Chapter 5

Amy was running throughout the Decepticon base trying to figure out where to go. She was frightened and angry as she blindly ran trying to find a way out of the base. She found a room and hid inside of it when she heard metal footsteps coming the way she was. She saw it was her uncle and his master Amy bit her bottom lip once more as she tried to find a place to hide. Megatron walked into the room and searched everywhere while Amy tried to hide deeper in the room.

"She's not in here." Megatron grumbled as Starscream walked in.

"She's crafty, Lord Megatron." Starscream said.

Megatron snorted in annoyance.

"Just like my brother as if I don't have enough problems with HIM I need his daughter breathing down my neck now." Megatron said.

"Forgive me, Megatron; but why don't you just kill her if she is such a burden?" Starscream asked.

Megatron considered Starscream's question and gave it considerable thought before answering.

"Because our master wants her for the warriors it builds an outlet for them, didn't make YOU feel better when you interfaced with her?" he snapped as Amy wanted to hurl at her uncle's words.

(Amy's POV)

He is disgusting my own uncle encouraging these nasty robots to rape me. He is worse than daddy said he was. I looked around for some sort of weapon but found nothing I wanted out of this evil disgusting place. I wanted to be back with my father and back in the arms of Cade. It was then that I saw Megatron and Starscream leave the room I sighed and slid down my eyes misting up. I realized I would have to try and get myself back to the base or at least back to Tranquility. Maybe I could find Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes; my father's scout protected them so he could get me home. Okay, so I had half a plan the other part was how would I leave here without getting nabbed? Maybe if I pulled a little con on one of the more stupid Decepticons I could convince them that Megatron had ordered them to take me for a ride to me get some air. Hmmm, it could work let's see which one is more likely to do it. Well, let's see Grindor is a helicopter so let me see if I can't fake him out maybe I can get him to fly me somewhere. Wait a sec, maybe I can fake Uncle Megatron I mean seriously how smart can he be my dad kicks his ass constantly. Okay, let me see if I act like it doesn't bother me being here and I ask for a boom box and sing and act differently. Then just maybe I can get them to trust me and fool them into taking me for a ride and I can escape. I wandered out of the room and looked around for what would pass as a radio and I found one. Wow, my uncle has a radio cool okay my plan is working now to sing (I hated this, but it was for freedom.) Okay, I sighed and found a song that I liked that I could sing too. Okay 'Love Thieves' by Depeche Mode that would work nicely. So, I started to sing and that brought someone into the room I heard them but I continued to sing. Then several Pat Benatar songs flared up and I just continued to sing the first 'Love is a battlefield.' I heard Starscream talk to my uncle then and I smirked to myself. "She's not half bad." Starscream said as I grinned and thought to myself it was working.

I started to do crazy flips getting caught up in the flow of the music; but when the music stopped my plan suddenly took a dangerous and upsetting turn as my uncle picked me up.

"All that pent up energy is going to waste, wouldn't you say Starscream?" he said as he handed me over to Starscream. "Do not make the mistake that I am stupid, Amy; your little game will cost you severe punishment." Megatron said as I stared at him with a wild look.

"What are you talking about?" I wailed.

"You wanted me to believe you're happy here I know you're not; so do not try to fool me because I can read you like a book." Megatron snarled at me.

"You foul creature I hope my father kills you!" I snapped.

"We shall see who kills who, child." the Fallen said as he walked into the room.

I struggled as Starscream brought me to his quarters but it wasn't just him in there Starcrusher and Flamethrower were also in there.

"No…." I whispered as my spark sank with despair.

"You are going to regret everything you did, little girl." Starcrusher said as three Seekers used their holoform's and attacked me.

I finally slid to the ground barely able to move as they left while laughing as I suddenly heaved all over the floor. I heard the door as tears burned in my eyes oh God no more I thought as I felt someone pick me up I wasn't even sure who picked me up and I didn't care. I wanted to die right then and there I hurt so badly and felt sick to my stomach. I was brought into another room and I figured another Con was planning on raping me. I forced my eyes open and it was a Con I never saw before he gently laid me down on a table.

"Please don't hurt me anymore…please." I whispered.

"I'm not going to hurt you." he said.

He got some water and some sort of cloth and used his holoform to try and clean me up gently.

"I know it hurts and I am sorry." he said.

"Please take me to my father, please." I cried as he looked away.

"I can't Megatron would kill me, if I went against his orders." he said.

I knew then I would never see my father or Cade again I would die here; I wrapped my arms around myself and curled up into a ball. I welcomed it I was so tired of the abuse from my uncle's men. I merely shook my head and sighed no one here would go against my uncle they all acted like a bunch of scared pansies.

"I want to die." I cried finally as I am guessing I must have shocked him.

"What did you say?" he asked in a surprised tone.

"You heard what I said I want to die I will never see my father or Cade again I just want to die I don't want my uncle's men to touch me EVER again." I cried as I felt the holoform's arms around me.

"Please stop leaking." he said as I tried to push him away and just tried to curl up away from anyone.

I was exhausted but sleep wasn't going to find me not until that stupid Con put something into my arm and my vision started to get blurry as I fell into a fitful sleep.

(Where Barricade and Optimus were)

Optimus could feel Barricade holding him and for some strange reason he didn't pull away. Barricade heard the soft clicks and whines coming from the Autobot as he realized Optimus was letting his defenses down. He continued to stroke the Autobot leader's back letting him know the war with him anyway was over.

"We'll get her back, Prime." Barricade said as Prime just held onto the ex- Con as frustration, pain, guilt and sadness hit the Autobot leader as the most heartrending sounds come from the Prime. "Easy Prime, easy…" Barricade whispered as he kept holding him. "You have to calm down, Optimus; you're overheating rather quickly." Barricade said as he kept trying to keep the Autobot quiet.

(Barricade's POV)

I didn't know what to do Amy's father was still badly injured and now those blasted sounds he was overheating.

"It's my fault, she got captured." was all he kept saying.

