50 facts: James and Lily

1.) Lily wanted a baby boy.

2.) James wanted a baby girl.

3.) Lily always gets what she wants.

4.) James isn't too upset about that.

5.) Lily wanted to travel the world.

6.) James thought he could give that to her.

7.) Lily always found Peter more trustworthy than her own friends.

8.) James didn't blame Peter in the five seconds he realized he had betrayed them.

9.) Lily's last thought was her husband holding her son.

10.) James' last thought was his wife pregnant with his son.

11.) Lily's closest friend she ever had was Severus.

12.) James' closest friends were all three other Marauders.

13.) Lily realized James wasn't all bad when he tutored Peter in Transfiguration before the first exam.

14.) James realized Lily wasn't all good when she turned a blind eye to Severus' dark ways.

15.) Lily is the smartest person, in his opinion, that he's ever met.

16.) James is the dumbest person, in her opinion, that she's ever met.

17.) Lily tutored James in Charms in third year.

18.) James pretended to be bad at Charms in third year so Lily would tutor him.

19.) Lily was ushered to the hospital wing by Mary when he pranked her during their tutoring session.

20.) James blamed the prank on Sirius, causing Marlene to hex the gray-eyed innocent friend.

21.) Lily made James sleep on the couch the night he told her what really happened.

22.) James went to Sirius' flat when Lily kicked him out and they played Quidditch drinking games.

23.) Lily blamed herself when James broke four of his ribs playing Quidditch while drunk.

24.) James did a report on the Triwizard Tornament in fifth year for History of Magic.

25.) Lily yelled at him for suggesting they rekindle the tournament.

26.) James boasted that he'd get chosen for sure.

27.) Lily secretly agreed with him (not that she'd ever admit that to anyone).

28.) James' favourite class was Care of Magical Creatures, or what he called 'Jungle 101'.

29.) Lily started liking 'Jungle 101' when Sirius put glitter in James' hair when they studied nifflers.

30.) James, to this day, swears it was worth getting mauled by nifflers to make Lily Evans laugh.

31.) Lily disliked Sirius more than James, when they first met.

32.) James earned Lily's number one spot of dislike when he called Severus 'Snivellus'.

33.) Lily saw Petunia attempting to use her wand during a holiday in third year and didn't say anything.

34.) James never liked cats.

35.) Lily's wanted a cat ever since she saw Professor McGonagall turn into one.

36.) James immediately agreed to buy a cat when Lily asked him.

37.) Lily knows James only agreed because he was irritated as Sirius at the time and Padfoot hates cats.

38.) James agreed with Sirius' suggestion to name the cat a very impolite word.

39.) Lily named the cat Chester.

40.) James and Sirius still call said impolite word.

41.) Lily ate kneazle food as a dare in seventh year.

42.) James is the one who dared her to eat it.

43.) Lily didn't know that he replaced the kneazle food with treacle tart.

44.) James laughed when Lily carried on and on about how disgusting the kneazle food was.

45.) Lily was embarrassed when she realized it was only her favourite dessert.

46.) James asked Lily to marry him in first year and every year since.

47.) Lily only agreed on the last day of seventh year.

48.) James had the ring since fifth year.

49.) Lily's Boggart is losing her husband and son.

50.) James' Boggart is losing everything, because his wife and son are everything to him.