A/N: Okay, so here's another one for you guys, when I read the word companion the first thought that came to my head was Pabu and Naga. They are the best animal companions the Krrew could ever ask for. This one was super fun to write and it's my shortest one so far. So I hope you guys have fun reading it! Enjoy. ^^

Naga and Pabu lay there taking in the rays of the sun, Naga on the soft green grass, Pabu lying on her head. They were both relaxing as they watched the humans play around with their bending.

It was truly exhausting having to watch over and take care of your human all the time, and Pabu had two; and one of them was Bolin which was a handful all on his own. He thinks about all of the messes he gets himself into, what would that boy do without him?

Naga insists that having the Avatar as your human is much harder. All of the bending, the training, the sleepless nights, but hey, you don't get to pick your human, it chooses you.

They both exchange stories of the crazy times they share together. Pabu tells Naga about when Bolin was taken by equalists he had to run all around the city looking for Mako, so he could go save him; and the time he had to untie all of the humans when they were knocked out and tied up by equalists.

Naga laughs and tells him about the time she had to track, Korra, all the way up to the snowy mountins when she was kidnapped by, Tarlock, and had to walk all the way back and howl until someone came to find them and take them back to the island.

But even though it was hard, they both remember the fun parts of having a very human of their own. All the times you get to comfort them when they have nightmares, the way they always seem to trust you with all the things they won't tell the rest of the humans for some reason, all the times they give them the good food that is restricted to animals like them most of time.

They were both especially grateful, because both of them were rescued by their humans. Naga told Pabu about how when she was just a cub, her entire pack of polar bear dogs was attacked by some hunters. After the attack she ended up stuck in a small hole where she could barely move, she was too small to climb out, and on top of all that she was injured as well. She was sure she would join her pack once more in the Spirit World when this little girl came with her father. They saw each other and Korra begged her father until her father agreed to take Naga back to their home and treat her. After that, Korra refused to take Naga back to the wild where she would be alone, and they had been together ever since.

Pabu, also recalled when Bolin first found him. He was a baby ferret still. There weren't many fire ferrets in the city so he was all on his own. He was hiding in some garbage when this little boy came along. He was barefoot, and his face was smudged, he didn't look like the other humans that he saw every day. The little boy's eyes lit up when he saw Pabu. He was scared of the human at first, but after the boy pet him and showed no signs of hostility, he let the human pick him and take him back to where he lived. He didn't like the older one -Mako- at first, but throughout time the firebender grew fonder to Pabu, and Pabu to him and throughout time, they became closer.

They both agreed that even though it was hard taking care of their humans, and keeping them out of trouble was nearly impossible, they were happy they were around, and that they couldn't ask for a better companion than the ones they had now.

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