I was not going to let this leader fall to pieces I growled and took his processors off of the pain the only way I knew how. I forced his servo so to speak and pressed my lip plates onto his and the wild clicking sounds sped up. Oh great, those wild clicking sounds could only mean one of two things; I am going to get shot in the face from the Autobot leader or I broke him completely. What I wasn't prepared for was his lip plates responding back to mine! Most Cybertronians have no problem with sharing we are very open about our relationships; but this was different I never expected this. He was responding to me I always wondered what it would be like to be with Optimus Prime. I figured first I would have to ease him into it slowly; but he was responding to me. I assumed it was because he was injured badly, and mentally not right because of losing Amy to clutches of Megatron, but either way I had him distracted and needed him to stay that way.

I felt him stiffen as his intakes were moving a mile a minute. He needed this it was the only way I could make him calm down. I opened his chest plates not for a merging but to excite his spark. I caressed his spark chamber, and then the spark itself, as I watched the expression on the Prime's face. He writhed in pleasure as I completely concentrated on his spark. I noticed his spark was huge mostly because of the fact he was a Prime. He started to moan as I caressed his spark wildly. I slammed my fingers around his pulsating spark as Optimus's optics onlined and looked right into mine as my claw wrapped around his spark. I saw the fear suddenly he was afraid I would kill him for a second; as I gripped his spark more. He arched and looked so beautiful right at that moment; as he was feeling pleasure and pain I made him feel both.

Optimus looked very old and haggard this was taking its toll on him; and if I didn't snap him out of this he would be torn apart by the Fallen and his brother for sure.

"Now you listen to me are you trying to make yourself a target you're made of more stuff than that, Damn it? You're Optimus Prime the scourge to all Decepticons whether you believe it or not your brother feared you even when he plotted against you. Why do you think he got assassins to try and murder you? You are stronger than he is and he knows it; you can win this war with all of us behind you and your daughter at your side." I said as I saw something flare in his optics. He knew I was right his fire was slowly returning; I could see it and feel it powering up inside of him. "Come on show me, Optimus; show me the beast inside of you." I urged him wanting to see him let that animal side of him out.

I watched as his blue optics shined brighter and wider than ever as they suddenly became more dilated and turned purple but not from anger but from arousal; I had gotten him more charged up than ever. He slammed me to the ground and his lips plates were on mine in seconds We both shook wildly as Prime snarled like a wild beast I liked seeing him like that. I actually realized where his daughter got her wild sexual appetite at from good ole daddy. I chuckled then as he looked at me.

"What's so funny?" Optimus asked his voice processor sounding strained.

"I know where Amy gets her sexual appetite from." I said as he smirked.

"Speaking of Amy this doesn't go any further I will not hurt Amy whatever this was it only happened here and it dies here." Optimus said.

"That's fine with me we both have bond mates to think about." I said. "I was only trying to help you anyway and it worked. You've got your fire back mission achieved." I said as we started to fall into recharge with me holding him in place. "It's not going to be so bad having you as a leader and being on your side." I said as he chuckled as we fell into recharge.

Barricade was still holding Optimus as both were in recharge; when the other Autobots showed up.

"Would you get a load at this he's protecting Optimus." Ironhide said.

"Optimus is hurt badly." Ratchet said as he moved closer as Optimus onlined as well as Barricade. "What happened?" Ratchet asked.

"They got my daughter we need to regroup and find her." Optimus said as Ratchet stopped him.

"Your hurt, Optimus; we're getting you back to base." Ratchet said.

"I called for the big bird and we can transport him in that." Lennox said.

"But my daughter is….." Optimus started before he grimaced from pain.

"We will find her, Prime." Epps said.

Barricade pulled Ironhide to the side.

"What is it, Cade?" Ironhide asked.

"I am going to try and find her for Optimus just send me the bug to help with tracking and that's all." Barricade said.

"Alright, hang on." Hide said.

::::: Ratch, Barricade wants to take Bumblebee and track Amy:::::

:::: Fine, because Optimus is in no condition to leave or fight:::::

"Alright, Bumblebee is with Sam and Mikaela at Sam's house." Ironhide said as Cade nodded. "I will send a com link to Bumblebee so he knows you're on the way and doesn't decide to blow a hole through you." Ironhide said with a chuckle as Barricade growled.

"Yes, yes very amusing." he said as he glanced at Optimus and nodded.

Barricade ran and jumped and transformed and took off leaving NEST and the Autobots shocked at his change of attitude.

"He protected me." Optimus said.

"So we see I take it he wants to be an Autobot now?" Ratchet asked.

"Yes, he does." Optimus said.

"It will be nice to have someone with his firepower and craftiness on our side." Sideswipe said.

"Yes for a change he can give Megatron's side a pounding." Epps said.

Everyone got ready to take Optimus back to base via the big cargo plane; while a very determined Barricade sped to Sam's house to get Bumblebee.

(With Barricade)

Barricade headed for Ladiesman217's house, he chuckled to himself when he thought of the first time he met the fleshling. He was petrified of him and tried to escape him; when he ran into the female fleshling. He also remembered how he and Bumblebee fought because of it. It didn't take him long before he arrived at the Witwicky house. He spotted Bumblebee a long with the two humans waiting for him and he could tell the bug wasn't happy to see him.

"Barricade, I see you've arrived." Sam said in a flat tone.

"Yes, hello Ladiesman217….." Barricade said as Sam caught the undeniable mock in his tone.

"It's Sam, Barricade." Mikaela retorted as Barricade just regarded the female bizarrely.

Barricade then glanced at Bumblebee, and wondered if the scout would help him or not. He knew they had a nasty past; but this was his leader's daughter who needed help. They had to bury the hatchet and join forces to save Amy; she was the common factor between him and the Autobots.

"I need your help to track where Megatron has Amy held prisoner at." Barricade said as Bumblebee narrowed his optics but nodded.

"I already know the others confirmed what you wanted I will assist you." Bumblebee said.

"We're coming too." Sam said.

"No Sam, it's much too dangerous." Bumblebee said.

"You're my guardian and I am not letting you go to the Decepticons hideout without us and that's an order." Sam said, as Bumblebee felt his spark flare wildly; because of his sweet humans he had cared so much for them.

"Very well, Samuel; we will go together." Bumblebee said, as the two teenagers got into his vehicle form and the Autobot scout turned all systems for tracking Amy.


Ratchet had Optimus in the medical bay the leader was still exceedingly disconcerted regardless of Barricade's pep talk.

