Saved by My Rival: Prologue

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In a distant land, far away, a human was studying animal life in the harsh and unforgiving, continuously snowing region of the land called White Acropolis. This human had an overall weight of approximately 20 stone, bald head and a moustache that would put a broom to shame.

Dr. Eggman was an evil scientist, whose ambition in life was to take over the world and build the Eggman Empire that he had always dreamed of. Those plans however, were always foiled by a certain blue hedgehog named Sonic, who could run faster than the wind.

He decided to take a one year vacation, away from all the havoc that he caused and perhaps more importantly, to get away from his nemesis and the thorn in his side for over two decades.

Eggman came to the snowy peaks, over the silence of the surroundings and the fact that he had a thriving base built here for many years that even Sonic never found or ever searched. He had also come here to study the rare and endangered animals that made their habitat here.

It had been about 3 months since he took his vacation. It was nearly mid-winter now (near November). He was still enjoying himself with his new found hobby to pass the time, but he was starting to have his doubts of ever returning to his evil ways again. Every so often, a voice in his head kept nagging him to retire from his heinous schemes and to live his life with the precious time that he had left.

The doctor was currently sitting in a small tent like structure, but could easily see out into the clearing in front of him. The coverage was disguised as a bush; similar to the foliage surrounding it. His main base was about 5 kilometres north from his current location on a large mountain behind him. His Egg Mobile was parked beside a tree, close by and was camouflaged by a sheet, blending it in with its current surroundings.

The scientist was drinking tea from a flask and had all the essentials with him, including a first aid kit, in case he got in trouble. He was using radar and thermal binoculars to see creatures farther away, thanks to their body heat giving themselves away.

As he looked outside, it was only snowing lightly. It felt like a calm evening as the sun was setting, but Eggman had checked the forecast on his computers in his base before leaving and discovered that a massive blizzard was approaching; it would arrive before midnight.