2: the club room

Saki stood out side the college's club building. Being there brought back a lot of memories of help promote Eden of the East and building it. It wasn't that long ago that she had last stepping though the doors and into the hallways around the building, but the true was that it felt like years had past since everyone had graduated and moved on to a bigger office in down town and had employees. But really caught her attention in her thoughts was the memory of the first time the Takizawa was ever in the room saying that he would help fund the program.

"Its been a long time." she whispered to herself as she opened the door to the club room. To her surprise, there was no one in there. She looked down at her watch, she was a few minutes early but not by much, so someone should do showing up soon.

"You never were one to just be on time were you?" a voice called out. "Well except for you graduation trip." Saki knew that voice all too well. It was the voice she never thought she would hear again. "Then again I guess we would never have meet if you didn't."

Takizawa's head popped out of the secret escape that the helped two of her friends escape when the police tried to arrest them, not that long ago.

Saki's eyes started to water as she watched him crawl out of the hole. As soon as he was all the way out, Saki through herself at him, wrapping her arms around his body. He let out an oomph as his body made contact with the hard wall. Takizawa smiled, his signature grin, as he wrapped his arms around her small frame, leaning his head against the top of hers. The orange and black hair mixed as they stood there just in each other arms. Takizawa pulled his head from hers and leaned it against her forehead.

Takizawa could have closed the small distance with his lips, but he didn't. His eyes studied Saki's face as she studied his, but he made no move to finish it. She was the one who leaned into him, closed the distance between their lips. Saki kissed him, soft. His lips were completely still against hers; only his half- parted mouth and the frantic beat of his heart let her know that he wanted this. Saki started to pull back, and one his hands slid up her arm until he cradled the back of her head and the other held her tight against his body. He balled his hand into Saki's hair, squeezing, feeling the thick hair as she fleet the silk of his through her own fingers. His eyes were just a little wide, flashing white. He lowered his lips back to hers. This time that they kissed, he kissed back. This kiss wasn't like that the few time that they kiss where one of the other didn't kiss back.

Saki opened her mouth to the press of his lips, flicking her tongue, a small wet touch. His mouth opened to her, and the kiss grew. His hand stayed in her hair, but the other hand swept around Saki's waist, pulling her down to the floor, sitting next to each other. He kissed her as if he would eat Saki from the mouth down. She could feel the muscles in his back working under her hands as he kissed her with lips and tongue, as if his mouth had parts she'd never felt before. Saki turned in his arms, sitting more solidly in his lap. It brought a sound low in his throat, and his hands were at her waist lifting her upward so that Saki's legs swung to either side of him with the kiss in once unbroken wet line.

Saki knew at that moment that she was truly in love with Takizawa. The way that he kissed…she could tell that he loved her as well. Saki pulled away from him, looking him in the eyes. "Takizawa…-"

"Akira. With a kiss like that, I think that you can call me by my first name." He panted. "Saki, I love you."

He had caught Saki off guard saying that he loved her, but she was glad that he said it first so that she didn't look like a love struck school girl if she told him. Saki smiled at him again. "I love you too, Akira." Saki said kissing him again. He closed the gap between their two bodies, leaning back on the floor, so that he was on top of her. He kissed Saki's neck leaving marks along the way, she closed my eyes and leaned her head back, as her breathing began to become uneven. Akira took both of her wrists in one hand, trailing his hand down, lingering on her breasts. His hot breath was on her neck, making her shiver. His lips brushed Saki's neck, with each kiss he was getting more forceful. He started to bite down, making her moan loud.

"A-Akira…" Saki said as she felt Akira start to kiss up to her lips. Saki didn't waist any time letting Akira in. She tangled her fingers through his hair, pulling, and making him moan. Saki's hands trailing down from the back of his head to unbutton his shirt. He pulled his hands up to help her slide his shirt off.

"Hey Osugi? Why did we have to come to the old club room?" Hirasawa asked from the hallway.

"I just thought that we might have left something in the room. I just wanted a second eye to find it." Osugi said.

"Osugi, the only things that are left in there are the pictures and the large desk." Hirasawa said turning the knob to the door. Saki and Akira pulled away from each other, Akira stood up and held out his hand for her to take. Saki gladly excepted the help up. "Saki? What are you doing here-Takizawa?"

"Hey, what's up man?" Akira said letting go of Saki's hand. "Long time so see."

"Not long enough for me." Osugi muttered under his breath, looking away from everybody in the room.

"Oh, hey. Osugi. Thanks again man." Akira said, wrapping his arm around Saki's shoulders.

"You knew he was back?" Saki asked, looking at Osugi. Osugi stiffened up as every one looked at him.

"Y-yeah. He showed up at my apartment this morning-"

"And I asked him to get you here for a surprise." Akira cut in.

"Well not much of a surprise, Osugi was texting in a way he normally doesn't, so I thought something was up." Saki said, looking at up.

Akira smiled down at her. "Looked like a surprise to me. And felt like one too, my back has the proof." he laughed, rubbing the top of Saki's head. Osugi just about fainted, thinking about why Akira's back was to the wall and why both of their hair was so mess up, given the fact that Akira normally had his shaggy black hair messy was even messier then normal.