"Barricade did a reasonably good job with the basics on you, Prime." Ratchet said.

"Yeah and he gave me a rather interesting pep talk too." Optimus said.


"He gave you more than a pep talk, Optimus." Ratchet said with a smirk. "What he did might have just saved your life." Ratchet said as confusion hit the Prime's face at the medic's words.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"You were worried you crazy slagger; you are not fooling anyone least of all me." Ratchet mumbled. "I'm your doctor, I can tell when you have interfaced, and I can tell you right now. Barricade saved your life if he hadn't taken you when he did; you would have been dead; and that isn't any slagging exaggeration I can assure you." the medic said, as Optimus looked away.

"And Amy, what will she think of me after?" Optimus asked. "And Arcee…?" Optimus asked. "I've lost so much from this slagging war that I have tried to be cold and all that's done is driven me close to madness. Ratchet, he took care of me out there he showed me a side of him I've never seen before." Optimus said. "I know now I can trust him with my baby girl; he would do anything for her and for me." Optimus said.

"Yes, I've noticed that too." Ratchet said. "He has certainly changed from the deadly shock trooper he had been in the past." Ratchet said.


Amy was shaking and curled up in a little ball; she had lost that fierce side of her now. She had lost the babies; she had been raped more times then she cared to remember. Amy didn't care much about anything anymore; she lost her father and Barricade all in the same day. She knew she would never see either one of them again; because she knew she'd never survive this. The Decepticon that had been taking care of her came back in and scooped her up in his servos.

"Listen to me, I am going to get you out of here; I know I will lose my spark for this, but I will do it regardless. Stay put and be quiet now while I get you out of here." the Con said.

Amy's POV

I was so grateful he was doing this; but for the life of me I couldn't understand why he was rescuing me from my crazy Uncle Megatron's grasp.

The Con quickly maneuvered through the base and transformed leaving the base going down the slick snowy path that was leading away from the Decepticon lair. However, unbeknownst to Amy her uncle and his master were watching from afar.

"It worked she knows nothing." Megatron said.

"Of course it works my apprentice." the Fallen said. "Now, if all goes well our assassin will kill her father and your niece will be with us once more. And she will not give us anymore problems with her father slaughtered; she will be too afraid to fight us. I will spark bond with the female breeding many powerful warriors to take over and destroy those remaining Autobots. Once they are destroyed we can work on my plan with my weapon for the second part of my plan." the Fallen said in a sinister way as he shuttered his optics.

"Yes very good, my master." Megatron said as both master and apprentice figured this plan was full proof.

The small Con was picking up another Transformer signature and realized suddenly it was Barricade's signature. He opened up his com link and was greeted by Barricade's voice. Barricade gave him the location where he was with Bumblebee and the two humans. They were at a gas station the two humans needed what was called a rest room; so Bumblebee stopped for them. Barricade of course thought all humans were made with a slight illogical system of having to stop for this thing called a rest room.

:::: We've got a break a small Decepticon helped Amy and he will meet us here:::::


::::: I left the Decepticons, Bumblebee I am on your side now::::::

:::: We'll see, Barricade but if you ever try to hurt Amy or Optimus; you can bet you'll have dozens of Autobots and NEST after you:::::

Barricade only snorted at this.

::::: Why can't you at least give me a slagging chance, bug:::::

::::: It will take more than what you're doing to convince me; you killed a lot of good Autobots::::::

Sam seemed to sense his guardian was exceedingly uptight.

"What's wrong, Bee?" Sam asked.

"I do not trust Barricade he was Megatron's most trusted warriors. He took down an Autobot stronghold on Cybertron all by himself and killed a lot of good Autobots. I just can't make myself trust him or see him changing." Bee said.

"N…..not even for love….?" Mikaela asked.

"Especially for love, Mikaela….." Bee said.

Sam looked at Mikaela as they realized what Bee was saying to them; he felt Amy was in danger with Barricade.

"I hope for her sake you're wrong." Sam said.

"So do I, Sam…" Bee said.

When Barricade led them to where the other Decepticon was who had Amy. Sam, Mikaela, Bumblebee and Barricade were horrified to see the shape she was in. Amy trembled, cried and seemed to be so afraid of them her eyes shined with sheer terror in them. Barricade tried to pick her up in his holoform; but she screamed and shook more.

"No more, Uncle Megatron; please stop them!" she scream in tears.

"My God, what did they do to her?" Mikaela asked as Sam watched Mikaela go over to her. "Amy, its Mikaela…..Honey, we're going to take you to your father." she said.

"Daddy…?" she whispered.

Amy didn't seem to grasp anything else but the mention of her father seemed to reach her frazzled nerves. Barricade seemed to realize Mikaela had a way with his bonded at that moment.

"She's riding with me." Bumblebee said.

"Okay, bug." Barricade grumbled.

Bumblebee was shocked he figured the shock trooper would start a fight about that too; but he didn't it shocked him. Mikaela helped Amy into the front seat as Bumblebee's holoform appeared.

"Amy, you're going home now I am taking you to your father, okay?" Bee said as she only looked so lost and traumatized.

"Daddy…" she whispered as she curled up and stared out the window seeing Barricade but not really seeing him and realizing who he was.

Barricade's holoform crackled to life in his vehicle form and waved slowly at Amy; she only stared at him tears rolling down her face. Barricade was angry he had never been so angry in all his life of fighting. The shape his bonded was in he could feel her pain everything it was killing his spark.

Bumblebee was heading to the gate at the Autobot base; when Amy started to thrash around in the passenger side of Bumblebee's vehicle form. "Amy, calm down you're safe now." Sam said softly as he touched her shoulder not realizing what he had done.

"Don't please don't do this anymore." Amy cried. "Don't…! She screamed as she suddenly convulsed wildly.

"Amy…!" Mikaela exclaimed. "Sam, what were you thinking?" Mikaela demanded of her boyfriend.

Bumblebee pulled into the base as Amy completely lost it and shook wildly. Once Bumblebee stopped his holoform disappeared; however Amy wouldn't move she was petrified with terror and repeatedly convulsed.

"Sam, go get Ratchet and Optimus and hurry." Bee ordered.

