Aphrodite's POV:

I can have any guy I want. Any guy except him. And I want, no, need him. I love him. I would stay loyal to him. I said I would make his love life interesting, but I couldn't bring myself to do that. I couldn't break his heart intentionally, I couldn't make him love somebody, eveslid that somebody was me. I looked at him longingly. He had sorrow but determination in his eyes.

"Perseus Jackson! You have defeated Kronos, Atlas, and Oceanus single handedly. How?" Zeus stated.

Percy looked up.

"I had to let off some steam for...reasons I would not like discuss. They happened to have crossed paths with me at the wrong time. Except for Atlas, I found out he got out from under the sky, so I went an made sure he was under it again. It did help me cool down." Percy said with a small smile and a shrug

.I looked Percy up and down for any injuries or changes. None. He was a little bit more muscled, but it wasn't gross like Ares, it was perfect. His tan was also the slightest hint deeper, and his hair looked like an even. There was also the hint of sorrow in his eyes, for he found Annabeth cheating on him with an Apollo camper, which is why he left.

"Very well. Perseus Jackson, for the deeds you have done, we offer you for the third time godhood. Do you accept?" Zeus questioned.

Percy looked each of us in the eye, then turned back to Zeus.

"I would be honored Lord Zeus, but I do not feel deserving." he stated.

Some of us, myself included, gasped. Percy not worthy? Zeus looked utterly shocked, while Poseidon was chuckling. Zeus soon erupted with booming laughter.

"Percy! You are the greatest hero to ever live, you are the most deserving of all heroes!" Zeus said, chuckling slightly now.

Percy smiled.

"Thank you, Lord Zeus. I would be honored." Percy said.

We all stood up and murmured the incantation.

"Θα σας δώσει δύναμη και αφήστε τη ροή ιχώρ μέσα στις φλέβες σας."

Percy started to glow gold, and then a burst of sea-green light exploded from him. Percy was now even hotter, and was fifteen feet tall.

"Perseus Jackson, you are the gods of waves and tides, river and lakes, heroes and time, swordsmanship and storms, courage and bravery. Your sacred animal is the Pegasus. Your symbol is your pegasus Blackjack and Riptide. Your domain is Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter, and you share the seas with your father. All Hail Perseus Jackson, the Fifteenth Olympian!" Zeus thundered.

Percy smiled.

"Thank you." he said to us all.

We all nodded and smiled.

"Now, who would like to train young Perseus?"

From the goddesses, Athena, Artemis (strangely), and myself. From the gods there was Ares, Poseidon, Apollo, and Hermes raised their hands.

"Percy, who would you like to train you from all that have offered?"

"Definitely not Ares." he said immediately.

We all laughed, and Ares muttered something.

"Um, this is going to look stupid, but it works and makes it fair." Percy said.

Then Percy closed his eyes and spun around. All of us gods chuckled. Finally, Percy stopped, and his finger was pointed at...me.

"Aphrodite, you will train Perseus. Percy, you will replace Dionysus as Camp Director immediately-"

"YES!" Dipnysus yelled.

"And will double with Lupa. It will be kept secret until you go to camp. Your temple/palace will also be built immediately, and will be done in approximately a week. Meeting dismissed." Zeus stated.

All of the gods an goddesses went up to Percy to congratulate him. I noticed Hephaestus and Hestia holding hands, and I smiled. They were newlyweds, got married after Hephaestus and I divorced. Finally, I was alone with Percy.

"Congratulations." I said a I walked up to him.

He flashed me his crooked grin.


I frowned a little.

"I'm sorry. I didn't cause it, I just want you to know." I whispered.

He frowned but nodded. Then, to my surprise, he hugged me.

"Come on. Let's go to Camp Half-Blood. All you have to do is think of where you want to go." I told him.

He nodded and grasped my hand, then flashed us to Camp Half-Blood. I smiled. Maybe I would have a chance with Percy after all.