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as my muse is absent at the moment, I decided to translate my story „Captain, oh Captain". Please be kind with me; it's my first fanfiction ever and English is not my mother tongue.

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I do not own Band of Brothers or any of the characters except for Maggie Fox.

A few weeks after the training at Camp Taccoa had started Easy-Company should get a new member. All the guys were curious how the newbie would be like: Shy, like some of the younger Soldiers or aggressive like some of the guys, who were in the Army just to proof how male and smart they were…

Shortly after the morning-muster Herbert Sobel walked to the Colonels office to pick up the new member of his company. He hoped that it would be a smart and hard soldier like himself, because his company was definitely too weak at this moment. Perhaps this weakness was caused by a certain platoon-leader: Richard Winters. Dick, as the men called him, behaved more like a mother-hen than like a superior officer.

He wanted to create an elite-soldier as example for the rest of the company.

When he came into Sink's office, the newbie stood with his back to the door and talked to the Colonel. However Captain Sobel could see that he had to bury his dreams of an elite-soldier. The guy in front of him was a better dwarf. Herbert estimated that this guy didn't reach the 1,70m, which made him even smaller than Perconte.

Herbert just thought: 'Wonderful, this guy will collapse in full gear', but then he remembered that the Colonel had told him that the new Soldier had completed the basic training, so he should be able to act in full gear.

Colonel Sink interrupted his thoughts as he stated: "Captain, this is Maggie Fox, the new Easy-member."

"Nice to meet you, Sir" repeated the newbie in a soft and melodic voice. Herbert asked himself how parents could be so stupid and cruel to call their son Maggie. When he looked up he saw that Maggie had soft features and full lips. That's when he checked, that Maggie was a female.

'Great she perfectly fits in this company of cowards. And in addition I'm convinced that she'll cause a lot of trouble because she's the only female in the whole Battalion. '

"Sir, could I talk to you in private for a moment?"

"Sure, Captain. But before you start: I know a female in the Infantry is extraordinary. And I share some of the fears you have according to her, especially that she might cause some trouble in the Company. But there are lots of advantages: She'll be good for the Company-climate, because women have always a calming influence. Second she'll be able to comfort the men when they're not able to comfort each other. Then she speaks fluidly French and German and I think I don't have to tell you what an advantage that will be. She'll be able to spy on the foe troops and communicate with the natives so that there'll be no misunderstandings. I hope you'll accept her soon and I expect that you train her as well as the guys so that she'll be a capable Paratrooper."

"Yes, Sir! Fox, you come with me!"

"Yes, Sir! Thank you Colonel."

So, that's the first chapter. Perhaps I'll continue the translation tonight, but I wanted to post at least the first part. I'd be very grateful for any kind of feedback (especially positive one ;))