Chapter 20: Epilogue

A teenage two-tailed fox was tinkering in his work-shop, in New Mobotropolis, attempting to create some new gadgets and technology that would come in handy when fighting Eggman and helping people in the future. Tails sighed; he was bored to death. There was still no sign of his big brother. He then tilted back his aviation cap, with a pair of goggles as an add-on to the equipment and fixed his auburn scarf wrapped around his neck.

Tails glanced up at his calendar hanging on the wall: February, early spring, 'the time of new life' as the other Mobians called it. He couldn't believe it had been over seven months since he last saw the blue blur. When he wasn't tinkering and helping the other Freedom Fighters, he'd take the Tornado out for a few trips around the world and ask other people if they'd seen a blue hedgehog.

But the answer was always no.

The fox refused to give up the search, however, and kept looking.

He then heard a crashing sound beside him. He briskly walked over and picked up the fallen picture frame. He recognised it immediately. It had been the one from Sonic's 21st birthday; just a few weeks before he went off on his mission. He sat down on his chair and placed the picture on his desk.

It was the one where Sonic was standing beside Tails as he gave him a present. The gold vulpine grinned; he remembered that day; such good times and adventures.

A swift breeze blew into the workshop and caught the fox's attention. He hadn't felt a breeze that strong since-

"Sonic?" The kit gasped and dropped his wrench on the hard ground, causing a clanging sound to resonate throughout the room.

"Sonic!" Tails beamed as he felt the hedgehog's presence in the gust of wind.

He dashed outside, expecting to see the blue blur just outside the door. As he looked around, he saw no one there. The fox sighed, his now black-tipped ears and twin tails drooped. "It's just the wind…" He groaned. "It can deceive from time to time." He told himself sadly. For once, he was filled with hope, but for nothing.

He was about to return to his workshop, when a breeze flew past him and he could've sworn he heard someone call his name.

That was when he saw an odd shadow on the ground. The source seemed to be standing on his workshop roof. He looked up, with large sapphire eyes, and saw a blue hedgehog standing on the rooftop's edge.

"Hey, Tails! Long time, no see!" Sonic shouted cheerfully.

"Sonic?! SONIC!" Tails shouted in surprise.

The blue blur stepped back and then ran forwards, jumped off the building's edge and performed a flip in the air, in order to land perfectly.

The fox ran over as fast as he could. Sonic waited until he was close enough, grabbed him and swung him around happily. "I've missed you so much!"

"Me too, buddy! Sonic had to suppress a gasp as he looked at his younger brother closely. He had changed so much during the past few months when he was away. A pang of guilt sneaked its way into his heart as he suddenly realised how much things had changed during his absence. Had everything and everyone that he knew changed too? "You've changed…" The hedgehog stated.

"So have you!" Tails replied as he stared at Sonic's left shoulder. The bigger azure creature followed his gaze. 'Oh! My scars; I totally forgot about those!' Sonic thought to himself. "What, this?" He asked while pointing to them. The fox nodded. "Oh, yeah, a memento of what's out there!" He then added cheekily while winking, "Do you think it's a good babe magnet?"

Both of them burst out laughing. "You haven't changed one bit, Sonic!" Tails said.

"How's everyone?" Sonic asked. "Where are they?"

"They're a mile from here in the city; they're doing great! And Eggman hasn't attacked in a long time!"

"Really?!" Sonic sounded surprised. "I wonder why?" he then grumbled under his breath. He then said to Tails, "Let's go see the others. I'll race you there!"

"Alright!" The fox said and then got his tails ready to spin.

"On your marks…Get set…GO!"

They both dashed forward to the city in the form of a blue streak on the ground and a gold streak in the air, just above.

As Sonic raced downhill, he felt much better than he had in ages. He couldn't believe how much he had missed in such a short amount of time, but it felt great to be back again.


When Sonic and Tails entered the gates to New Mobotropolis, several alarms blared. But it wasn't an alarm to signify an enemy. The artificial intelligence that ran this city, NICOLE, must've detected Sonic's genetic signature once they entered the town. Hundreds of Mobians came out to discover what the commotion was all about. As soon as they saw that the legendary blue hedgehog had returned, they all flocked around to see their hero. Lots of them shouted "Welcome back, Sonic!" and the blue blur had to admit,

It was good to be home.


