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Zaklinam bezlitosny czas
Ten ból i żal co rośnie w nas

Antonio stood before the large school building that was to become his new workplace. The only thing on his mind was how it hadn't changed at all since he had attended the boarding school nearly a decade ago. The large concrete building was still painted a pastel pink which made it look like a large square sweet with windows and a large glass door. The Spaniard grinned fondly at the memories of his school days, his friends and all the trouble they had managed to cause. They were always causing havoc somewhere, but only Gilbert would really get into any trouble. The teachers liked Antonio too much and Francis had been too much of a flirt to get detention.

Deciding he had spent enough time reminiscing, Antonio headed up and into the building. Besides, he would see his friends again soon. They both worked in the school as teachers themselves now, so the Bad Touch Trio would be reunited once more.

But first… "Mr Wang." Antonio muttered at the note he had written himself and an immature giggle burst from his lips. How did I become a teacher? I just laughed at my Boss' surname! Oh Dios mio I'd hate to imagine what Gilbert was like in his interview. Antonio couldn't help a fond smirk at the image of his albino friend trying to suppress his rather unusual laugh upon finding out the principal's name. The teacher looked around, suddenly realising that the inside of the school had changed, classrooms were now where closets were before, and he had no idea where he was going. He looked around, trying to spot either a clue or a person that could help him. It's so empty… School doesn't officially start until tomorrow, but there aren't even any teachers around! I would have thought at least somebody would be here to be doing last minute work or something…

Upon finding nothing, he began to walk around when he heard the sounds of something around the corner he was coming up to. "Hello? Is anyone there? I was wondering where the principal's office was?" He asked, turning the corner.

When he rounded the corner he saw a young teenager, sitting on the floor with knees to his chest, hunched over them. A large curl protruding from the side of his head bobbed as he let out shaky breaths.

"Hola…Are you okay amigo?" The Spaniard asked nervously, crouching down beside the boy. The teen nodded without lifting his head from where it rested on his knees, the action causing the curl to bounce even more. Antonio sat down on the ground beside the boy and rubbed the teens back gently. "Do you want to talk?" He asked and the teenager let out a soft sob. Antonio wrapped his arms around the boy and made gently shushing noises. The boy wrapped his own arms around Antonio's waist and after a while started to calm down. He pulled away and wiped his face with his sleeve.

"…Grazie." A quiet voice said and the teen managed a weak smile. Antonio smiled at how cute the boy looked, despite his tear-induced red eyes, and patted the boy's head. "Sorry, I don't usually get like that…" The teenager added in the same quiet voice. Antonio wasn't sure how to respond so just nodded and looked around awkwardly.

"Are you here for the memorial?" The younger of the two asked, his voice wavering as he said it.

"Memorial? No… I'm a new teacher. Is that where everyone is?" The teenager nodded in response, wiping his eyes again.

"Didn't you need me to show you somewhere?" The teenager asked, looking up at the Spaniard with large hazel eyes. Antonio nodded.

"If you don't mind, I'm supposed to talk to the principal. But I could find my own way if you don't want to."

"No it's fine, I don't mind." The smaller boy said, his voice a little stronger which allowed Antonio to hear the Italian accent laced within. Antonio smiled gratefully and got to his feet and they headed off together.

"I'm Antonio. Though I guess you're supposed to call me Mr Carriedo… Well either is fine." The Spaniard said with a grin.

"I'm Feliciano, Feliciano Vargas." The teenager replied. He seemed to have calmed down immensely and now had a small smile on his face that looked a lot more natural on him then sadness did.

"Vargas…Vargas…Where do I know that name?" Antonio asked, wracking his brain.

"Oh, uh, Lovino Vargas? Marianna Vargas? Julian Vargas?" Feliciano began listing his relatives and at the last name Antonio perked up.

"Vice Principle Vargas! Julian, oh I remember. Good times. He was always there to bail us out of trouble, unless we really deserved it of course. How is he? Last I heard he was principle here." Antonio said excitably. Everyone loved Julian Vargas; it was something about his personality. He was so fun-loving and free that it was hard not to be drawn-in. Antonio looked over at Feliciano and saw his smile from before had gone and he looked sad again.

