1: The Text message.

It had only been two months since the game ended and Takizawa 'the terrorist' was long forgotten by the media, but not by Saki. Every night Saki would have the same damn dream about the last kiss they shared just before he left and him leaving his phone in her hand saying that he would be back. But the dream would always fast forward a few months to him being caught by the police and brought in to the government custody. Every day she would wake in the same fashion; sad, lonely, and hating herself for not running after the man that she loved. Saki had let Takizawa slip out of her hands. At the moment Saki had just awoken from one of those same dreams just before the government was about to give Takizawa the death penalty or life in jail, the only varying thing in the dreams.

'Hey, u up?' Osugi texted.

Saki smiled to herself, at lest she could always count on her friends to brighten her days. 'Yeah, just woke up. What's up?' she replied, her thumbs clicking away at the small keyboard on her phone.

'Nothing much. U got work 2day?' he asked. Saki raised her eye brows. If anyone should know her work schedule, other than her, it was Osugi, he knew that she always had the weekends off.

'You know that I don't work on weekends…'

'O yeah, that's right. So u want 2 meet up latter w/ the rest of the gang?'

There was something off with Osugi today, he normally didn't short hand text messages, epically to her and he wasn't trying to ask her out like he normally did. The only thing that seemed constant with him was that he always texted her first thing in the morning and it took only a second to return a text. He was up to something today.

'Sure. Where at?'

'The old Eden of the East office.' he replied. 'the club room.' He corrected himself.

The club room? At the college? Saki thought, they had the room reserved for sometime, but she thought that they had given back the key after Eden was shut down. In fact they had cleared out all their stuff so only a table was left in that room and a few pictures that they had covered with all their junk. Its been a long time since I was there. she thought. 'Ok. What time are we meeting there?'

'About 2 hrs.'

Saki replied saying that she'll be there. She rolled out of bed, stretching out her arms and legs. She opened the night stand to fish out her brush, but when she did the selecao phone slid to the front. Saki's heart sank, as she picked it up feeling the weight in her hands. Getting out with her old friends was going to be good for, getting out of her apartment, apart from work, is going to be good for her.

Saki had moved out of her sisters a few weeks after Takizawa left, she couldn't afford much, but until she raised the funds she had stayed in the malls apartment over the movie theatre. When she had the money she could only rent out a small studio apartment. On a normal weekend, she would shut herself in her apartment and catch up on some work papers or sometimes Osugi would bring over a movie and they would just stay in.

She walked over to her bathroom, running the brush through her hair and going through her normal morning rut. She turned on her TV in the living room and made her self a bowl of cereal and sat down on the table to watch the morning news. She always tried to watch the news to keep an eye out for Takizawa, whether just a sighting or any news of him being brought in. Even thought it broke her heart to think that if he was caught, he could at lest see him face once more. After the news ended and there was no sign of him, she was slightly more happier that she had been in the morning.

She washed her bowl and headed back to get dressed, it would take about a half hour to get to the old club room at the college. She grabbed her sweater and a pair of jeans from her closet and when to go brush her teeth and do a bit of make up. When she was done she still had about 45 minutes until everyone was going to meet up. She grabbed her purse and as a last though before leaving her apartment, grabbed Takizawa's phone and shoving it in her purse.

Reaching out toward the door knob she sighed. She locked the door behind her and made her way toward the college.

"There are you happy?" Osugi asked flipping his phone closed after the last text from Saki. "She's going to be at the club room in two hours."

The boy standing in front of Osugi smiled down at him. "Yeah, I am. Thanks man."