"Gotcha Bee, I'm on it." Sam said running into the base as Ironhide walked slowly over seeing the panic in Amy's eyes.

"Amy… It's Hide…" he said softly as the panic stricken girl continuously cried and shook.

"No more, no!" Amy screamed as Mikaela looked frantic worrying about Optimus's daughter.

Ironhide's POV

I looked at that poor youngling; she was beyond being in a catatonic state. All my scans pointed to one inescapable conclusion our leader's daughter was abused beyond repair. I saw Ratchet and Optimus come out of the hanger and head toward Bumblebee. The look in Optimus's optics was plain and clear; he was holding his anger back he would kill Megatron for this that much was clear. Bumblebee opened the passenger door then rather slowly; but that didn't matter the frazzled girl went hysterical."No more please, I can't please no more make them stop, Uncle Megatron…Please." she cried.

"Amy, princess it's daddy; you're safe now your home." Optimus whispered as everyone saw were those big wide haunted eyes staring right back at us.

"Amy, its Ratchet I need to take you into the medical bay your daddy will come too, okay?" Ratchet said as all that poor youngling did was cry and talk in jumbled riddles from clouded pain and a haze of torment.

She suddenly screamed and convulsed wildly in the passenger seat; as Ratchet moved quicker than I ever say that old bot move before. He gave her a strong sedative to force her into stasis. It didn't take long for the sedative to work as she completely collapsed in blackness. Ratchet picked her up as gently as he could and carried her to the medical bay. Lennox, Graham and Epps came up concern etched on their human faces.

"She looks really bad." Graham said.

"I don't even want to know what's going to happen when Optimus gets his servos on the Decepticons responsible for this." Epps said as Barricade revved angrily.

We all saw Barricade abruptly take off like a bat out of hell as the humans would say.

"Where is he going?" Graham asked.

"I don't know; let's take a look see, shall we?" Lennox said as I transformed and the three soldiers jumped in and I pulled out after the shock trooper.

I wasn't exactly sure myself what he was up to and I was rather curious myself.

(Several hours later… normal POV)

Ratchet had taken multiple scans on Amy; while he had her sedated so she wouldn't freak out because she was entirely too wired up and afraid.

"How is she?" Optimus said.

"It's bad, Prime." Ratchet said. "She lost the three babies and they from the looks of things physically abused her." the medic said as Optimus lost it and yelled as he slammed his fist into the wall his optics eerily flashing red for a minute.

Arcee came in looking so poignant from all that had happened to her charge. She walked over to Amy and ran a finger over her face. "Will she be okay?" Arcee asked.

"She's got a long recovery ahead of her." Ratchet said as Optimus approached Amy.

"My little princess..." he whispered. "Theresa entrusted her with me and look what happens to her when she does?" Prime said holding back tears. "l need to be by myself for awhile." He said.

"Optimus ...?" Arcee said.

"Let him go he's going to Theresa's grave he needs to talk to her; it's okay just let be for awhile." The medic said as she nodded.


Optimus knelt by Theresa's grave his optics leaking as he felt his spark breaking.

"l am so new to this being a father I failed miserably so far I let her get captured and now they abused her, Theresa. My slagging brother allowed his men too physically abuse her and she lost the babies all because of whatever they did to her. Theresa, please forgive me for what has happened didn't do the right things; but you can be sure it won't happen again. I will KILL the next Con who tries to hurt her I swear this on my honor, Theresa." Optimus said as his legs buckled because his mental pain overwhelmed his circuits, his feelings becoming all too human now as in anger; he balled his fists up and offlined his optics to steady his circuits.

He had been on this planet so long now his emotions were turning all too human. "l do not know my circuits are being overworked I wish you were still here to help me. Arcee is trying to help; you'd like her; she is very important to me. I also appointed her for our daughter's guardian when I am called to meetings for missions." Optimus said as he paused rose shakily to his pedes as he suddenly transformed and headed for base.

Barricade drove back to where the smaller Decepticon was at he needed answers and needed them now. The smaller Decepticon had found a place where they could be in their robot forms; but Barricade wasn't interested in anything else except answers. He grabbed the smaller Decepticon by the throat and held him dangling. "How is it a little runt like you who does everything Megatron asks suddenly goes against him and rescue Optimus' daughter like that?" Barricade demanded.

"Maybe l grew a conscious..." the smaller Con said.

"Yeah and maybe I am pink with blue polka dots." Barricade snapped. "l think more than likely Megatron and the Fallen cooked this whole thing up and you're their little go between. Now you're going to answer me or I am going to tear you apart." Barricade snarled as he let his deadly weapon with the blades spinning around do his talking for him. "GET THE POINT." He growled.

The little Con wouldn't talk at first but when Barricade brought out that deadly weapon; well he realized all too fast just how serious the shock trooper was.

"Okay, okay, okay; I give! Look, they have an assassin coming he is supposed to be good really good. He will slaughter Optimus right in front of the girl's eyes and take her again; they figure her seeing her father dead will make her cooperate with them. The Fallen wants Amy for himself he wants to mate with her and create an army."

Barricade laughed in a snide way at that comment.

"An army of half human and half Cybertronian warriors...?" Barricade demanded.

"No, she will turn into a full Cybertronian within days or maybe even hours, and when she does she will be powerful like her father because she's a future Prime." the Con said as that got Barricade's attention for sure.

"She's the next Prime?" Barricade demanded. "Optimus for the most part doesn't even know this; so that's why the Fallen wants her so badly." Barricade said. "She is already carrying my babies he's a little late." Barricade said smugly as the little Con shook his head.

"Starcrusher injured her badly and she lost the babies first two than the last one." he said as Barricade growled loudly the growl sounding angry but laced with pain.

"l will KILL that lousy Seeker for this!" roared Barricade. "And Starscream what of him?" demanded Barricade.

"Starscream raped her as well as Starcrusher and Flamethrower." the Con said as the shock trooper knew he couldn't let this Decepticon go he would let the others know of what Barricade learned. "What do you care what happens to Optimus Prime?" demanded the small Con as Barricade snarled.

"He's Amy's father and he is also a part of my life now I care what happens to him and the others." Barricade snarled.

