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It was the only way to describe how Lovino felt while he slowly drifted into consciousness. Comfortable, warm peace. Soft cotton sheets wrapped around him while a soft breeze played with his hair. The smell of warm earth and a natural spice came in with the wind, and Lovino rose from his bed to look outside the open window. He stood, completely naked, before the window. He was confident that no-one would see him, as the window overlooked a garden that went on for miles. An endless stretch brightly coloured fruits and vegetables.

Footsteps could be heard heading towards the room, and when Antonio opened the door Lovino just turned to look at him with a calm expression.

"I thought this was supposed to be your dream?" Antonio joked, covered in mud and sweat from where he'd just come from outside. To Lovino he looked like messy perfection.

"I'll bottle the wine in a bit, I'm just..." He looked to the window again, a small smile on his face. Antonio nodded, understanding. Lovino would get overwhelmed sometimes, this was everything he had ever wanted, and for Antonio it wasn't so bad either.


They'd been a few months into their relationship when rumours began to spread about them, and the headmaster had interviewed them both individually and together in order to warn them of the possible consequences, should they prove to be true. They may have been okay, had the very same headmaster not walked in on them both having sex on Antonio's desk.

They were fired or expelled almost on the spot, Antonio being told he would never work as a teacher again and Lovino being treated like a victim. Antonio had heard the one thing he feared most, Yao accused him of taking advantage of Lovino, of using him. Antonio had been wordless, staring broken-heartedly at the older man, before Lovino verbally exploded. He'd screamed and shouted and Antonio had had to hold him back to prevent him from physically attacking the older man.

Lovino had held him that night, whispering comfortingly in soft Italian into his curly hair, and that had been the first night Antonio had ever let someone else take control during sex.


After that had been a blur of paperwork and lawsuit threats that dissolved into nothing until Lovino had declared that he was done with America, done with their laws and beliefs and funny accents. He'd thrown whatever letter he had been reading across the room and told Antonio they would be moving. Then, using his inheritance and Antonio's savings they'd bought an old farm villa in a tiny Spanish countryside town, and worked day and night to bring it to life.

They didn't miss much from their old life, Antonio had become a tutor when he wasn't helping on the land. Feliciano occasionally called but mostly him and Lovino just texted from time to time.

Francis would visit at any opportunity, and for as long as possible. Loving the way the Spanish sun tanned him so quickly. He'd even brought Arthur once or twice, but there was no end to the bickering between him and Antonio, so his visits were less frequent.

Gilbert visited occasionally, but the sun was too much and he kept getting severe heatstroke and dangerous burns, so they mostly just talked over web-cam and calls on the phone.

They never even considered going back.


Lovino also found that he got on amazingly with Antonio's mother, and they went to visit her occasionally to help around the house and so on. She was smitten with Lovino's accent, and would giggle like a much younger woman if Lovino were to kiss her hand and speak to her in fluent Italian.

Life was good. It was simple but filled with endless love and happiness. On the day of their anniversary, Antonio proposed.

He'd called Lovino out to one of the fields to see something. It was the first field they had planted in, and when Lovino went over Antonio beckoned to the first plant in the field. "Has something happened to Colin?" Lovino had asked, walking nervously towards the plant.
Then he saw it, a plain gold band held by a twisted vine.

"I know it's not much..." Antonio said softly as Lovino bent to retrieve it.

"Antonio, It's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." He said quietly, shock slowly sinking in as he stared at his distorted reflection in the polished gold. He'd thought about the idea of Antonio proposing before, had thought up witty comebacks and pictured forcing the older man to give him back-massages for a year or buying him a car something, but as he held the gold in his hand his thoughts went silent. There was just him and Antonio and everything they had built together. "It's so beautiful." He turned it slowly between his fingers and slipped it on. Antonio was speechless, having prepared himself for every possible worst-case scenario. He hadn't let himself consider the possibility of Lovino saying yes because he knew the disappointment would be too much. But he had said yes. He had agreed for them to spend the rest of their lives together. The wonderful, spontaneous, insane young man who was moody and grumpy but so intelligent and almost terrifyingly wise. Who had changed his life completely from the moment he had wandered in late to his classroom one day.

He held the younger man's hand between two of his own, and pulled it up to kiss each knuckle. He couldn't think of anything to say that would express how happy his life had become, and Lovino understood.

"Is it me or are the stars even more beautiful tonight?" Lovino asked, wrapping his arms around Antonio.

Antonio hummed, cuddling Lovino to him. "They shine brighter, trying to keep up with the infinite wonder that is you. Tonight they shine exceptionally for you are brighter than ever."

The evening air wrapped around them like a cloak, two young lovers looking to the sky, like many others in an eternally expanding universe.



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Arthur looked over the letter he had received again, trying to find any hint that it was a fake - that it was just a prank. That one of the people that had made his high-school life hell had found where he lived and were trying to mess with his head. "Well, fuck." He muttered, tossing the letter to the side and heading towards his soon-to-be-shared bathroom. The glitter from that nights show was beginning to itch, and the alcohol that prevented him feeling the burn in his muscles had worn off with the nicotine.

When he had been accepted into college he had decided, "New town, New life, New me". It had lasted until his rent was due, and suddenly he was back to old ways. Back to the glitter and heels, late nights and boozy weekends. Student by day and one of the most popular male strippers in town by night.

Just before he closed the door he looked back at the crumpled mass of paper on the floor, and at the twin bed on the other side of the room to his own that, for a while, had been empty. But apparently not for long. "Jones." He said dangerously, glaring at the letter as if it were it's fault that soon he would be living with the man who had made his life hell during high-school. Who had been the sole reason he'd accepted a place at a college so far from anyone he knew.

Arthur turned into the bathroom and looked into the full-body mirror by the sink. The glare in his reflection slowly morphed into a smirk and he stood tall. The Arthur that had been bullied in high-school was gone. New Arthur put colours in his hair and wore nail-varnish, intentionally ripped his clothes and wore heels to classes. And people loved him for it. If Jones wanted to start his old ways, New Arthur would rip him to pieces.

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