Ok i know you haven't heard from me in a while. And i know that some have been asking for the link to this story on wattpad.

There will not be a link. I can't think of any ideas for this story. I'm sorry.

I am asking everyone though that if you want to take over this story you need to message me and i will look through the people who want to take it over and decide.

I want a few things from you though:

1. A Working Plot Line

2. Her name and Description to stay the same

3. If you plan to keep her dead or alive

4: You keep her love interest as Pogue.

5.. You to tell me you will message me when its been posted

Whoever i think is going to be the best person to carry on the story will get my permission to do the story. Then i will put another note for this story and tell everyone who is going to continue it.