"You're a fool Barricade, you had it made with Megatron and now you switch to the Autobots for what...A femme? She must be good for you to break ranks like this but obviously Starscream thought she was too he did her more than once. She begged him to stop it was..." the con never finished his sentence because Barricade smashed his fist into the con's chest and crushed his spark.

"You talk too much..." Barricade snarled as he heard a sound behind him and saw Ironhide, Lennox, Epps and Graham.

"You came back to help once more?" Ironhide asked.

"Yes, that little wimp wouldn't disobey Megatron he is too much of what humans call a kiss up he is worse than Starscream. This was part of their plan there is an assassin coming after Optimus and I think I know who it is." Barricade said.

"Who is it?" Graham asked.

"The Con's name is Black Viper and trust me he is good he won't stop until he has Prime's spark and his head as a trophy." Barricade said as Ironhide walked up to the shock trooper.

Barricade watched as Ironhide extended his servo toward him confusing him at first.

"l usually don't like to admit I am wrong but in this case I was so I take back what I have said about you, Barricade." Ironhide said as Barricade nodded and accepted his gesture as they all headed back to the base as another robot stepped out of the shadows.

"And the best part of my assignment is you're on the list too Barricade and don't even know it, yet." replied the dangerous and deadly assassin.

Optimus was in the medical bay while Amy rested, but he hardly recharged. He constantly either stood or sat over her watching and protecting her trying to make up for what happened to her. He moved a shaky servo toward her face as tears fell down his face as both pain and anger surged all though his systems. She didn't deserve this she was an innocent and yet Megatron would never care about innocents not now not ever. lt was then that Barricade, Ironhide and the three NEST soldiers came into the medical bay. Barricade recounted everything the Con told him back to Optimus who grew angrier by the moment.

"It's not the first time he's sent an assassin after me and it won't be the last." Optimus said.

"He's good, Prime and he's devious." Barricade said. "l know how he works so I will not leave your side I will have your back, don't worry." Barricade replied as Prime nodded with a sad smile as he watched Barricade touch her cheek with the most incredible gentleness he could muster. "Optimus, she's a future Prime and because of the shard she's turning into a Cybertronian and within days or hours; so she will become like us a true Cybertronian. That is why the Fallen wants her he figures he can mate with her and create an army of unstoppable warriors; she's going be like you, Optimus. It's just she's young now and undisciplined, but with you and the rest of us teaching her she will become stronger and the Fallen doesn't want that. Whatever you need, whatever you say consider it done. But before anything else is done doc bot I need you to remove this and replace it with the Autobot insignia." Barricade said.

Ratchet nodded. Everyone was still shocked at seeing the once deadly shock trooper shed his Decepticon life and turn toward the Autobot cause. Optimus, Ironhide, Jazz, Bumblebee, Mikaela and Sam along with Epps, Lennox and Graham watched as Barricade shed his old life for a new one and even Bumblebee suddenly had to rethink his thoughts on Barricade. He watched as even red optics were changed to blue ones and the change was startling. When Barricade online his optics he found Bumblebee standing in front of him and the look in the scout's optics was at first unreadable.

"l owe you an apology | kept riding you and being a snob without giving you a chance and that was wrong we are Autobots;| should have given you the benefit of the doubt and for that I am truly sorry." Bumblebee said as he extended a servo. "Welcome to the Autobots, Barricade." Bee said as Amy opened her eyes and saw her father and Barricade.

"Daddy...Cade..." she whispered, as both bots looked down love in their optics as

Amy laid in a human size bed as the others watched her.

"Amy, how are you feeling?" Optimus asked.

"Dirty and used..." she said as tears sprang to her eyes. "l'm sorry Daddy this is my entire fault Starscream and those other two they..." Amy cried as Prime used his holoform to hold her.

"Shhh, no it's not your fault, Amy my sweet princess." Optimus said in a gentle tone as Ratchet finished with Barricade and then slowly went to her too.

Barricade moved slowly toward her as tears continued to fall as she saw Barricade.

"l'll understand if you don't want me anymore, Barricade." Amy said the tears falling harder as he went to her in his holoform.

"Amy, I love you and will never leave you this isn't your fault you are innocent in this; they took advantage of you." Barricade said as Amy couldn't look at him then.

"l lost the babies because of them Starcrusher he was violent to me and I ended losing the babies, Barricade." She cried as Ratchet merely shook his head at the distress she was under.

:::: Ratchet, I can see you're lost in your thoughts:::::

::::: Optimus, I am really concerned about this she is a wreck I have never seen anything like this before::::::


::::: Optimus:::::

:::: lf I get my servos on Starcrusher I will rip his spark myself::::

::::: Not before I get through with him and Starscream you can have the leftovers, Optimus::::

:::: I wasn't aware you had your commlink on, Barricade::::

:::: I have been monitoring Optimus to make sure he is okay::::

Optimus smiled sadly glad that the shock trooper was indeed on their side he was an added bonus one, he was truly thankful to Primus for Amy looked at her father then. And she saw he looked so weary and haggard-looking even for a robot. "Daddy, are you okay?" she whispered.

"l'll be okay once you are better, little one." Optimus said.

Amy watched as her father looked deeply troubled and tired as his intakes swirled and his gears were grinding. She knew he was angry and upset and knew why because of what had happened to her.

"Daddy, you don't look good." She said touching the holoform's face rather gently, while his eyes locked with hers.

"l'll be alright, little one." Optimus said as he kissed her forehead and ran a finger down her cheek. "t am so glad you're back home with us." Prime said as she threw her arms around her father. "Careful with the lV, little one….." He whispered as he heard her crying once more. "Amy...?"

Amy stilled as she stared into space remembering all over again.

"Amy...?" Ratchet said.

"They did terrible things to me Especially Starscream and that Starcrusher they called me their pet and Uncle Megatron allowed it all he's worse than you and mom said. He is beyond evil, daddy!" Amy cried as she began to shake. "Please daddy, don't let them get me again please...please daddy...please..." she cried as the shaking grew worse.

"Optimus, stand back for a minute." Ratchet said as he smiled sadly at Amy as he very gently administered a sedative to the wired up young girl.

Ratchet watched as the girl went under the sedative within seconds, and he motioned all of them out of the medical bay.

