Summary-Some small cute, KenshinXKaoru moments.

Disclaimer-Don't own Rurouni Kenshin

After Shishio Battle

Kaoru silently walks into the small room of the Aoiya, a bucket of water in hand. She puts the bucket down and stares at the bandaged Rurouni laying on the futon, fast asleep.

She smiles as she watches his sleeping form and reaches for his bandaged hand. Suddenly, his hand holds hers softly. She jumps and looks at him. He stares at her and holds out his hand to her.

A blush runs across her cheeks and she grabs his hand. He smiles at her and closes his eyes, falling into his deep sleep once again.

Tears come to her eyes and she smiles 'He woke up.' she grabs the wet rag in the bucket, puts it on Kenshin's feverish forehead and takes her leave.


Hope you liked it, I like my stories to be short, but sweet. It's all the more fun, and definitely easier to do.