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Rose awoke the following morning with an aching back from sleeping on her less than comfortable sofa. She stretched, and her blanket fell off in the process. Rose curled her toes in and yawned. She felt oddly at ease with a stranger in her house. Rose didn't even know his name. As far as she was concerned, he was just a John Doe. Rose shook out her hair, letting it fall into place around her face. She smoothed out her nightdress and hurriedly placed her blanket back in her trunk in her room. Rose silently crept into her bedroom and stopped to look at John Doe.

He was sleeping curled up in a ball, and Rose smiled. She went back into her kitchen to make some breakfast and coffee, and she was so happy to be alive today she was seeing "Come Josephine in my flying Machine."


The sound of sweet singing awoke Jack from his slumber. He yawned and stretched a bit before scratching his head and making his way into the bathroom. He looked in the mirror. The swelling was gone, and aside from a few scratches and scrapes on his face and arms, he looked back to normal. Jack sighed. It was the moment of truth…

Jack hesitantly made his way into the kitchen, keeping his head down. "Good morning, sleepyhead!" it was Rose's voice; she sounded awfully cheery, and Jack smiled. His heart was pumping out of his chest, as Rose took a few steps towards him. She tilted his head up to face her, and Jack's eyes were closed. He let his hair fall into his face, so Rose couldn't see him well. She clicked her tongue and looked at his cuts on his arms. The way her delicate, smooth fingers ran across his forearms made him shiver. Then, the moment he feared for. Rose brushed Jack's hair out of his face, and she peered at him. Jack opened his eyes, and for the first time in a long time, blue eyes met green ones. Rose gasped and took a step back.

"J-Jack?" she whispered; Rose was trembling, and Jack sighed.

"Rose…" he whispered back, and Rose eyed the kitchen knife. Jack saw her, and before she could do anything, his arms encircled her, and he held her. Rose thrashed around and screamed, but Jack held onto her. "It's me, Rose! It's me!" Jack tried to tell her, and Rose shook her head, tears streaming down her face. She had stopped struggling now, but her cries hurt Jack even more.

"You're just another one of damn hallucinations…" Rose whispered, feeling herself fall into Jack's arms. She was limp, and at first, Jack thought she had passed out. He felt bad. Rose was doing so great, and now, she must be feeling so confused. Jack was back in her life, again.

"Think about it, Rose… it wasn't hallucinations… you weren't hallucinating…" Jack whispered in her ear, and Rose twisted her head to look at him.

"You were really there?" she whispered, and Jack nodded.

"I was really there, Rose…" she looked at him, and Jack wiped her tears away with his thumb. It felt exactly how she remembered, gentle and rough, and slightly calloused.

"But you're dead!" Rose protested, and Jack nodded.

"You're right, Rose. I am dead," he whispered, and Rose looked up at him and brushed some golden hair from his eyes.

"But how?" she asked, trailing off, and Jack smiled.

"I've been here, Rose. I've watched over you," he said.

"You're my guardian angel," Rose realized, and Jack nodded. He sat down with Rose on the sofa, holding her hand and explaining everything…


"A month?" Rose asked, bewildered. Jack bobbed his head up and down. Rose sighed and looked at the carpet. "That's such a short time!" she protested, and Jack smiled sadly.

"After the month, I'll return to the 'in between' and watch you from there," Jack finished, and Rose sighed and leaned her head on Jack's chest. He stroked her hair. "I've come here just until you find your true love," Jack replied, and Rose objected.

"You're my true love!" she griped, and Jack grinned at her.

"I know, but you have to move on. I only have a month," he said.

"In that time, we can do all the things you said we can do!" Rose smiled, and Jack just smiled sadly.

"We'll see," he thought, and Rose smiled at him. Rose leapt from Jack's lap and rushed to the bathroom, with Jack in pursuit. Her hands clutched onto the toilet bowl, and she heaved into the toilet until her sides hurt. Rose whimpered, but when she felt Jack's hands on her back and hair, Rose felt at ease. She flushed the toilet and rinsed out her mouth, and she looked at Jack.

"You were here all along," she whispered. Jack nodded.

"Of course I was, Rose. I would never leave you," he replied. Jack held Rose closer to him, and he inhaled her scent of roses and peppermint. Jack ran his hands over her body a couple times, but they froze at her abdomen. There was a tiny heartbeat. Jack looked at her.

"Are you alright, Jack?" she asked worriedly, and Jack nodded. As a guardian angel, he was able to sense new life right away. He looked at Rose, shocked.

"When was the last time you made love?" Jack demanded, and Rose looked at him, startled.

"Jack, you were my first!" Rose protested, and Jack's eyes widened. It couldn't be. Yet it was. It was here… "Jack… are you alright?"

"Rose… you… you're going to have a baby…" Jack said, and Rose looked at him shocked.


"Yeah, I feel its heartbeat!" Jack said excitedly, and Rose put her hands to her mouth in surprise.

"Oh my God!" Rose laughed, and Jack smiled.

"It's yours, isn't it?" Rose whispered, and Jack nodded. A slow smile spread on her face, and she laughed.

"I'll have a piece of you with me!" Rose smiled, and Jack smiled. Realization hit Rose like a rock.

"Who would want an unmarried, pregnant woman?" she asked, and Jack held her close.

"Someone who really loves you," he replied, snuggling into the crook of her neck.

"You're not going to be here for the birth of your child!" Rose said, slightly frightened, and Jack smiled.

"I'll always be watching over you, Rose. And I can always see if I can pull a few strings." Jack winked at Rose, and she grinned at him.

"You really are my guardian angel, Jack. Aren't you?"

"Yeah, Rose. Your guardian angel…"

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