"She is a complete mess because of this, Optimus I have never seen anything like this. At least, if she were all Cybertronian when this happened I could erase it from her memory banks but as a part human it will always be there." Ratchet said as Barricade looked at the medic then.

"So, if she were to become an absolute Cybertronian now, you could wipe her memory banks, right?" Sam suddenly asked.

"Yes, then I could erase it from her memory banks completely of course; why?" Ratchet asked the human.

Sam bit his lip nervously a habit everyone was quite aware of when he was hiding something.

"Would another shard make her you know turn Cybertronian faster?" Sam asked as even Mikaela looked startled by the question.

"SAMUEL JAMES WITWICKY!" Ratchet roared. "If you are considering telling one of those human lies I strongly suggest you don't do it what are you thinking about?" Ratchet demanded.

"l think you better come clean with whatever you're thinking about, kid." Lennox said. "Especially in light of everything that's happened….." He added.

"Sam...?" Optimus said in almost a pleading tone.

"Come on, Ladiesman217... TALK...!" Barricade demanded in an annoyed tone.

Sam shrugged and sighed.

"Well, it's just I found more of those shards after I found two more of them after the battle at Mission City I happened to go back there. I found them on the ground I didn't know about the one in my bedroom that Amy found; but there are two more hidden in plastic viles. I didn't think I was causing any harm in keeping them to myself, I swear I didn't." Sam said as everyone looked shocked or stunned was more like it.

"You couldn't possibly think holding onto those shards in secret was a good thing, Sam?" Graham said as Optimus sighed.

"Bumblebee, go with Sam and Mikaela and bring those shards back here to us and Sam in the future please do not hide things from me. I have not hidden anything from you, and it bothers me you would hide this from me; I always considered you a dear friend." Optimus said as he watched Sam and Mikaela go over to Bumblebee who transformed.

"For what it's worth I am sorry, Optimus'" Sam said.

Ironhide snorted as the two teens got inside of Bumblebee and he sped off too Sam's. Optimus sighed and shook his head his processors had way too much to process as it was he didn't need this on top of it.

"Do you really think you can speed up the process, Ratchet?" Jazz asked'

"Yes, I do." Ratchet said.

Meanwhile inside the medical bay Amy was in the grips of some changes already, as she found her mother had somehow come back to her in a vision of sorts.

"Amy...?" her mother said softly.

"Mom, is that you? Have you come back to daddy and me?" she asked.

"No honey, I do not have much time just please listen to me your uncle and his master have sent an assassin after your father and Barricade. It is the same assassin who hurt him those many years ago when I found him, do not let him kill them. You're like your father only you just don't know it yet you're a Prime like daddy is; all you need to do is follow your spark and reach for who you truly are and let destiny do the rest." Theresa said.

"Mom, I miss you..."

"I miss you too, my angel." She said as she became even more serious' "You will have help in your change all you need to do is believe, Amy. You can help your father you have more of a destiny than you or the others even realize yet." She replied as Amy looked Puzzled.

"But if I am a future Prime then that means daddy has to die, that's..."

"No Amy, you are a special Prime your activation as Prime has nothing to do with him dying. He has always been and always will be a strong warrior and you shall fight a long side of him. You will help him rebuild Cybertron to its glory and help him vanquish Megatron and the Fallen and those that serve them." another voice replied a thunderous voice.

"Who are you?" Amy asked.

"My name is Prima I am one of the first Primes."

"But I thought only the Allspark could bring Cybertron back to its glory, Prima?" Amy asked as Prima approached Amy.

"You have so many questions you have a thirst for knowledge this is good." Prima said. "But I would say it's time for your daddy to see his little girl make a big entrance, wouldn't you and let's clean away those memories of what those Decepticons did to you, shall we?" Prima said as Amy smiled and shook her head she liked her father's ancestors. "Very well ..." Prima said as he closed his optics and Amy's body on the berth suddenly disappeared; as a sudden earsplitting sound in the medical bay caused Ratchet to run in along with Optimus and Barricade followed by the others.

"What in Primus name happened in here?" Ratchet demanded.

"Where is my little girl!" roared Optimus.

" I do not understand this either Optimus." Ratchet said as they all were knocked back into reality by an alarm sounding as Skids and Mudflap ran in.

"Yo man, boss bot...,.We have a possible incoming ally or enemy it's heading straight for the base at incredible speed." Skids said as everyone suddenly ran to the front of the base and saw the incoming meteor but something was definitely off on it.

All the Autobots ran scans and they were detecting odd readings from the meteor as it grew closer.

"l can't get any clear readings from it this is quite illogical usually we can get a reading by now." Ironhide said as suddenly into the ground as Optimus narrowed his optics and approached the crater carefully.

All the Autobots were shocked when the robot climbed out of the crater and everyone from the Autobots and humans gasped at the beautiful female bot in front of them. She was not the usual grey protoform type; but she was golden with red and blue flames running through her. The femme had bright blues optics and an Autobot insignia as well as the Prime symbol on her face as Optimus did. She was big for a femme; but she was so beautiful Barricade approached Optimus both were stunned into silence, as she tilted her head. She suddenly smiled impishly and that was when they all knew who she was by her smile.

"Amy..." Optimus and Barricade whispered.

"How is this even possible she was in the medical bay one minute and then POW she's hurtling through space and Cybertronian?" Ratchet asked as Barricade approached her and touched her face.

"You're like us now." Barricade said as she chuckled.

"Yes I am, Cade..." she said wrapping her servos around Barricade as he couldn't let her go not yet. "Prima did this, daddy." Amy said looking at her father after.

"Prime, who's Prima?" Lennox asked.

"One of my ancestors one of the first original Primes, am I right?" Optimus asked.

"Yes..." she answered.

Optimus gave Barricade a few moments with his daughter and then he was able to hold her as his own fatigued body felt like the weight of the world was slowly lifted from it.

"Daddy, I have a surprise for you." Amy whispered as she hugged her father.

Amy opened one of her compartments and brought out a very tiny squared item and for a moment all the Autobots froze.

"Is that...?" Ratchet whispered.

"The Allspark..." she said.

Amy watched her father's face, he looked extremely happy; Amy saw the intense look in his optics and she smiled.

"This means we can restore our home; we can finally go back home." Optimus said.