"He's…he's dead. The memorial is for him. We hold it for him every year, and my mother Marianna." The Italian said with a shaky voice and Antonio's eyes widened.

"Oh, Lo siento." Antonio said sadly, unsure how he was supposed to react. Vice principle is dead? When did that happen? I'll have to ask either Francis or Gil about it later.

When the boy let out a dry sob, Antonio wrapped an arm around him reassuringly. "Are you going to be okay?" He asked and the Italian nodded.

"Si, I just don't get like this a lot so when I do it's hard to stop." He muttered and Antonio nodded in agreement, remembering how he had cried for days after his father had passed away and how shocked everyone was. They had all thought he was incapable of sadness.

Finally they got to a hardwood door with "Yao Wang" on the front in bronze letters. After the smaller boy had assured him he would be fine, and Antonio had given him his phone number just-in-case, Antonio finally knocked on the office door.

"Hello, come in –aru." An Asian voice called out from inside the room and Antonio entered. The office was small but nicely decorated with random porcelain figurines and the occasional plush toy. "Please, take a seat." The voice instructed and a Chinese man motioned to an empty chair in front of a large wooden desk with hands covered by the large sleeves of his shirt. Antonio complied and sat down gratefully while the principal sat opposite.

"So…Antonio. I apologise for the urgency of all this, I just really wanted to get a teacher before the school year started-aru." Mr Wang said with a tired expression and Antonio grinned reassuringly.

"It's okay, I was looking for somewhere new anyway. I got a little tired of being an assistant teacher and felt like I needed some more responsibility." At this the Chinese man perked up greatly.

"That's good, I was worried. We are really short on staff right now so everyone is having to take up extra responsibilities. In fact, that's why I wanted to talk to you today. I need to ask you a favour -aru." The principal then looked tired again, and even a little worried.

Antonio shrugged, "Sure, what is it?"

Yao thought intently about how to word his request. He started a couple of times but stopped himself before more than a syllable got out.

"We…have a student here…who is…troubled." The Asian said slowly. "Very troubled." He muttered to himself, running a sleeve-covered hand over his face. "I think… and your friend Mr Beilschmidt assures me… that you might be able to help him." Antonio looked at the man, stunned.

"Me? But, I don't understand sir." He replied obliviously.

"He needs someone, Antonio. When Gilbert described you he said you always see the best in people, and that is exactly what he needs. Someone who won't judge him and has the patience to deal with him -aru. He is a remarkable boy, but won't let anyone see it. And no one else tries, or even wants to try." Antonio nodded slightly, still confused but understanding more about what was wanted from him.

"Okay… I still don't understand what you want me to do though." He said, his brow furrowing in confusion and Yao shrugged.

"Talk to him, -aru. He just needs to not be alone for too long, and maybe watch how the other students act to him. Is that okay?" Yao asked hopefully and Antonio nodded. He didn't know who this boy was but it sounded urgent.

"When will I meet him?" Antonio asked, almost excited about being this boy's new mentor type figure. Though it almost sounds like I'm this kid's babysitter…

"Tomorrow, he'll be in your Spanish class. As well as Wednesday afternoon during form-time and Friday afternoon Spanish. Unless you see him before in the dorms –aru, his room is a few doors down from your own." Antonio tried to remember all the information and smiled. "Thank you for this Antonio, that's all I needed to talk to you about, -aru." He offered Antonio his hand and Antonio shook it.

"Thank you sir, I'll see you around." Antonio grinned.

"Call me Yao –aru. And I'm sure you will." The Chinese man replied with a smile. He found the Spanish man's natural brightness contagious and hoped that would help him get his new student to open up at last.

"Oh, one more thing… This student I'm looking after, what's his name?" Antonio asked, rising from the chair and heading to the office door.

"Oh, Lovino -aru. Lovino Vargas."

"Zaklinam bezlitosny czas,Ten ból i żal co rośnie w nas." - "I charge a ruthless time, The pain and grief that grows in us." 'Wspomnienie by UnSun (Google translated the lyrics and I am more than a little suspicious of them)

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