him. "Oh, yes, wonderful thought. Why didn't I think of it?"

"Great I'll do it!" John said and walked away.

"Wait!" Rodney stood up and gesticulated.


"This beacon can't be damaged without inflicting severe damage to the engines."

"Why?" John frowned.

"This would probably be because it is powered by the engines which in turn are powered by the ZedPM."

"What? Who comes up with such idiotic idea?"

"Oh, I don't know – the Ancients?"

"Right! So we can't stop the damn thing?"

"Not even if we jumped to hyperspace right now!"

"There must be a way."

"Other than shutting down the ZedPM there isn't."

"Do we know the purpose of this beacon?" Teal'c asked speaking for the first time.


"Then find out!" Elizabeth ordered.

Even several days later, the purpose of the beacon remained unknown. Diablo's fleet however had done one good thing as the crew of Atlantis came to notice. The very next day since their ascension in orbit, John Sheppard took a jumper out of the city's shields. He then had a bit of hard time finding the city again or the ships of the fleet. As it turned out, the entire fleet was cloaked or at least the area around them and the city. But the elusive answer of the beacon's puzzle remained elusive. Weeks passed before they had their answer.

"Milord, sensors are picking up massive hyperspace activity." Commander Major Talbot informed on the fourth week of waiting.

"Excellent," Diablo replied all beaming. "Gentlemen, Pegasus Plan, phase one completed."

His crew did not really know the meaning of this but Diablo smiled confidently. They were all soon going to find out. A new era was beginning and he was going to lead it but first many changes were coming and they were going to reshape the universe.

Hyperspace windows appeared and the crew of Atlantis finally understood the purpose of the beacon.

"Elizabeth!" Rodney called.

All joined him at the balcony.

"What the hell…?" John Sheppard exclaimed stunned and he was not the only one.

"Those are Lantean ships, a lot of them." Rodney said observing stunned.

"Warships?" John asked his eyes lit.

"Yes," Rodney confirmed. "According to the database, once they had hundreds of these."

"What the hell is that there?" Jonas pointed to an area behind one of Diablo's ships.

Rodney focused his gaze there and his jaw was nailed to the floor as he saw seven towers just like the one they were on. "Cities…" He said whispering.

"They look just like…Atlantis." Teyla added.

"They are perfectly preserved." Teal'c observed.

The seven cities soon came close to Atlantis alongside the twenty Lantean warships. Some of the ships looked like they had been through hell of a battle but the rest were perfectly preserved.

On the bridge of the Devil Guardian Diablo was observing his new prizes. He had great plans for them. Of course, these ships were nowhere as strong as his ships but they were going to do just fine into his plans.

"Commander," Diablo called. "Send word to our scouts, they are to find those in this galaxy that possess space flight and bring them here. There is only one planet they are to avoid at all costs – planet Asuras."

"Um, yes, milord, and the wraith, sir?"

Diablo was pensive for a moment. "Them too or at least those who agree."

"As you wish,"

Commander Major Talbot sent the order and returned to Diablo.

"Now, we can make contact with Atlantis." Diablo said.

"Yes, milord."

"Actually," Diablo was saying just as Talbot was turning. "First, steal their gate."

"Yes, milord,"

Commander Major Talbot turned around and went to execute the order. The Stargate from Atlantis was beamed off and placed in the main cargo hold.

"We have the gate, milord."

"Dial Stargate Command and reroute the communication to Atlantis as well."

Meanwhile on Atlantis, Dr. Weir was trying to understand how their gate was beamed offsite but poor Rodney really had no idea other than Diablo having their shield frequency.

"What does he want with the gate?" Jonas wondered.

"Dial it!" Teal'c answered.

"Um, Dr. Weir," Chuck called. "We are picking up a transmission."

"Let's hear it!"

"This is Stargate Command."

"Ah, Sergeant Sillar," They all heard Diablo's voice. "Put on the generals."

"Of course,"

There was a pause.

"Lord Diablo!" It was General O'Neill.

"General O'Neill,"

"What are you doing on Atlantis?"

"Oh, no, the gate is not on Atlantis. I borrowed it."


"You mean you stole it?" General Landry asked.

"Semantics," Diablo replied.

"What do you want?" O'Neill asked before Landry could master an appropriate response.

"You know you were right all along, Jack." Diablo replied. "Everyone is selfish." And he let a sinister laugh. "A new era begins."

"A new era you say?"

"Oh, yes," Diablo replied. "A new era and it starts right here where it ended ten thousand years ago – Pegasus Galaxy, planet Lantea, home world of the Alterrans, or as they were called in nowadays the Ancients.

It is here where they made their last stand against an enemy they had created – the wraith. Hopefully, the wraiths will join the party too and if not the party is going to come to them, after all it is their choice. I can only ask once."

"That still doesn't tell us anything."

"Indeed," Diablo acknowledged. "You are smart ass, Jack. But my plans begin with the Pegasus."

"And these plans are?"

"By now, the expedition crew of Atlantis is wondering how any of this is possible and before you ask I shall tell you. They are looking at all good ships left behind by the Lanteans. They wonder how they came here. "


"You see a very long time ago, the Lanteans had built in a curious backup. It is a beacon that compels all ships to return home or as we call it a homing beacon though of course the one of the Lanteans has one curious feature.

We can easily imagine that not all ships would survive the vigor of longevity which is where the homing beacon directive comes into effect. It activates a backup system probably the captains of those ships never knew existed.

The backup activates the subspace buffer designed to absorb zero point energy straight from subspace so even if all power on the ship is gone it would soon be replenished and then they will return home.

And now comes the one even sweetest part. All these ships and cities can be commanded by Atlantis itself."

"Commanded how?"

"The city of Atlantis acts as a command vessel that can control the others remotely. Curious isn't it?"


On Atlantis, Elizabeth turned to Rodney.

"Is that even possible?"

"I don't know, maybe." Rodney replied cautiously then exclaimed angrily. "The damned Ancients never leave manuals."

Back on the Devil Guardian Diablo continued.

"It is time for the human race to take its rightful place in the galaxy, Jack."

"Which is what?"

"Rule of course," Diablo replied. "What else can there be?"

"We don't do that."

"The times change."

"Even if, we considered it we don't have the manpower."

"Hence, my saying the times change."

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, my bad,"

"Diablo!" O'Neill exclaimed apprehensively. "What do you mean?"

"I probably forgot to mention…"

"Mention what?" O'Neill's senses were on high alert.

"I've rerouted this conversation through every satellite, every communication satellite on Earth."

"WHAT?" O'Neill exclaimed horrified. He turned to Walter who looked just as stunned. He gestured him to the nearest television set. Walter put it on and watched horrified. Diablo was telling the truth though the sight was indeed glorious: eight massive ships as big as Manhattan surrounded by twenty Ancient design ships and the massive ships of Diablo's fleet. "What have you done?"

"What you should have done a long time ago. We are of planet Earth. We are not Americans or Russians, or Chinese or English, we are the people of Earth. And only the Americans or your other allies' military and certain privileged businessmen to benefit from it, isn't right. If there is to be a benefit it will be the whole of the human world or not at all. As I said, Jack, the times change."

"You have no idea what you have done."

"Oh, yes, I do. A new era begins."

"You've buried us!"

"Your lack of faith in your own people is disturbing. You'd be surprised of what the humans are capable of. The future has come…"

To be continued…

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