"Yes daddy, we can but what about the humans?" Amy asked.

Optimus looked at Ironhide who answered for her father.

"Except for the NEST troops and General Morshower and John Keller there are some humans who just distrust us and would rather we weren't here to begin with." Ironhide said.

"Once the Decepticons are stopped then we will leave Earth and never return if that is what they want." Optimus said sadly. "l only wanted my troops to be happy and feel like they had a home; we will never have a home here we are different and misunderstood." Optimus said in a rather sad tone as his daughter shook her head and held him tighter.

"Daddy, restoring Cybertron is one thing, but we have to come back and see our friends I mean the ones who gave you static the hell with them. But our friends like Sam and Mikaela, Lennox, Epps, Graham, General Morshower, John Keller and the rest of NEST they are what matters, am I right?" Amy said as Optimus truly realized his daughter was ahead of years her wisdom astounded him at times.

"You're right, Amy..." Optimus said as he held onto her tightly.

Amy felt her father falter he was tired she could feel it and sense it in him.

"Daddy, when did you last recharge?" she asked him.

"It's been awhile I was worried about you." Optimus said.

"Arcee, please take my father to his quarters and make him recharge I don't care what you have to do to make him relax and recharge." Amy said with a smirk as Optimus saw that look in his daughter's optics.

"Young lady, what are you even suggesting?" he asked his daughter.

::::: What do you think daddy; you're recharging one way or another even if Arcee has to you know interface you into recharge::::::

lf Optimus could blush he would have; he pulled back from his daughter and just stared at her. Amy smirked.

:::: Wow stunned into silence that's a switch::::

Amy watched as Arcee slid her servo into her father's.

"Come on, big guy..." Arcee said leading Optimus to his quarters as Amy smiled.

Barricade walked up toward Amy and slid his servo into hers as she turned toward him smiling.

"Wanna go for a walk?" Barricade asked her.

"Okay, Cade..." she said as they walked over to where the hillside was close by the base just as Bumblebee pulled up with Sam and Mikaela.

Cade and Amy sat on the hillside and at first were very quiet at first as Amy sat between Barricade's leg's leaning back against him.

"l am so glad you're like me now a Transformer I mean really like me." Barricade said as Amy bit her bottom lip plate and turned to face Barricade.

"Cade I need to protect my dad and you." She suddenly said.

He frowned at those words.

"Protect us from what?" Cade asked.

"There is an assassin after you both named Black Viper he is deadly and he is the one who severely injured daddy when he met my mom. He almost died because of this assassin and I won't lose my father or you to this assassin." Amy said as Barricade frowned.

"And just what do you plan on doing?" Barricade asked.

"Take him on myself if I have too." she said as Barricade grabbed her servos and forcibly made her look at him.

"You will do no such thing, Amy; do you hear me?" Barricade yelled as she frowned at his tone.

"Do you know this assassin?" she asked.

Barricade was silent.

"Cade...?" she asked.

Barricade sighed.

"Yes, you have to remember I used to be an assassin too, Amy; it was a long time ago. Then I met you and everything changed. I had a reason to settle down and try and have one thing I never had...a family. Megatron was angry over my performance and so was the Fallen. The Fallen got Black Viper and told him to kill your father and bring him his head as proof he was dead and as a trophy. He is good and he's fast like the snakes on this planet which is why he is code named Black Viper. He started out as a ruthless bounty hunter but learned he could put his talents and quickness to better use as a hired assassin for the Fallen and Megatron." Barricade said.

"Has he got any weaknesses?" Amy asked.

"None to my knowledge but he does like femmes even though they are rare."

Barricade said as Amy shivered as Barricade held her closer. "l don't want you hurt, Amy." Barricade said.

"Yeah well, I don't want you or my father dead and remember I am a Prime too I am just like my father." Amy said as Barricade smirked suddenly. "What's the smirk for?" Amy asked.

"You just amaze me sometimes is all." Barricade said as suddenly screams were heard.

"That's Mikaela, come on, Cade!" Amy replied as they transformed and headed back.

Amy and Barricade transformed once they got onto the base; they found several NEST soldiers dead and Bumblebee holding Sam his optics leaking.

"What happened?" Barricade demanded.

"This black sports car shooting flames from its back end jumped the gates; it killed some of the NEST soldiers and hit Sam..." Mikaela cried.

"Ratchet and Ironhide are fighting him, but they are both wounded badly; it had happened so fast." Bee said.

"He's after Daddy it's that assassin." Amy said as she turned to see Barricade was already gone.

Barricade rushed in only to find a severely wounded Ironhide and Ratchet on the floor leaking Energon very badly. Arcee had her cannon out pointing at the assassin and he merely laughed; as he used an electrical whip and had it wrap around Arcee. He pulled her toward him as he suddenly ruthlessly slammed her against the wall. Optimus's two Energon swords came out and he fought with the assassin feverishly.

"You are going to regret hurting Arcee." Optimus snarled as Black Viper did some fancy spins and used his own massive sword and brought it down breaking Optimus's Energon swords making Optimus yell out in pain.

(Optimus' POV)

No, that is not possible no one can break my Energon swords who is this guy his fighting techniques are so familiar; but I can't place him.

"What's wrong, Prime; you can't remember?" Black Viper hissed. "l almost had you last time I injured you pretty brutally and I almost had your spark if it wasn't for that stupid human. That's actually a shame she interfered and saved your life; but no matter I will finish you this time." Black Viper said as he heard a growl as suddenly Barricade lunged for the assassin his wheel of blades spinning and heading for Black Viper. Black viper was expecting this turn of events and used his sword against Barricade cutting his weapon and his servo off. Barricade yelled in pain as the assassin shook his head and laughed as Energon poured out of Barricade's body as he snarled at the assassin like a mad dog.

"You're disgusting Barricade; you were a mech that always got the job done you slaughtered Autobots left and right and now look at you...You're one of THEM because of a female insect speaking of which Optimus where is she? I want to see her face when I kill you and behead you. Then when I take your spark too Barricade; maybe l'll even take your head too, Barricade." Black Viper snarled.

"The only one who will be losing their head is you, Black Viper." My daughter snarled as the assassin turned seeing my brave daughter standing before him. I knew that Barricade and I both did not want to see Amy slaughtered by this assassin.