A small human had recently returned to his fortress on the other side of the planet. Compared to the cold White Acropolis region, his was located on a hot continent, where it almost never rained.

The human was grumbling while looking out a window, since he had just discovered that his toxic trap had failed to kill his uncle and his annoying azure pet.

"Snivy-kins, why are you up so late? You should be in bed." A feminine voice stated, half asleep.

"It's ok, my beloved. I just can't sleep. I'll be back soon. Just get some rest, my dear." He said and then left the room.

As Snively walked down the dark hall, he then entered his office and tried to think of a plan to destroy Eggman and have him out of his way for good.

"What haven't I tried? There must be something or someone more powerful to stop my idiot uncle and that irritating blue pest…" He rambled on for a few seconds. All he wanted was to have Robotnik out of the way for all eternity, take over the empire and rule the world with his future wife forever.

He then felt a bone-chilling zephyr fly past and he left out a shiver. 'That's odd. Why is there a breeze in this place? There shouldn't even be one.'

That was when he felt another gust of wind fly past. This one felt closer and colder to his body. Snively could've sworn that he heard someone call his name.

"Who's there? Who are you? Where are you?!" He asked while looking all around the room in every direction.

Another breeze blasted past him, emitting a chuckle as it whooshed by. Snively looked and was convinced that he saw a hedgehog shaped silhouette running past him.

The young man had just about enough, as he recognised these familiar activities. "Ok, you miserable hedgehog, I know it's you Sonic!"

The chuckle turned into rambunctious laughter as it whizzed by again and started spinning around the human, producing a whirlwind of air, trapping him inside the vortex.

"That's enough, rodent! SHOW YOURSELF, SONIC…YOU COWARD!" Snively screamed at the top of his voice so Sonic could hear him through the roaring wind.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Oh, but I'm afraid that there's just one little problem with that request…" A voice said through the tornado.

"And what would that be?"

"I'M NOT SONIC!" It replied and then added, "You want someone powerful?"


"Someone who can help you get rid of Sonic and Eggman forever?"

"Yes. Yes!"

"Well then…I want to destroy Sonic… and you want the doctor gone from your life… I believe that we can come to some kind of agreement… Do you accept this offer?"

"Yes, I accept! But what is it?!" Snively asked the voice, eagerness and arrogance in his tone. His wishes were within grabbing distance as this stranger wanted the same thing.

The wind suddenly died down and the human came face to face with the real perpetrator.

"Something I think you'll like!" The figure answered.

Then, like a shadow, it moved around behind the human and scratched Snively across the back. The nearest wall was covered in blood. And an ear piercing scream resonated through the fortress.

"We have a deal!" The creature concluded.


After a few weeks, Sonic had settled back into village life and was currently relaxing on a recliner in his house, strumming his guitar. He sighed, as nothing new or interesting had occurred recently. He then decided to pay Sally a visit and hopefully ask her on a date; he had so much to catch up on.

The alarms outside suddenly blared, signifying that an intruder was approaching.

Sonic dashed outside and looked around at his surroundings.

"Sonic! The West Gate!" Tails announced via the hedgehog's communicator watch.

"I'm there! The blue blur then ran to that location.

As soon as he arrived, both Sonic and Tails left the city via the gate and glanced outside.

Both the Mobians gasped from surprise.

The Egg Carrier and its fleet were heading straight towards them.

"Looks like Eggman's been busy…" Tails said as he noticed that the aircraft was heavily armoured and mounted with several different types of weapons; some he instantly recognised and some he didn't.

"Are you up for this, Sonic?" Tails asked as he looked towards his brother.

Sonic merely folded his arms in confidence, "Hey, who do you think you're talking to, Tails? I was born ready!"

He then sped off, with Tails following soon after. As Sonic ran through the plain, jumping over fallen trees and dodging stumps and streams, his mind was filled with questions. 'Why are you doing this, Eggman? Didn't you say that you were retired? I just hope that you're ready for another beating like old times!'

Sonic grinned and accelerated to the form of a blue streak. "Watch out, Eggman…because here I come!"


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