"LEAVE NOW!" I ordered.

"No..." was all Amy said as I growled at her stubbornness.

"l gotta give you your props standing up to me do you know who I am and how many Bots I've killed." Black Viper said.

"l don't care but this is where it ends you are not killing my father or my bonded." Amy snarled.

Black Viper looked confused for a minute.

"Nice try the Prime's daughter is part Cybertronian part human and you're a pure Cybertronian." Black Viper said.

"Yeah well, you're an idiot." Amy said as her own Energon swords came out and she flipped up into the air with incredible strength and grace knocking him away from her father and the others.

Amy came out swinging and the assassin was startled by her strength.

"You're good l'll give you that what's your name femme?" Black Viper asked as Amy flipped up and one sword went to his head and the other one to his spark.

"The names Amy...Amy Prime..." she snarled as she beheaded him at the same time she extinguished his spark.

She turned back to me I was still in obvious pain as she walked up to me and collapsed in my servos. She used the power of the Allspark to heal up all of us mostly all of us that is. The humans that had perished because of Black Viper could not be brought back and this saddened me more than I could ever say. I had to admit one thing though Amy was growing up into a fine fighter and she made me very proud of her. She took down an assassin that was sent to take out Barricade and me she took him out all by herself.

"You did well, honey," I said as she beamed and just hugged me.

"l love you, Daddy." Amy said as she looked at Barricade and smiled. "Hey Cade, how you feeling now?" she asked him as he just shook his head and smiled.

"You never cease to amaze me, Amy you took down the most dangerous and deadly Decepticon assassin." Barricade said as she walked over to Barricade and wrapped her servos around him.

"l guess he wasn't so big and bad after all, huh?" Amy said as she kissed him with such passion.

Okay, her daddy could have gone without seeing his daughter getting physical with her bonded. Ratchet walked up and looked me and then Barricade who was getting quite the kiss from Amy.

"l want you to look over the mechs who had been injured just to be sure you are okay. Get into the medical bay now and do not give me any slag about it." Ratchet said the mechs who had been injured got own different medical berths along with Arcee who also been injured.

Barricade and I got onto the berths as well fearing Ratchet's wrath as Amy smirked watching us. Barricade caught her smirk and pulled her over to his body and growled. "Find something funny, do you?" he asked firmly as she straddled his legs.

"Yes, I do." She said. "You and daddy are afraid of Ratchet." Amy said as she turned to look at me with that silly little grin that always warms my spark.

She had her mother's smile even as a Cybertronian she did; I watched her as she looked suddenly rather impish I think the humans called it. I felt fine and finally got Ratchet to release me so I could do my duties I needed too. Arcee, Ironhide and I went outside and Ratchet went with us for a few minutes. Of course leaving Barricade and my daughter alone in the medical bay was a huge no - no we just didn't know it yet.


"That was kind of a turn on, Amy." Barricade said.

"What was?" she asked as she ran her fingers over his face.

"You killing that assassin seeing you in action like that." He said.

"l am full of all kinds of surprises, Cade." She said as she ran her fingers over his chest while his chest plates rearranged and opened for her. "Oh, there it is Mmmmm." She whispered as her hand caressed Barricade's spark making him moan and arch up. "You like that, don't you Cade?" she whispered as her fingers touched the tiny flaring tendrils making him growl.

"Come here, my little femme!" Cade exclaimed as he pulled her down and switched making her end up on the bottom. "Much better...Now open up for me, my little femme." Cade said as her chest plates opened up making him moan when he saw her huge bright bluish spark flaring wanting him just as much as he wanted her.

Amy cried out the second Cade's spark touched hers and wrapped around hers making the femme arch up against Cade.

"Cade, I love you...!" she exclaimed.

"l love you too, my little Prime." Cade said snarling as he said. "YOU BELONG TO ME AND ME ALONE….!"

They were both getting extremely overworked and overheating very quickly and it wasn't until they were so close to their overloads; when the medical bay door opened and in walked Ratchet.

"What in Primus name are you two doing?" Ratchet demanded.

"Spark merging, Doc Bot." Amy said. "You have to leave we're almost done unless you want to watch." Amy said with a smirk.

"Fine... By Primus you want to be a stubborn glitch like your father then so be it." Ratchet said as he came stomping into the medical bay and stood by the berth.

"What are you doing, Ratchet?" Amy asked as she arched a little and moaned with a smirk.

"Watching and giving tips." Ratchet said. "Amy the desired effect for him get your fingers into his wires and cables in his neck." Ratchet said matter of factly as her mouth dropped open in shock. "Don't be shy femme work it!" Ratchet growled. "Simpleton femme…." Ratchet added.

"Okay..." she said as she sent her fingers diving into a bunch of wires in his neck; and an interesting cable which made Cade buck and squirm and moan.

Barricade thrashed around wildly as he found Amy's wild spots as well making Ratchet cough slightly.

"Two can play at that game, my little femme." Barricade moaned as both Amy and Barricade suddenly were overwhelmed by their overloads as both offlined for several seconds.

They came back online and Amy had a satisfied silly expression on her face plates.

"Damn Ratchet, we should bring you in more often." Amy whispered as he smirked.

Ratchet chuckled then.

"l do not think you want a crusty old medic watching and instructing you all the time." Ratchet mused as Amy glanced over at him.

"That was hot and I am sure Cade agrees with me." She said.

"You know what, you two need to get out of here before I hit you with a wrench." Ratchet said laughing.

"Okay spoil sport….." Amy said with a giggle.

(The Decepticon base)

Megatron, Starscream and the Fallen watched the video feed that Ravage captured of Amy killing Black Viper; and it left the Fallen angrier than Megatron had ever seen.

"That blasted girl is just like her father we have to think of something and try to figure out how she became a Cybertronian so fast. I will not have my plans ruined; we WILL get her back and I will have the spark of her father; and that traitor as well! Mark my words, my apprentice l will have their sparks and have that retched Prime's daughter all to myself for my evil plans."

"Yes, my master." Megatron said.

The Fallen formulated a plan in his evil processors about his future plans with Optimus Prime's daughter and the fate of both Optimus and Barricade.

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